From the book intitled "The History of De Witt County", written in 1880.

"The orginal census lists of 1840 are also lost so that no names of heads
of families could be obtained from that source.  The writer found, however,
a list of voters most carefully complied on the 29th of November, 1844, by
Hon. John J. McGraw, then Clerk of the County Commissioners Court."

Note:  631 Names are listed of the 635 recorded.  Also, a number of
names are mispelled; i.e. "Devenport" instead of "Davenport", "Holsey" 
instead of "Halsey" & "Houghman" instead of "Hougham".

		       (SORTED BY)

Abram			Ackerson	Waynesville
Garrett			Ackerson	Waynesville
Thos.			Ackerson	Waynesville
William			Adams		Clinton
Wm.			Aderson		Long Point
Wilson			Allen		Clinton
John		B	Allsup		Clinton
Thomas			Allsup		Clinton
Tolbert			Allsup		Clinton
Washington		Allsup		Clinton
William			Allsup		Clinton
James			Anderson	Long Point
John			Andrew		Marion
Henry			Arbogast	Marion
Hugh			Arbogast	Marion
Peter			Arbogast	Mt Pleasant
T.		R	Archard		Clinton
J.		S	Atchinson	Waynesville
Lewis			Atkinson	Clinton
Daniel			Baker		Marion
Samuel		C	Baker		Waynesville
Daniel			Banta		Clinton
Jordon			Banta		Clinton
A.		L	Barnett		Clinton
Franklin		Barnett		Clinton
Robert		F	Barnett		Clinton
Geo.			Barns		Marion
George			Barns		Marion
James 			Barr		Waynesville
John			Barr		Waynesville
John			Barr		New Castle
Abram			Bash		Long Point
David			Bash		Long Point
Dawson			Beatty		Clinton
Hiram			Beebe		Marion
Samuel			Beebe		Clinton
Wm.			Belford		Clinton
Gabriel			Bennett		Marion
H			Bennett		Clinton
Poetan			Bennett		Clinton
William			Bennett		Marion
Johannas		Bergen		Waynesville
Thos		C	Bergen		Waynesville
Wm.			Bernes		Marion
Samuel			Bevan		New Castle
Thomas			Bevan		Clinton
Thomas		K	Bladlock	Clinton
Harrison		Blake		Mt Pleasant
Noel			Blankenship	Clinton
Jesse			Blankinship	Clinton
John			Blount		Marion
Z.		H	Blount		Clinton
George			Bodkin		Waynesville
Wm.			Bokins		Marion
Nathan			Boman		Marion
Anderson		Bowles		Clinton
Henry			Bowles		Clinton
Hugh			Bowles		Waynesville
Joseph			Bowles		Clinton
S.		F	Bowling		Long Point
Wm.			Bowling		Long Point
John			Boyer		Clinton
Harvey			Bradshaw	Clinton
Wm.			Branson		Waynesville
Samuel			Briggs		New Castle
Andrew			Brock		Waynesville
Benjamin		Brock		Waynesville
F.		M	Brock		Waynesville
Henry			Brown		Clinton
James			Brown		Clinton
James		S	Brown		Clinton
Samuel			Brown		Clinton
Vernon			Brown		Clinton
Jacob			Bruner		Clinton
John			Bruner		Clinton
Homer			Buck		Long Point
Peter			Buckey		Mt Pleasant
Samuel			Buckey		Mt Pleasant
John		F	Buckner		Waynesville
Thos.			Burton		Waynesville
Elisha			Bushnell	Waynesville
Moses		L	Bushnell	New Castle
Elisha			Butler		Waynesville
Preston			Butler		Waynesville
Benj.			Button		Marion
John			Button		Marion
