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DeWitt County

This map shows the townships and sections. The northern townships start with section 18 in the top left corner and end with section 36 in the bottom right corner. All the other townships start with section 6 in the top left and end with section 36 in the bottom right. The townships on the east side of the county may end with lower numbers.

A few farms are show with the names of the owners. They are indicated as small squares. Check below for the list of farmers shown on the map.

Churches and schools are also shown but without names.

Abbott, J S		1	Wapella
Barr, P			8	Barnett
Bealei, O C		15	DeWitt
Bonaurant, J N		9	Santa Anna
Cain, C S		26	Wilson
Campbell & Kyle		22	Santa Anna
Chenoweth, B L		15	Clintonia
Coulter, J C		3	Nixon
Crum, D J		12	Barnett
Cuddy, C H		11	Texas
Cuddy, G H		11	Clintonia
Cushman, A P		18	Waynesville
Davenport, L		17	Tunbridge
Dick, A			35	Waynesville
Eads, A A		27	Barnett
Ely, D			18	Tunbridge
Fuller, D		20	Rutledge 
Glenn, S P		16	Waynesville
Grady, J D		36	Texas
Hall, J R		33	Barnett
Harrold, E B		32	Wapella
Helmick, E		21	Rutledge 
Henderson, J		21	Tunbridge
Hendrick, M S		21	Clintonia
Jeffrey, ?		18	Waynesville
Johnson, T		13	DeWitt
Jones, ? & J		19	Barnett
Jordan, J		27	Wapella
King, W			8	Harp
Kosencrans, D A		32	DeWitt
Lemer, G B		12	Harp
Litsinberger, W		34	Wilson
Lottingham, W		24	Harp
Manlove, J N		33	Nixon
McAboy, T		23	Creek
Munsch, N		36	Creek
Nron?, W		31	DeWitt
Phares, W M		35	Texas
Poor Farm		28	Barnett
Scott, L D		18	Texas
Seller, P		30	Nixon
Sloutenborough, G	26	Tunbridge
Snell, ?		26	Clintonia
Spicer, M B		13	Tunbridge
Spratt, J		29	Rutledge 
Suiton, P J		21	Harp
Swigart, G W		4	Santa Anna
Swigart, J		23	DeWitt
Thompson, D		10	Creek
Thorp, S M		10	Wapella
Trammel, F		34	Creek
Wakefield, O		17	DeWitt
Walker, A		19	Harp
Waters, John		22	Wilson
Watson, J		18	Santa Anna
Weaver, G		18	Texas
Weaver, S		28	Clintonia
Weedman, L		29	Santa Anna
Wilson, A		31	Rutledge 
Wlaters, Jacob		35	Wilson
Woy, G			27	Wapella
Young, W H		19	Creek

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