DeWitt County, IL was created on March 1, 1839.  The first election was 
held in the newly organized county on May 6, 1839.  The offices voted on 
and the individuals competing were:

Sheriff:		Edward W. Fears		208 Votes Winner
			Henry Clearage		198 Votes
			Peter Despain		 75 Votes

Recorder:		William Lowry		185 Votes Winner
			Charles Maltby		175 Votes
			Francis S. Robins	121 Votes 

Co. Commissioners:	John Maxwell		256 Votes Winner
			James Vandeventer	226 Votes Winner
			John Hughs		221 Votes Winner
			Russell Post		199 Votes
			Nehemiah Clifton	195 Votes
			Andrew Wallace		188 Votes
			Richard	Webb		 83 Votes

Co. Clerk:		John J. McGraw		283 Votes Winner
			Jesse McPherson		132 Votes
			Jefferson T. Cross	 60 Votes

Surveyor:		Alexander Barnett	197 Votes Winner
			Robert H. Pool		154 Votes
			George D. Smallwood	127 Votes

Coroner:		Isaac McCuddy		194 Votes Winner
			Thomas Davenport	121 Votes

Justice:		Fleming G. Paine	263 Votes Winner
			James K. Scott		206 Votes

Co. Seat:		Clinton			313 Votes Winner
			Marion			180 Votes


			(Sorted BY)
First Name	MI.	Last Name	Precinct

William			Adams		Clinton
A.		P	Adkins		Marquiss
William	W		Allen		Waynesville
Thomas			Alsup		Clinton
John			Alsup		Clinton
Wahington		Alsup		Clinton
James			Anderson	Clinton
William			Anderson	Clinton
Hugh			Atchinson	Clinton
Isham		S	Atchinson	Waynesville
Wm.			Baily		Marquiss
John			Baily		Marquiss
Samuel		C	Baker		Waynesville
Henry			Barnes		Clinton
George			Barnes		Marion
Franklin		Barnet		Clinton
Robert		F	Barnet		Clinton
Alexander		Barnet		Clinton
John			Barr		Waynesville
Thomas			Barr		Waynesville
James			Barr		Waynesville
Abram			Bash		Waynesville
J.		T	Beedle		Marquiss
William		J	Bennet		Clinton
Gabril		E	Bennett		Marquiss
Ervin			Bergin		Clinton
Thomas			Berton		Waynesville
Alexander		Bittis		Marion
Thomas			Biven		Clinton
Samuel			Bivens		Waynesville
T.		K	Blalock		Mt. Pleasant
Jesse			Blankenship	Clinton
Noel			Blankenship	Clinton
Isaac			Bliss		Waynesville
H.			Blount		Mt. Pleasant
Isaac			Bonine		Waynesville
William			Bonine		Waynesville
Hughes			Bowels		Clinton
Walter			Bowels		Clinton
Anderson		Bowels		Clinton
Joseph			Bowles		Clinton
George			Boyer		Marquiss
Harvey			Bradshaw	Clinton
William			Branson		Waynesville
William			Branson		Waynesville
William			Branson		Waynesville
Morris			Britian		Marion
Nathan			Britian		Marion
Andrew			Brock		Waynesville
Jacob			Brown		Clinton
Henry			Brown		Clinton
J.			Brown		Mt. Pleasant
Moses			Brumfield	Marion
Homer			Buck		Waynesville
John			Burner		Clinton
Elisha			Bushnell	Waynesville
Elisha			Butler		Clinton
John			Callison	Marion
James		M	Cantrall	Waynesville
Levi			Cantrall	Waynesville
John		M	Cantrall	Waynesville
Joshua			Cantrall	Waynesville
Zebulan			Cantrall	Waynesville
Z.		P.	Cantrall	Waynesville
William			Cantrall	Waynesville