Morris			Button		Marion
Nathaniel		Button		Marion
J.		B	Caine		Marion
N.		C	Caine		Marion
J.		E	Cantrall	Waynesville
J.		C	Cantrall	Waynesville
James			Cantrall	Clinton
L.			Cantrall	Marion
Thos.		D	Cantrall	Waynesville
Wm.		L	Cantrall	Waynesville
Wm.			Cantrall	Waynesville
Wyatt			Cantrall	Waynesville
Z.		P	Cantrall	Waynesville
Z.		G	Cantrall	Waynesville
Wm.			Carew		Marion
George			Carlock		Clinton
Hiram			Chapin		Marion
Stillman	A	Chapin		Marion
John			Chatham		Long Point
John			Chatham		Long Point
Wm.			Chatham		Long Point
John			Christison	Waynesville
Benj.			Church		Marion
Wm.			Cisca		Long Point
Henry			Clerage		Clinton
George			Clifton		Clinton
Job			Clifton		Clinton
John			Clifton		Clinton
Wm.			Clifton		Clinton
Darius			Cody		Waynesville
Thos.			Coffer		Waynesville
Charles			Cook		Waynesville
James			Cook		Waynesville
John			Cooksey		Marion
Thomas			Coon		Clinton
Wm.			Coon		Clinton
Nathan			Cooper		Clinton
John			Coppenbarger	Clinton
Joseph			Coppenbarger	Clinton
Wm.			Coppenbarger	Clinton
Cornelius		Corry		Mt Pleasant
Edward			Corry		Mt Pleasant
Wm.			Cottingham	Mt Pleasant
Charles			Council		New Castle
George		W	Cox		Clinton
John		M	Cox		Clinton
N.		W	Cox		Mt Pleasant
Benjamin		Cross		Clinton
Jacob			Cross		Clinton
Jefferson	T	Cross		Clinton
Skelton	K		Cross		Clinton
Solomon			Cross		Clinton
Peter			Crum		Long Point
B.		L	Cundiff		Clinton
Henry			Cundiff		Clinton
Wm.			Cundiff		Clinton
Johnathan		Curtright	Clinton
Samuel			Curtright	Clinton
Alexander		Dale		Clinton
Joshua			Dale		Clinton
J.		E	Daugherty	Marion
Absolom			Dauner		Mt Pleasant
John			Dauner		Mt Pleasant
Samuel			Dauner		Mt Pleasant
Wm.			Dauner		Mt Pleasant
John			Davis		Clinton
Nelson			Davis		Clinton
Remus			Davis		Clinton
Wm.		J	Davis		Waynesville
B.		S	Day		Marion
Charles			Day		Marion
John		E	Day		Marion
Solomon			Despain		Marion
Wm.		R	Deterager	Marion
Hugh			Devenport	Clinton
Isaiah			Devenport	Clinton
Squire			Devenport	Waynesville
Thomas			Devenport	Clinton
A.		N	Dills		Waynesville
S.			Donor		Marion
R.		S	Doolittle	Waynesville
John			Dorson		Marion
Josiah			Downen		Clinton
Wm.			Downen		Long Point
A.		D	Downey		Waynesville
James			Downey		New Castle
John			Doyle		Mt Pleasant
Daniel		H	Drafstrem	Waynesville
John			Druly		New Castle
S.			Duncan		Clinton
E. H.		L C	Dunegan		New Castle
J		P	Dunham		New Castle
Thomas			Dunham		Clinton
Isaac		A	Dunnagan	New Castle
John			Durly		New Castle
Thos.			Dye		Marion
George			Dyer		Waynesville
Joseph		C	Egenson		Mt Pleasant
David			Eliington	Waynesville
Isaac			Ellington	Waynesville
Jonathan		Ellington	Waynesville
Alex.			Ellis		Long Point
James			Ellis		Waynesville
Bonarges		Ely		Clinton
Solomon			Ely		Clinton
James			Ennis		Clinton
Wm.			Evans		Waynesville
John			Eveland		Waynesville
Nathaniel		Eveland		Waynesville
