Below is a table of contents done for a manuscript called the "Scott Book".  
For some reason Lara Braley thinks it was written by Thomas Franklin Scott 
(not the one married to Sophia Quinton).  It isn't a published book, but has 
an awful lot of information.  She sent me the index to place on my website.  
If you are interested; contact her at  Lara Braley

Index								Page

?								101-102
Abraham Hobbs Family (m. Sarah Jane Scott)			31
Abraham Thomas Cline Family (m. Molly ?)  			36
Adrain Sroufe Family (m. Sahar/Sade Isabell Cline)		36
Alexander and Dianner Atherton Scott Family			53-64
Alexander D. Scott Family (m. Matilda J. Brown)			106
Alexander Scott (bro. of James L. Scott)			90-89
Alexander Scott Family (m. Hannah Stretch)			98				
Alexander Scott Family (m. Rebecca Blackburn)			128
Andrew B. Scott Family(m. Sarah Atherton)			26-28
Andrew C. Scott Family (m. Sarah Scott)				127		
Andrew C. Scott Family (m. Sarah/Sally G. Scott)		37
Andrew Jackson Scott Family (m. Mary Ann Brown)            	13-15
Andrew Scott (m. Anna Longest) story 				70
Andrew Scott Family						5
Andrew Scott Family Record					83-87
Arthur Festus Dinnel Family (m. Iva Maude Huet)			113-114

Charles David Troxel Family (m. Sarah L. Clifton)		119-122
Charles M. Scott (s/o Martin P. and Hattie Baker Scott)		124
Claude R. Hixon Family (m. Mary Etta Ford)			118-119

Daniel K. Scott Family (m. Margaret Ann Lindley)		24-25
Daniel Keith Sr. (m. Elizabeth Liddell) 			137
Daniel L. Troxel Family (m. Rebecca Emaline Scott)   		8-9
Daniel Liddell							4
David Nelson Terry Family (m. Ruth Blackburn Scott) 		77-81
DeWitt Co., Observer 3/25/1973					139-140
Dr. A. K. Scott (m. Louisa Troxel)				125-126

Early Deed Records Daviess Co., MO 				73
Elder Martin Scott bio						48
Elder Martin Scott Family (m. Lucinda Maxwell)        		49-52
Ely Halsey Family (m. Nancy Scott) 				109
Enos Terry Family (m. Prudence Scott)				66-69

Family of John Scott I						1-2
Francis Marion Terry Family (m. Nancy E. Scott)			105
Frederick Storms Troxel (m. Isabell Jane Scott)			109-112

George Polk Cline Family (m. Maggie Ward) 			36

Henry Ford Family (m. Mary Kansas Troxel)			116-117
Henry James Cline Family (m. Mattie Walker) 			36
Hiram Glenn							32

Ira Daniel Troxel (m. Mary Thomas)     				115-116
Ira G. Scott Family (m. Mary Chatham)				64- 66
Isaac N. Goodvin Family (m. Nancy Ann Cline)			39-40
Isaac Newton Thomas Family (m. Elizabeth  Scott)		136

James A. Troxel (m. Lydia J. Terry) bio 			132-134
James Alexander Troxel (m. Lydia Jane Terry)			114-115
James H. Scott Bio 						98-99
James H. Scott Family (m. Mary Goodman)				98
James K. Scott bio 						135
James Keith Scott Family (m. Elizabeth  Glenn)			21-23
James Keith Scott Family (m. Martha Ann Carter)			105
James L. Scott (m. Mary Ann Gilmer)   				88
James Liddell Family (m. Esther Porter)				138
James Milton Dinnell Family (m. Rebecca Ann  Troxel)		112
John A. Cline Family (m. Matilda C. Thomas) 			36
John A. Dixon Family (m. Delitha Elizabeth Troxel)		122
John A. Troxel Family (m. MAtilda Cline nee Thomas)          	9-13
John B. Scott Family (m. Rena Halsey)				129
John M. Scott Family (m. Elizabeth Brown)			106
John P. Glenn Family (m. Matilda M. Scott)			99
John Scott (Rev Soldier)					70
John Strange Family (m. Nancy Scott)    			45-47
John Vinson Family (m. Nancy Scott)				103-104
John W. Scott	bio.						93-94
John Wilson Scott III (m. Mahala Atherton)      		43--44
John Wilson Scott Jr. Family					6
John Wilson Scott Sr. Family					3

Levi Alexander Cline Family (m. Susan H. Austin)		36
Levi Cline Family (m. Ruth J. or L. Scott)			37-38
Marion Perry Skinner Family (m. Nancy Isabell Terry)		82
Martin P. Scott (s/o John W. and Lucinda Scott) bio		124
Mary Maise Cline (m. Joseph Hampton)   				41-42
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Cox wedding anniversity			95

Nancy Ann Scott m. James Grant Wright  				32-34
Nathan L. Terry Family (m. Louisa Ann Scott)			107-108

Old Scotland Church Observes Centennial" article		141
Oliver C. Hartman Family (m. Ruth J. Scott) 			105

Porter Jobe Family (m. Mary E. Scott)				107

Ruth Scott Cline Obituary					35

Samuel P. Glenn bio						96-97
Samuel Porter Glenn Family (m. Ruth Scott)			104
Samuel Porter Scott Family (m. Susannah Land)			31
Samuel Wymore Family (m. Isabell A. Scott)			142-144
Scott Bible Record						123
Soloman Landes Family (m. Mary Emaline Terry)			81-82
Strange Family Bible Record					7

The Story of Letitia Jane Scott (nee Glenn)			16-19
Thomas M. Glenn Family (m. Anna C. Scott)			20
Thomas M. Scott Family (m. Leodica  Lhartimascr Hartimas)	31
Township maps							74-76

William Brumfield Family (m. Elizabeth Scott)			127
William H. Skinner Family (m. Mary Prudence Troxel)		114
William L. Scott Bible Record 					100
William L. Scott Family (m. Druella ?)      			28-30
William M. Scott bio (m.Anna D. Caplinger)			130-131
William S. Brown Family (m. Sarah Scott)			64
Willson Alexander Scott bio. 					91-92
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