Z.		G.	Cantrall	Waynesville
Joshua		E	Cantrall	Waynesville
Isaac			Carlock		Clinton
Peter			Catwright	Clinton
Hirman			Chappin		Clinton
Benjamin		Church		Marion
Henry			Clarage		Clinton
N.			Clearwatters	Mt. Pleasant
Francis			Clemnans	Marquiss
George			Clifton		Clinton
Nehemiah		Clifton		Marion
Levi			Cline		Clinton
John			Cline		Waynesville
Abraham			Collins		Marquiss
James			Cook		Waynesville
Nathan			Cooper		Clinton
Jacob			Copes		Clinton
William			Copes		Waynesville
Jacob			Cottenburger	Clinton
Peter			Cottenburger	Clinton
John			Cottenburger	Clinton
George			Cottonberger	Clinton
George			Cottonham	Waynesville
Charles			Counsel		Waynesville
S.			Covy		Mt. Pleasant
B.			Covy		Mt. Pleasant
C.			Covy		Mt. Pleasant
John		N	Cox		Clinton
David			Cox		Clinton
Flemon			Cox		Marion
Oswell			Crawford	Waynesville
Solomon			Cross		Clinton
Solomon			Cross		Marion
Benjamin		Cross		Marion
Thomas			Cross		Marion
Hiram			Crum		Waynesville
Abraham			Crumb		Clinton
Peter			Crumb		Clinton
Paxton			Cumming		Marquiss
Robert			Cundiff		Clinton
Henry			Cundiff		Clinton
William			Cundiff		Clinton
B.		L.	Cundiff		Mt. Pleasant
Thomas			Cuppy		Waynesville
Richard			Curby		Mt. Pleasant
Samuel			Cutwright	Clinton
Daniel			Cutwright	Clinton
Peter			Cutwright	Clinton
Samuel			Cutwright Jr.	Clinton
Alexander	M	Dale		Clinton
Joshua			Dale		Waynesville
George		H	Dale		Marion
A.			Danner		Mt. Pleasant
S.			Danner		Mt. Pleasant
J.			Danner		Mt. Pleasant
A.		B	Danner		Mt. Pleasant
John			Daugherty	Waynesville
Isaiah		S	Davenport	Clinton
Philip			Davis		Clinton
Andrew		C	Davis		Waynesville
W.			Davis		Marquiss
Edward		O	Day		Waynesville
John		E	Day		Marion
Charles			Day		Marion
B.		S	Day		Mt. Pleasant
William			Deatherage	Waynesville
Isaac			Demerist	Marquiss
Hiram			Dernard		Clinton
Thomas			Devenport	Clinton
Hughey			Devenport	Clinton
William			Dishon		Clinton
Henry			Dishon		Clinton
T.			Donner		Mt. Pleasant
R.		S.	Doollittle	Waynesville
A.		D.	Downey		Waynesville
James			Downey		Waynesville
William			Downing		Clinton
Josiah			Downing		Clinton
Job			Downing		Clinton
Daniel			Dragstrem	Waynesville
Samuel			Ducan		Clinton
J.		P.	Dunham		Waynesville
Thomas			Dye		Clinton
William			Dye		Waynesville
William			Dyer		Waynesville
Solomon			Ely		Clinton
James			Ennes		Marion
Perin			Eskew		Clinton
Jonathan		Famer		Marion
Fredrick		Farley		Waynesville
James			Farris		Clinton
James		M	Fears		Clinton
Edward		W	Fears		Clinton
Wilson		S	Fears		Waynesville
K.		H.	Fell		Clinton
Benjamin	D	Ferris		Clinton
Abraham			Fisher		Marquiss
John			Fitman		Marion
Stephen			Foley		Waynesville
James			Foley		Waynesville
James			Foley		Waynesville
William			Foley		Waynesville
Daniel			Foredice	Clinton
Enoch			Fox		Waynesville
James		F	Fraley		Waynesville
Daniel			French		Clinton
John			French		Clinton
Samuel			French		Clinton
James			French		Marion