Philo			Farmer		Clinton
B.		H	Farris		Clinton
Major			Farris		Clinton
E.		W	Fears		Clinton
J.		M	Fears		Clinton
Wm.		T	Fears		Long Point
Joshua			Fenton		Clinton
Andrew			Fogg		New Castle
James			Foley		New Castle
Wm.			Foley		New Castle
Henry			Foster		Clinton
Henry			Fourdice	Clinton
Daniel			French		Clinton
Ervin			French		Clinton
James			French		Clinton
John			French		Clinton
Jonathan		Frisby		Long Point
Thos.			Frisby		Waynesville
Thomas			Fruit		Clinton
Eli		B	Fruitt		Clinton
Wm.			Gadberry	Clinton
Joshua			Gardener	Clinton
Archibald	V	Gardner		New Castle
Thos.			Gardner		Mt Pleasant
Sidney			Gary		Clinton
John			Gatman		Marion
John			Gellatly	New Castle
Armsted			Gideon		Clinton
P.		M	Gideon		Marion
Samuel		P	Gleason		Long Point
Hugh			Glenn		Clinton
Thos.			Glenn		Marion
Nathaniel		Goodall		Marion
Jerome			Gorin		Waynesville
Charles			Graves		Waynesville
Linus			Graves		Waynesville
B.		W	Gray		Waynesville
Joel			Gray		Waynesville
Miles			Gray		Clinton
Sylvester		Griffen		Marion
Jesse			Griffin		Waynesville
D.		F	Grosh		Waynesville
George			Guard		New Castle
Elish			Gussford	Marion
Henry			Haddleson	Mt Pleasant
A.		W.	Haddock		Marion
J.		B	Hagar		Marion
Darius			Hall		Clinton
G			Hall		Clinton
Henry		H	Hall		Clinton
James			Hall		Clinton
Joel			Hall		Clinton
Mahlon			Hall		Clinton
Wm.			Hall		Waynesville
Samuel			Hamet		Waynesville
Abraham			Hamilton	Waynesville
Jas.		W	Hamitt		Waynesville
Solomon			Hand		Mt Pleasant
George			Hanger		Long Point
Timothy			Harley		Mt Pleasant
J			Harp		Marion
Wm.			Harp		Mt Pleasant
John		E	Harris		Marion
Nathaniel		Harris		Waynesville
F.		S	Harrison	Waynesville
Eli			Harrold		Marion
Eli			Harrold		Long Point
Isam			Harrold		Long Point
Jacob			Harrold		Long Point
James		M	Harrold		Waynesville
Jonathan		Harrold		Long Point
Mitchell		Harrold		Long Point
Wm.			Harrold		Long Point
Nathan			Harvey		Clinton
Wm.			Haus		Marion
William			Hayes		Clinton
Alex			Heap		Marion
Ezekiel			Hedges		New Castle
James			Hedges		New Castle
Jesse			Hedges		New Castle
Alex.			Heely		Mt Pleasant
James			Henson		Clinton
Lewellen		Hickman		Clinton
William			Hickman		Clinton
Egbert			Hill		Clinton
George		L	Hill		Clinton
Wm.			Hill		Clinton
J.			Hobblitt	New Castle
James		G	Hobbs		Long Point
John			Hobbs		Waynesville
John		E	Hoblitt		New Castle
John			Hoblitt		New Castle
Samuel			Hoblitt		New Castle
T.		B	Hoblitt		Marion
Solomon			Holsey		Long Point
Wm.			Holsey		Long Point
Zebidee			Holsey		Long Point
David			Hood		Clinton
Amos			Houghman	Long Point
Moses			Houghman	Long Point
Benjamin		Howard		Clinton
Joseph			Howard		Clinton
Samuel		S P	Huff		Clinton
Charles			Huffam		Waynesville
Elijah			Hull		Waynesville
Thos.			Hull		Waynesville
William			Hull		Marion
Joel			Hulsey		New Castle
Wm.		R	Hulsey		New Castle
John			Humphreys	Waynesville
