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DeWitt County Genealogical Society Quarterlies

NAME:				Article			Issue

Adams, Dr. W W 			Obituary		Sum87
Adams, William 			Early Settler		Spr78
Adams, W H H - 1890		Obituary		Fal93
Argo, Mrs. Eliza A - 1899	Obituary		Win94
Arnold, William 		Obituary		Win87

Barclay, David 			Obituary		Fal88
Barger Family 			Bible			Win85
Barnett				Family Records		Spr01
Barnett, Alexander		Early Settler		Spr80
Barnett, Alexander - 1886	Obituary		Fal77
Barnett, Elizabeth (Hall) -1893 Obituary		Spr00
Barnett, James 			Obituary		Win87
Barnett, William B - 1898	Obituary		Win94
Barr Family			Reunion			Fal97
Barr, Hamilton - 1903           Obituary		Fal99
Barr, John (not indexed)	Obituary	
Barr, John & Rebecca		Early Settlers		Fal79
Beatty, Mrs. H G - 1899		Obituary		Sum94
Bell, Henry - 1893              Obituary		Sum00
Best Family			Bible			Fal85
Bird                            Bible			Sum00
Borton				Bible			Spr80
Bosserman, Daniel		Obituary		Win87
Botkin, William N      		Obituary		Fal90
Bowles, John A			Visit Home 1919		Win80
Boyd, Wesley 			Letter			Spr88
Briggs, Uriah - 1893		Obituary		Win90
Brown, John - 1899		Obituary		Fal94
Buchanan, Richard		50th Wedding Annv	Fal94
Buck, L M 			Obituary		Spr83
Burk, John			Obituary
Burroughs, Benjamin  	   	Obituary		Fal92

Cale, Margaret 			Obituary		Sum86
Caldwell, Frank - 1893		Obituary		Win90
Campbell, John C		Early Settler		Fal95
Campbell, John N 		Obituary		Win81
Campbell, Lewis			Early Merchant		Spr79
Cantrall, Levi 			Obituary		Sum88
Cantrell, Z D                   Obituary		Sum00
Capron Family 			Bible			Win85
Carroll, John - 1896		Obituary		Fal90
Cartwright, Peter		In Waynesville		Win79
Chapin, (Lafferty) Susan        Obituary		Win85
Clark-Evens			Family Records		Fal80
Clark, Joseph			Ltr to Mary E Evens	Fal80
Clark, Phillip      		Obituary		Sum91
Coady, Dennis - 1889            Obituary		Win99
Colwell, Milton R - 1903        Obituary		Fal99
Coppenbarger, Nancy Byerly	0bituary		Win82
Crane, Joseph			Ltr to Lewis Campbell	Sum79
Crang, Daniel Ward - 1888       Obituary		Spr00
Cundiff, Eleanor A 		Obituary		Fal87

Danison Family 			History			Sum78
Danison, Stanton		Letter			Spr86
Danner-Clearwaters		Bible			Fal98
Davenport, Hugh L 		Early Settler		Sum78
Davenport, Isaiah       	Obituary		Spr88
Davenport, Thomas Sr.		Obituary
Davenport, Thomas - 1889	Obituary		Sum01
Davis, Phillip			Estate Sale		Spr78
Dewey, William Z - 1895		Obituary		Sum01
Dunmire, Mrs. Samuel - 1904     Obituary		Sum90

Eble, Anton 			Bible			Win84
Eble, Anton & Mary Ann 		Obituary		Win84
Edmiston, Ella 			Obituary		Fal88

Fackrell, Mada Mrs. - 1888	Obituary		Win89
Fackrell, James                 Obituary		Spr99
Field, Made Elizabeth       	Autograph Book		Fal89
Field, Robert       		Poem			Win77
Fitzgerald, Wm			Obituary
Freudenstein, Louis 		Obituary		Win84
Fruit, Edmund W			Early Settler		Fal94
Fuller, Smith - 1892            Obituary		Spr00

Gambrel, Rebecca (Barr) Marvel	Pioneer Story		Fal98	
Gardiner, Thomas        	Obituary		Win89
Garrett, Mary M (Bell) - 1892   Obituary		Sum00
Gatchel, Henry S        	Obituary		Win89
Gidding, Edward         	Obituary		Fal88
Gideon, George William 		Obituary		Win87
Gideon, Wealthy - 1889		Obituary		Win87
Girard, Nicholas 		Pension Records		Sum90?
Goodbrake, Dr. Christopher 	Obituary		Fal92
Graham, Sammuel - 1890          Obituary		Win99
Griffin, John M			Civil War Ltr		Win80