William			Fruit		Clinton
Thomas			Fruit		Clinton
S.			Fundenburger	Mt. Pleasant
William			Gadberry	Clinton
E.			Gailand		Marquiss
William			Gard		Waynesville
Agrippa			Gettes		Clinton
Samuel		P	Glenn		Waynesville
Thomas		M	Glenn		Waynesville
N.			Grant		Mt. Pleasant
Linus			Graves		Waynesville
Miles			Gray		Clinton
E.			Gray		Mt. Pleasant
Thomas		E	Gregery		Clinton
Jesse			Griffin		Waynesville
Jefferson		Gross		Clinton
Elihu			Guessford	Marion
A.		W.	Haddock		Marion
Nathan			Hainline	Marquiss
Henry		H 	Hall		Clinton
Darius			Hall		Clinton
Malen			Hall		Clinton
Ambrose			Hall		Clinton
Wm.		C	Hall		Marquiss
William			Halsey		Clinton
Absalom			Hamilton	Clinton
Samuel			Hamitt		Waynesville
Abraham			Haneline	Marquiss
Jacob			Haneline	Marquiss
Isam			Harold		Clinton
Tyre			Harp		Clinton
Josiah			Harp		Clinton
James			Harp		Clinton
Charles			Harp		Clinton
Nathaniel		Harris		Waynesville
John		E	Harris		Marion
F.		S.	Harrison	Waynesville
Jacob			Harrol		Marion
William			Hayes		Clinton
Michael			Hearld		Waynesville
James			Hearld		Waynesville
Lewis			Heckinan	Clinton
James		H	Heldreth	Clinton
Thomas			Hendrickson	Clinton
Elijah			Hendrickson	Clinton
Robert			Henson		Marion
John			Henson		Marion
Pascal			Hickman		Clinton
Redney			Hickman		Clinton
John		H	Hickman		Clinton
Lewellin		Hickman		Clinton
William		A	Hight		Clinton
George		L	Hill		Clinton
Samuel			Hoblett		Waynesville
Malan		S	Hoblett		Waynesville
Timathy		B	Hoblett		Waynesville
John		E	Hoblett		Waynesville
L.		W	Homon		Mt. Pleasant
David		S	Hood		Clinton
William			Hooper		Clinton
Obediah			Hooper		Clinton
Peleg			Hooper		Clinton
William			Hougham		Waynesville
Joseph			Howard		Clinton
Richard			Hubbard		Marquiss
H.			Huddleston	Mt. Pleasant
Jacob			Hughs		Marquiss
John			Hughs		Marquiss
Elijah			Hull		Waynesville
Denis			Hurley		Marion
John			Hurley		Marion
Jacob			Hurley		Marion
Timothy			Hurley		Marion
Jas.			Hurley		Mt. Pleasant
James			Hutchinson	Marion
George			Isham		Waynesville
Lewis 			Jackson		Clinton
Joel			Jackson		Waynesville
William			Jeffrey		Waynesville
Thomas			Jinkins		Clinton
William		H	Johns		Waynesville
Jacob			Johnson		Waynesville
Silas			Johnson		Marion
Matthew			Johnson		Marion
John			Johnson		Marion
Isaac		W	Jones		Clinton
Peter			Jones		Waynesville
John		B	Jones		Waynesville
Arthur			Jones		Marion
J.			Jones		Mt. Pleasant
W.			Jones		Mt. Pleasant
Anderson		Karris		Clinton
Harmin			Kellems		Marquiss
James			Keney		Clinton
Daniel			King		Marion
William		H	Lafferty	Marion
William			Lain		Clinton
Harison			Lane		Clinton
Ezekiel			Lane		Marion
John			Lane		Marion
John			Lash		Marion
Dr. Thomas		Laughlin	Clinton
E.		G.	Lawrance	Waynesville
D.		H.	Lawrence	Waynesville
Peter			Lear		Marion
William		H	LeLand		Waynesville
James		A	Lemens		Marion
George		B	Lemens		Marion
John			Lewis		Marion
B.		G.	Lisenbey	Marion