John		D	Huston		Marion
Charles			Hutchin		Clinton
Isaac			Hutchin		Clinton
John			Hutchin		Clinton
Thomas			Hutchin		Clinton
William			Hutchin		Clinton
A		B	Ireland		Waynesville
George			Isham		Waynesville
J.		A	Jackson		Marion
Joshua		E 	Jackson		Marion
Lewis			Jackson		Mt Pleasant
Mathew			Jackson		Mt Pleasant
Thos.			Jackson		Long Point
Wm.			James		Clinton
F.		M	Jeffrey		Waynesville
Wm.			Jeffrey		Waynesville
Thomas			Jenkins		Clinton
J.		L	Jennings	Waynesville
Anderson		Johnson		Clinton
Elias			Johnson		Mt Pleasant
James			Johnson		Long Point
A.		T	Jones		Waynesville
Arthur			Jones		Marion
Isaac		W	Jones		Waynesville
J.		B	Jones		Waynesville
John			Jones		Mt Pleasant
Samuel			Jones		New Castle
Wm.		H	Jones		Waynesville
Henry		Bour	Kain		Clinton
George		W	Karr		Clinton
John		W	Karr		Clinton
Joseph			Karr		Clinton
Walter			Karr		Clinton
Jeremiah		Kelley		Clinton
John			Kellison	Marion
Moses			Kenney		Clinton
John			Kensey		New Castle
Henry			King		Clinton
Joel		E	King		Clinton
Richard			Kirby		Mt Pleasant
Wm.		A	Knight		Clinton
Jacob			Kranish		Clinton
Wm.		H	Lafferty	Marion
Thomas			Lamb		Clinton
Corelius		Lambert		New Castle
Adam			Lane		Long Point
Elihu			Lane		Long Point
Ezekiel			Lane		Clinton
Harrison		Lane		Clinton
John			Lane		Clinton
Roden			Lane		Marion
Able			Larison		Waynesville
T.		J	Larison		New Castle
John			Lash		Marion
E.		G	Lawrence	Waynesville
John			Layton		Marion
Chas.			Leaper		Long Point
Peter			Lear		Marion
Geo.			Lemen		Marion
James		A	Lemon		Marion
Benj.			Lisenby		Marion
Charles		S	Lisenby		Clinton
Elisha			Littler		Clinton
Geo.			Livingston	Marion
Melvin			Lowery		Clinton
B.		T	Lowry		Clinton
James			Lowry		Clinton
John			Lowry		Clinton
Melvin			Lowry		Clinton
Wm. 			Lowry		Clinton
Nathan			Lundy		Long Point
James			Luttle		Clinton
Fleming			Lynch		Clinton
Newton			Lynch		Clinton
J.		C	Macon		Waynesville
David			Maiken		Clinton
Joseph			Malson		Clinton
Charles			Maltby		Waynesville
Harrison		Maltby		Waynesville
B.		D F	Maple		Marion
A.		K	Marden		New Castle
John			Marsh		Marion
Burnel			Martin		Clinton
James			Martin		Marion
Samuel		H	Martin		Clinton
Samuel			Martin		Long Point
David			Mason		New Castle
Jonn			Mason		New Castle
William			Mathews		Clinton
E.		W	Matthews	Waynesville
John			Maxwell		Long Point
James			McAboy		Clinton
John			McAboy		Clinton
James			McCord		Marion
James		W	McCord		Mt Pleasant
John			McCord		Mt Pleasant
Wm.		G	McCord		Mt Pleasant
Archibald		McCullough	Clinton
James			McDeed		Marion
John			McDeed		Marion
Samuel			McElhaney	Long Point
Daniel			McGinnis	Clinton
John		J	McGraw		Clinton
John			McIntire	Waynesville
Uriah			McKenney	Clinton
Robert			McKinley	Marion
Wm.			McKinley	Marion
James		L	McMurry		Clinton
David			McNuley		Waynesville
Wm.			McPherson	Clinton
Henry			Michael		Waynesville