Haldeman, J B - 1901		Obituary		Win89
Hall, Darius 			Early Settler		Spr78
Hall-Jenkins			Bible			Spr80
Hall, Mahlon R - 1890		Obituary		Sum94
Hall, Mahlon P - 1848		Bill of Sale		Win96
Hall-Summers 			Bible			Win78
Hammitt Family 			Story			Sum82
Hammitt, Ruth     		Diary			Sum82
Harp, Thomas      		Obituary		Spr82
Harp, William J. - 1886		Obituary		Fal97
Harrison, W H     		Obituary		Win78
Harrold 			Bible			Fal95
Harrold Family			Bible			Spr92
Harrold, Eli Mrs  		Obituary		Fal88
Harrold, Isam - 1893   		Obituary		Win90
Hartsock-James 			Bible			Spr77
Harwood, H H - 1895		Obituary		Win90
Hartsock, George                Life & Journal		Win99
Haynie, William 		Obituary		Win87
Henry, Newton J - 1894          Obituary		Win99
Hill, Benjamin T - 1897         Obituary		Win99
Hill, Louisa V			Earyly Settler		Win80
Hill, Louisa V    		Obituary		Spr92
Howard, Joseph 			Early Settler		Fal78
Howsmon 			Bible			Fal76
Hunt, Dr. John B       		Obituary		Fal88
Hunter, W T			Obituary		Sum89
Hutchin 			Bible			Sum77

Ives Family 			Bible			Fal85

Jackson, Joshua E 		Diary			Fal81 & Sum81
Johnson-Bracken-Murphy         	Records			Win77
Johnson, Eason			46th Wedding Annv	Sum94
Jones, John M 			Obituary		Fal90

Kelly, Thomas - 1893		Obituary		Win90
Kenney,John       		Early Settler		Sum72
Kent, Emmett      		Obituary		Win89
Kirk, Dr. Thaddeus - 1890       Obituary		Win99
Knaedler, Emily 		Obituary		Fal90

Lafferty Family - 1898		Reunion			Fal94
Lafferty, James A		Discharge		Sum78
Lane, Adron			Bill of Sale		Fal84
Lane, Elihue			Bill of Sale		Fal84
Lane, Ezekiel 			Will			Sum90
Lane-Fruitt 			Bible			Sum78
Lane-Miller-Lisenby-Thompson	Family Reunion 		Fal94
Lash, Elizabeth			Estate - Heirs		Fal83
Lemen, George 			Early Settler		Spr78
Lemen, George B        		Obituary		Fal87
Lemon, John Inis -1888          Obituary		Spr00
Lincoln 			Bible			Fal78
Lisenby, James - 1890		Obituary		Fal93
Lisenby, Margaret 		Obituary		Win87
Luck, William - 1898		Obituary		Fal96

Magill, Henry - 1901   		Obituary		Win89
Maltby, Charles	- 1900		Obituary		Sum94
Mann, Henry       		Obituary		Fal92
Marsh Family						Sum93
Marvel, Dr. J. E.		Pioneer			Spr85
Mathew, James			Mil Pension File	Fal85
McCord Family 			History			Sum76
McCord, James Washington - 1891 Obituary		Win99
McCord, James			Probate Records		Sum76
McCord, William Y		Early Settler		Win79
McGraw, John J Judge 		Diaries			Sum91? Spr91
McGraw, John			Early Settler		Spr80
McMillin, John 			Obituary		Sum88
McMurry Family 			History			Win77
McVay, Elize - 1893		Obituary		Win90
Meachum, Adaline 		Obituary		Win90
Medland, Priscilla (Jackson)	Obituary		Sum01
Mettlin, Sarah J 		Obituary		Win87
Miller 				Bible			Win78
Miller, John - 1857		Bill of Sale		Spr95
Miller, Nancy - 1865		Bill of Sale		Spr95
Mills,  Artemisia 		Obituary		Win87
Mills, Paschal M - 1900		Obituary		Sum94
Monson, Bushrod W - 1900	Obituary		Sum88
Moore, Clifton H		Obituary		Fal90
Moore, C H			Library			Fal93
Moore, William M 		Obituary		Win87
Morris, Mary J 			Obituary		Win87
Morrison, Gershom S       	Story			Sum82
Morse Family 			Records			Spr78
Morse, William Bates      	Obituary		Spr89

Nagely, Mrs. Eliza A - 1897     Obituary		Win99
Nelson, Joseph 			Obituary		Win92
Newman, Aurelius E - 1893	Obituary		Win90
Nichols 			Bible			Win76
Nichols/Nicholet/Shirard/Gerrad	Pension Records		Sum90

O'Conner, James        		Obituary		Fal88
Onstott, Abraham       		Early Settler		Win77
Onstott, Abram Mr & Mrs        	50th Anniversary	Fal86

Paine Family      		History			Win75
Paine, Mason			Probate Records		Win75
Palmer, Ezekiel H 		Obituary		Win90
Phares Family 			Picnic			Spr90
Phares, Allen W       		Obituary		Sum89
Phares, C M       		Obituary		Win90
Phares, Elizabeth     		Obituary		Sum88
Phares, Samuel C - 1901		Obituary		Sum94
Piatt, John 			Obituary		Sum91
Pollock, Hattie R     		Obituary		Sum86
Porter, George W      		Obituary		Win87
Post-Ginnings			Family Records		Sum80
Preston Family			Bible			Fal88