Robert 			Longworth	Waynesville
Reuben			Lowery		Clinton
James			Lowery		Clinton
Melvin			Lowery		Clinton
William			Lowery		Clinton
Baron		T	Lowery		Marion
John			Lowery		Marquiss
William			Lowery Jr.	Clinton
William		R	Loyud		Clinton
Wm.			Madden		Marquiss
Richard			Madden		Marquiss
John			Madden		Marquiss
David			Makin		Clinton
George			Malory		Marquiss
Charles			Maltby		Clinton
Harrison		Maltby		Waynesville
Wm.			Marquiss	Marquiss
Abraham			Marquiss	Marquiss
John			Marquiss	Marquiss
E.			Marquiss	Marquiss
Mathew		K	Martin		Clinton
Lewis			Martin		Clinton
John			Martin		Marquiss
Prettyman		Marvel		Marion
John			Maxwell Jr.	Clinton
Henry			Maynard		Marion
James			McAboy		Clinton
John			McAboy		Waynesville
Jorden			McClelen	Marion
Charles		M	McCord		Marion
James			McCord		Marion
J.		W	McCord		Mt. Pleasant
W.		Y	McCord		Mt. Pleasant
J.			McCord		Mt. Pleasant
Isaac 			McCuddy		Clinton
John			McDeed		Marion
James			McDeed		Marion
Richard			McElhaney	Waynesville
Matthew			McElhiney	Waynesville
John			McEntire	Waynesville
W.		H	McFall		Mt. Pleasant
John		J	McGraw		Clinton
Samuel			McKinley	Marion
William			McKinley	Marion
Robert			McKinley	Marion
James			McLaughlin	Clinton
James			McNeeley	Waynesville
William			McPherson	Marion
Henry			Michal		Waynesville
Mathew			Miller		Clinton
Daniel			Miller		Clinton
John			Miller		Waynesville
John			Miller		Marion
Pascome			Mills		Clinton
Ruphez			Mills		Clinton
Benjamin		Mills		Clinton
Thomas			Mills		Clinton
William			Mithcel		Mt. Pleasant
William			Montgomery	Waynesville
John			Montgomery	Waynesville
David			Montgomery	Waynesville
William			Moore		Clinton
E.		R	Moore		Marquiss
James			Morain		Marquiss
Wm.			Morain		Marquiss
Solomon			More		Marion
Edward			Morris		Waynesville
James			Morrisson	Marion
James		T	Morton		Waynesville
Alfred			Murphy		Clinton
Joseph			Murphy		Clinton
Richard			Murphy		Clinton
Joseph			Nelson		Clinton
John			Nelson		Marion
William			Newcomb		Clinton
Daniel			Newcomb		Clinton
Amos			Nichols		Waynesville
Albert		R	Nickerson	Waynesville
J.			Nicum		Mt. Pleasant
Murrell			Paine		Marion
Nelson			Palmer		Clinton
John			Palmer		Clinton
Norris		W	Palmer		Clinton
Charles			Parris		Clinton
W.		G	Perce		Mt. Pleasant
John			Piatt		Marquiss
Wm.			Piatt		Marquiss
Fleming		G	Pine		Clinton
William			Pollock		Clinton
S.			Pool		Mt. Pleasant
J.			Pool		Mt. Pleasant
R.		H	Pool		Marquiss
Josiah			Porter		Waynesville
Russel			Post		Waynesville
William			Randolph	Clinton
Parr			Rathbone	Marion
Job			Rathbone	Marion
Aaron			Rice		Waynesville
Rolley			Richards	Clinton
John			Richards	Waynesville
Dudley			Richards	Marion
John			Robb		Waynesville
Francis		S	Robbins		Clinton
Evan		J	Roberts		Marquiss
Daniel			Robins		Marquiss
A.		C.	Robison		Waynesville
Thomas		J	Rodgers		Clinton
Levi			Rogers		Waynesville
Ralph			Rosencrance	Marion
William		J	Ruthledge	Marion