Abram			Miller		Clinton
Alfred			Miller		Waynesville
Ebenezer		Miller		Clinton
John			Miller		Clinton
Matthew			Miller		Clinton
Pascal			Miller		Clinton
Solomon			Miller		Clinton
George		W	Mills		Clinton
Rufus			Mills		Clinton
Thomas		J	Mills		Clinton
Benj.			Mitchell	Mt Pleasant
John		P	Mitchell	Clinton
Wm.			Mitchell	Clinton
David 			Montgomery	Waynesville
John			Montgomery	Waynesville
Wm.			Montgomery	Waynesville
Solomon			Moore		Marion
James		H	Morley		Waynesville
Edward			Morris		Waynesville
Wm.			Morris		Long Point
G.		S.	Morrison	Marion
James		T	Morton		Waynesville
Alfred			Murphey		Clinton
N.			Murphy		Clinton
Richard			Murphy		Clinton
Wm.			Neal		Clinton
Benj.			Newberry	Mt Pleasant
Benj.		Jr.	Newburg		Mt Pleasant
Daniel			Newcomb		Clinton
Amos			Nichols		Long Point
Abraham			Onstott		Waynesville
Phineas			Page		Mt Pleasant
Calvin			Pain		Clinton
Murrell			Pain		Clinton
F.		G	Paine		Clinton
Chas.			Parker		Marion
Ruben			Parkhurst	Clinton
J.		A	Payne		Long Point
Wm.			Pearson		Mt Pleasant
Ninian		W	Peddecord	Clinton
Rumsford		Peyton		Clinton
Edward			Philips		Long Point
James			Pollock		Clinton
Joseph			Pollock		Clinton
Robert		H	Pool		Mt Pleasant
Josiah			Porter		Waynesville
R.			Post		Waynesville
R.		E	Post		Waynesville
Alvin			Potter		Clinton
Leonard			Provin		Clinton
Dennis			Provine		Clinton
Job			Rathtone	Marion
Sampson			Reese		New Castle
John		M	Rich		Marion
Charles			Richards	Marion
Dudley			Richards	Clinton
Rolla			Richards	Clinton
Samuel			Richards	Waynesville
Wm.			Richards	Waynesville
Hiram			Riley		Long Point
James		C	Riley		Waynesville
James		R	Robb		Waynesville
John			Robb		Waynesville
D.		F.	Robbins		Marion
F.		S	Robbins		Marion
Daniel			Robinns		Marion
A.		F	Rogers		Mt Pleasant
Thomas		J	Rogers		Clinton
David			Ropp		Marion
Ralph			Rosencrans	Clinton
John			Rust		Marion
Wm.			Rust		Marion
Wm.		J	Rutledge	Marion
D.		B	Sallwood	Marion
Jacob		F	Sampson		Waynesville
T.		E	Sanger		Marion
Charles			Sawyer		Marion
Jesse		E	Sawyer		Marion
Stillman		Sawyer		Marion
Wm.		E.	Sawyer		Marion
A.		K.	Scott		Long Point
Daniel			Scott		Long Point
Isaac			Scott		Long Point
J.		W	Scott		Long Point
James		K	Scott		Clinton
James			Scott		Long Point
John		W	Scott		Clinton
John			Scott		Waynesville
John		Sr.	Scott		Long Point
John			Scott		Long Point
Lorenzo		D	Scott		Clinton
Martin			Scott		Clinton
William			Scott		Long Point
Wm.			Scott		Long Point
Joseph			Semple		Marion
Robert			Semple		Marion
Christian 		Shenkle		Marion
Benj.			Shipley		New Castle
James			Shipley		New Castle
Lemuel			Shipley		New Castle
Ezekel			Shoukle		Mt Pleasant
Jacob			Silver		Clinton
John			Simpkin		Waynesville
Gustavus		Skelley		Clinton
John			Slatten		Waynesville
Landers			Slatten		Clinton
Cornelius	W	Slinker		Waynesville
James			Smallwood	Clinton
