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of the DeWitt County Genealogical Society Quarterly.


1839 DeWitt County Registration: DeWitt County Road Supv - 1839: 1844 DeWitt County Registration: DeWitt County Grand Jurors:


IL State On-line Marriages Halsey Illinois Marriages: DeWitt Marriages 1839: Groom List 1840 - 1849: Bride List 1840 - 1849: Groom List 1850 - 1859: Brode List 1850 - 1859: Groom List 1860 - 1869 A - M: Bride List 1860 - 1869 A - M: Groom List 1860 - 1869 N - Z: Bride List 1860 - 1869 N - Z: Groom List 1870 - 1879 A - H: Bride List 1870 - 1879 A - H: Groom List 1870 - 1879 I - N: Bride List 1870 - 1879 I - N: Groom List 1870 - 1879 O - Z: Brode List 1870 - 1879 O - Z: Groom List 1884 - 1887: Bride List 1884 - 1887:


DeWitt County Churches - 1882
Cemetery Index (Does not include McGraw Cemetery)
Halsey - Hougham Cemetery: Camel Hump Cemetery: Coppenbarger - Hays Cemetery: Troutman Cemetery: Barnett Cemetery: Walden Cemetery: Barnett Cemetery (2): Fairview Cemetery: Griffith Cemetery: Hall Cemetery: Willmore Cemetery: Weaver Cemetery: Rucker Chapel Cemetery: St. Joseph Cemetery: Rose Cemetery: Lisenby Cemetery: Tunbridge Cemetery: Johnson Cemetery: Baptist Cemetery: Crum Cemetery: St. Patrick Cemetery: Hill Cemetery: Randolph Cemetery: Sugar Grove Cemetery #1 A-L: Pleasant Valley 1&2 Cemetery: Sugar Grove Cemetery #2 L-Z: Pleasant Valley 3&4 Cemetery: Old Union Cemetery: Camp Ground Cemetery: Greenleaf Cemetery: Union #1 (A-M) Cemetery: Long Point Cemetery: Union #2 (S-Y) Cemetery: Cemetery Near Jenkins Switch: McClimans Cemetery: Texas Christian Cemetery: McCord Cemetery: McGraw Cemetery: (Added: 4 Mar 99) For information on "Old Scotland Cemetery" USGENWEB:
(Lots of Scotts, Troxels, and other DeWitt Families are buried here) Daviess County, MO. Cemetery is south of Gilman City.


Weedman School Roster - 1877: 1845 - Schedule of Children - Wilson Township: Reed Public School - 1901/2: Elm Grove School Records - 1899-1911: Clinton School 1872-1900: Farmer City High School Graduates 1884-1899: DeWitt Public School Reports 1873: Clinton Scholars - 1867: Clinton School Report - 1870:


DeWitt County Naturalization Records: DeWitt Abstracts of Naturalizaion Papers 1851-1875: Ellis Island Immigration Database 1892 - 1924


Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in DeWitt Co: Mexican War Roster: ALPHA LIST FOR REGIMENTS BELOW - NAMES A THRU L: ALPHA LIST FOR REGIMENTS BELOW - NAMES M THRU Z: Civil War: 1st Light Artillery: Civil War: 2nd Light Artillery: Civil War: 2nd Cavalry: Civil War: 4th Cavalry: Civil War: 7th Cavalry: Civil War: 7th Infantry: Civil War: 8th Cavalry: Civil War: 8th Infantry: Civil War: 9th Cavalry: Civil War: 10th Cavalry: Civil War: 13th Infantry: Civil War: 14th Cavalry: Civil War: 15th Infantry: Civil War: 16th Cavalry: Civil War: 17th Cavalry: Civil War: 20th Infantry: Civil War: 25th Infantry: Civil War: 26th Infantry: Civil War: 32nd Infantry: Civil War: 33rd Infantry: Civil War: 34th Infantry: Civil War: 38th Infantry: Civil War: 39th Infantry: Civil War: 41st Infantry: Civil War: 42nd Infantry: Civil War: 46th Infantry: Civil War: 51st Infantry: Civil War: 52nd Infantry: Civil War: 55th Infantry: Civil War: 58th Infantry: Civil War: 62nd Infantry: Civil War: 66th Infantry: Civil War: 68th Infantry: Civil War: 79th Infantry: Civil War: 105th Infantry: Civil War: 107th Infantry: - Companies A & B & D Civil War: 107th Infantry: - Companies F & G & J Civil War: 113th Infantry: Civil War: 118th Infantry: Civil War: 124th Infantry: Civil War: 125th Infantry: Civil War: 133rd Regiment: Civil War: 140th Infantry: Civil War: 145th Infantry: Civil War: 154th Infantry: Civil War Registation A - G: Civil War Registation H - N: Civil War Registation O - Z:


Waynesville Township: Wapella Township: Wilson Township: Rutledge Township: Santa Anna Township: Barnett Township: Clintonia Township: Harp Township: DeWitt Township: Tunbridge Township: Texas Township: Nixon Township: Creek Township:


DeWitt Mortiality Schedule - 1850: DeWitt Mortiality Schedule - 1860: DeWitt County Deaths - 1878: DeWitt Mortiality Schedule - 1880:


Old Settlers' Register - 1892: Old Settlers' Register - 1909: Old Settlers' Register - 1910: Old Settlers' Register - 1911: Clinton I. O. O. F. Lodge Records 1867-1870: Pensioners in DeWitt County - 1883: Old Soldiers in DeWitt County - 1883:


1820 DEWITT COUNTY CENSUS: From Earliene Kaelin 1840 DEWITT COUNTY CENSUS: From Robert LeRoy Smith E-Mail:R L Smith 1850 DEWITT COUNTY CENSUS: From Earliene Kaelin 1860 DEWITT COUNTY CENSUS: From Judith M Simpson


DeWitt County Genealogical Society Quarterlies: Waynesville Centennial Book 1875-1975: History of DeWitt County - 1882: Weldon, IL Family Histories: Atlas of Illinois - 1876: Illinois - Atlas of Historical County Boundaries: Scott Family Book: From Lara Braley
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