Daniel		M C	Samallwood	Marion
J.		T.	Sampson		Waynesville
Victor		N	Sampson		Waynesville
William		G	Sampson		Waynesville
Tench		T	Sampson		Marquiss
Peter			Sander		Marquiss
Daniel 			Satchell	Clinton
William		E	Sawyer		Marion
Alexander	K	Scott		Clinton
Alexander		Scott		Clinton
John		W	Scott		Clinton
Andrew		C	Scott		Clinton
John		B	Scott		Clinton
William		L	Scott		Clinton
James		K	Scott		Clinton
Sen. John		Scott		Waynesville
Alexander		Scott		Waynesville
John		W	Scott		Waynesville
John			Scott		Waynesville
William		G	Searingen	Clinton
James			Shipley		Waynesville
Lemuel			Shiply		Waynesville
Dejamine		Shiply		Waynesville
Sylvanus		Shurtliff	Marion
Charles		H	Simonson	Clinton
Lander			Slatten		Clinton
John			Slatton		Waynesville
Samuel		A	Smallwood	Clinton
Deorge		D	Smallwood	Clinton
Pleasant		Smith		Marion
J.			Smith		Mt. Pleasant
J.			Sonder		Marquiss
Peter		D	Spain		Clinton
Levi			Spencer		Clinton
Samuel			Spencer		Clinton
John			Springer	Marion
Adam			Stevens		Waynesville
Samuel			Stewart		Marquiss
Wm.		H	Stewart		Marquiss
Palmer			Story		Waynesville
Isaac			Strain		Marion
John		S	Strange		Waynesville
Frederick		Stripp		Clinton
Henry			Summers		Clinton
William			Sumners		Waynesville
John		B	Swearingam	Clinton
Abraham			Swearingen	Clinton
Isaac			Swisher		Marion
William			Swisher		Marion
Joseph			Taylor		Waynesville
E.		H.	Thissell	Waynesville
John			Thompson	Clinton
Jeremiah		Thompson	Marion
Teuben			Thornley	Clinton
Michael			Troutman	Marion
David			Troxel		Marion
Henry			Troxel		Clinton
Frederick		Troxel		Clinton
Strawder		Troxel		Clinton
Fredrick	S	Troxel		Waynesville
Trederick		Troxel Jr.	Clinton
Charles			Tuggle		Clinton
Anderson		Tully		Marquiss
Spencer			Turner		Clinton
Alen			Turner		Waynesville
John			Turner		Waynesville
Harvey			Turner		Waynesville
John			Umphreys	Clinton
David			Vandeventer	Marion
John			Vandeventer	Marion
James			Vandeveter	Marquiss
Henry			Waggoner	Clinton
Oron			Wakefield	Marion
Cyremius		Wakefield	Marion
John			Walker		Clinton
Andrew			Wallice		Clinton
Jacob			Walters		Marion
G.		C	Walters		Mt. Pleasant
John		S	Warfield	Clinton
Bennet			Warren		Marquiss
William			Watson		Clinton
J.			Watson		Mt. Pleasant
Gabriel			Watt		Marion
Elijah			Watts		Marion
J.			Webb		Mt. Pleasant
P.			Webb		Mt. Pleasant
R.		D	Webb		Mt. Pleasant
J.			Weedman		Mt. Pleasant
A.			Weedman		Mt. Pleasant
Samuel			Welay		Marquiss
John		R	Welch		Clinton
Moses		G	Williams	Waynesville
Henry			Williams	Waynesville
Eaen			Williams	Waynesville
Isaac			Williamson	Marion
David			Willis		Clinton
Thomas			Wilson		Marion
Edward			Wilson		Marion
Henry			Winkle		Waynesville
A.		J	Winkler		Marquiss
Joseph			Wolf		Marion
Wilson		B	Wood		Clinton
Edward		W	Wright		Marion
Wm.			Wright		Marquiss
Wm.			Wright Jr.	Marquiss
John			Zollars		Waynesville

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