Raines 				Bible			Spr92
Randolph, Willoughby H - 1899	Obituary		Sum94
Razey, Polly      		Obituary		Win90
Richards, Rolla T     		Letter			Spr77
Richter, Ann      		Obituary		Sum90
Rinker 				Bible			Spr72
Robb, E H 			Early Settler		Win77
Robb, S D			Where is he buried?	Fal93
Robbins, Dardaelles F 		Obituary		Spr92
Roben, Walter - 1901		Obituary		Win89
Rogers, Thomas Jefferson      	Early Settler		Sum77
Ross, Chades R        		Obituary		Sum87
Rybolt, Henry C 		Obituary		Spr89

Sackett, Reuben       		Obituary		Fal90
Saveley, John H 		Obituary		Fal86
Schlafke, John 			Obituary		Win89
Schoby, Kenneth - 1901		Obituary		Win89
Scott, George - 1889            Obituary		Win99
Shaw, Joseph & Elisabeth	Bible			Sum02
Sheerer-Shearer-Sherer-Sherrer 	Records			Win77
Shreve Family 			History			Sum78
Shreve Family 			Early Settler		Spr78
Shurtleff, Sylvanus 		Early Settler		Spr78
Siegfreid-Moesch      		Bible			Fal78
Silvers Family			Records			Win79 & Sum78
Skinner Family 			Bible			Win85
Smallwood, George D 		Obituary		Fal87
Smith, Eleanor 			Obituary		Spr89
Snell, Mr & Mrs J T		Fifth Wed Ann		Sum86
Snell, James Thornton - 1896	Obituary		Sum01
Snell, Thomas			House			Spr84
Spicer, MB - 1903               Obituary		Fal99
Sprague, Joseph    		Obituary		Win87
Stamats, Charlotte 		Obituary		Fal90
Stewart, Samuel - 1899		Obituary		Sum94
Stoker, Charles V. - 1887	Obituary		Win97
Summers, Samuel W. (not indexed)Obituary		Win78
Summers, Mrs. Samuel W. 	Obituary		Win78
Swearingen, Abraham 		Story			Spr90
Swearingen, Abraham		Hymn Book		Fal81
Sweeney, Richard W - 1893	Obituary		Win90
Swigart, J S			House			Spr88
Swisher, Isaac - 1890		Obituary		Win00

Taylor, Henry N 		Obituary		Fal92
Taylor, Mary E (Miller) - 1896	Obituary		Sum01
Tenney, Mrs Eliza A - 1891      Obituary		Win99
Thorpe, Sentetus M 		Obituary		Spr89
Toombs, Hantey - 1901		Obituary		Win89
Trasher, Rhodum - 1905          Obituary		Fal99
Tucker, Thomas 			Records			Sum83

Vandervort, Wellinton      	Obituary		Win87
Vandeventer, Thomas       	Early Settler		Sum77

Wakefield, Orin			Early Settler		Sum79
Wakefield, Orin - 1885		Obituary		Spr96
Walker Family 			Bible			Win85
Walker, Judge Robert - 1897     Obituary		Sum00
Wallace, Ester Campbell - 1885	Obituary		Spr96
Wampler, George - 1903          Obituary		Fal99
Warner, Mrs Winifred Moore - 1894 Obituary		Win99
Watts, Reuben T - 1893		Funeral Notice		Spr96
Weaver, Solomon - 1884		Bill of Sale		Fal96
Webb, Hiram & Isaac		Civil War		Spr84
Webb, Richard D       		Early Settler		Win77
Weedman, George - 1893          Obituary		Sum00
Weld, Rachel - 1900		Obituary		Sum88
Whitehead Family 		Records			Spr78
Williams, William C 		Obituary		Fal90
Wilson Family - 1875		Reunion			Spr87
Wilson, James 			Bible			Sum81
Wilson, Joel S - 1890           Obituary		Win99
Wilson, Peter Kimble       	Bible			Fal85
Wilson, Samuel			Farm Sale		Fal85
Wilson, Samuel - 1890		Obituary		Win00
Winslow, Emaline 		Story			Fal87
Wolfe, Rebecca (Stout) - 1893   Obituary		Sum00
Woodward-Hyden			Family Records		Sum79
Woodward, Isabel - 1896		Obituary		Fal90
Woodward, James			Probate Records		Sum79
Woodward, O. J.			Bio Sketch		Sum02
Woollen Family 			Bible			Spr82
Wright, Garrison      		Obituary		Fal92

Young, William - 1893		Obituary		Win90

Zimmerman			Bible			Win75
Ziegler, Jacob Sr - 1897        Obituary		Sum00
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