John		B	Smallwood	Clinton
Samuel			Smallwood	Clinton
Henry			Smith		Mt Pleasant
John			Smith		Mt Pleasant
Pleasant		Smith		Marion
Thos.			Smith		Marion
Peter		D	Spain		Clinton
Thomas			SpainHoward	Clinton
Douglas			Spear		Marion
Levi			Spencer		Clinton
Samuel			Spenser		Long Point
Wm.			Spenser		Long Point
John			Springer	Clinton
James			Stephens	Clinton
Geo.		W	Stipp		Waynesville
James		M	Stone		Marion
Parmer			Story		Waynesville
Jesse			Stout		Clinton
Isaac			Strain		Clinton
Sylvester		Strong		New Castle
Henry			Summers		Clinton
Wm.			Summers		Waynesville
Thos.			Swain		Marion
Abraham			Swearingen	Long Point
Elijah			Swearingen	Long Point
J.		B.	Swearingen	Mt Pleasant
John		H	Swearingen	Long Point
Isaac			Swisher		Marion
Green		Lee	Taylor		Marion
R.		D	Taylor		Marion
John			Thissell	Waynesville
Henry			Thomas		Clinton
Henry			Thompson	Clinton
J.			Thompson	Clinton
John			Thompson	Clinton
Monroe			Thompson	Marion
Edward			Thornby		Clinton
Reuben			Thornly		Clinton
Michael			Troutman	Marion
Frederick		Troxel		Long Point
Henry			Troxel		Long Point
Frederick		Troxell		Clinton
Peter			Troxell		Long Point
Samuel			Troxell		Long Point
Allen			Turner		Waynesville
Harvey			Turner		New Castle
Robert			Turner		Waynesville
Spencer			Turner		New Castle
Cyrus			Tuttle		New Castle
David			Vandeventer	Marion
J.			Vandeventer	Marion
Thos.			Vandeventer	Marion
O.			Wakefield	Marion
Elijah			Walden		Marion
Wm.			Walden		Marion
James			Walker		Clinton
John			Walker		Clinton
Wm.		E	Walker		Marion
Andrew			Wallace		Clinton
Hardin			Wallace		Waynesville
William			Wallace		Clinton
Jacob			Walters		Marion
William			Walters		Marion
B.		R	Warfield	Clinton
John			Warner		Clinton
S.			Waterford	Marion
James		G	Watson		Mt Pleasant
Peter			Watson		Mt Pleasant
Elijah			Watt		Marion
Gabriel			Watt		Clinton
C.			Webb		Marion
Henry			Webb		Marion
Henry		Sr.	Webb		Marion
R.		D	Webb		Mt Pleasant
Wm.			Webb		Marion
Wm.			Webb		Mt Pleasant
Asa			Weedman		Mt Pleasant
Geo.			Weidman		Marion
David			Wheeler		Waynesville
David			White		Mt Pleasant
David		Jr.	White		Mt Pleasant
Henry		M	White		Marion
Hiram			White		Mt Pleasant
Daniel			Willard		Marion
Henry			Williams	New Castle
J.		P	Williams	Mt Pleasant
John		B	Williams	Marion
Moses		G	Williams	Waynesville
William			Williams	Clinton
Robert			Williamson	Mt Pleasant
Thos.			Williamson	Marion
David			Willis		Clinton
Edward			Wilson		Marion
John			Wilson		Marion
Joseph			Wilson		Marion
Thomas			Wilson		Clinton
Joseph			Winkle		Long Point
John			Winn		Clinton
Benj.			Withham		Long Point
Lemuel			Woodard		Clinton
Amos		B	Wright		Clinton
E.		W	Wright		Marion
Jameson			Wright		Clinton
Thomas		C	Wright		Clinton
John			Young		Long Point
O.		W	Young		Waynesville
John			Zollars		Waynesville

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