History of Gwinnett County, GA
p. 396

Daniel Liddell

DANIEL LIDDELL was born in Abbeville District, S.C., Feb. 19, 1786.  He married Isabella 
Liddell, a distant relative and a sister of the late Moses Liddell of whom I wrote in my pen
and ink sketches.  Their marriage occured in 1808 and 10 years later he removed to Franklin 
Co., Ga. Residing here six years, in 1824 he moved to this county and settled on Beaver Run 
Creek where he lived until his death, which occured in Nov. 1846, in his 61st year of age. 
Mr. Liddell reared eight children- five sons and three daughters.  His eldest daughter married 
a Mr. Plaster, his 2nd daughter, Ruth married Henry Brockman and his third daughter, Isabella 
married Dr. Reeder.  His oldest son, Moses W., now dec. married Elizabeth Cowler; his 2nd son, 
Thomas Haney- Elizabeth Collier; his 3rd son, W.C.P. - Evaline Wynn; his 4th son, Daniel W. 
never married and his 5th son, James married Miss Gober.

His wife Isabella, survived him until recently and all his children except his 1st and 4th
sons.  I make the following transcript from one of his records books in his own businesslike 
handwriting---- "Linage and Genealogy of my Kindred of the Liddell family" I was born in 
"Abbeville District, S.C., 12 miles west of the courthouse, Feb. 19, 1876, and was the son of
William Liddell, who was born in the city of Annapolic, Md. March 10, 1762.  His father was 
named John and his mother Rachel.  His father was brought from Maryland by an uncle, named 
Moses, about 1767 to Abbeville.  He died in a few years.  His aunt died after the commencement 
of the Revolution.  They left no children and he was therefore left in a world among strangers.
The small estate left by  his uncle was taken care of by a Mr. Black, a citizen of Abbeville.  
My father joined the Whig ranks and served during the war. 

After the war he married Ruth Keith, whose father was a citizen of Pennsylvania.

In regards to his church relations, I made and exact from the Old Fairview church book to which
I have access (Note: I skip the following paragraph for it does not deal with Daniel Liddell, 
but with the old church record--A.B.)

After the death of Mr. Liddell, he was buried at Fairview and I find his tombstone the 
following epthap by his surviving wife---
	‘Sleep on, my loving husband sleep,
	This marble shall your memory keep,
	But deeper on my heart is graven,
	The thought that we shall meet in heaven."

This good wife survived him many years but recently deceased, and is buried by his side in the
same old churchyard, and ere this, the thought so touchingly expressed by her tablet, has been 
realized and they met in heaven where death and seperation come not.
					Copied HIllsborough County Historical Library
					Tampa, Florida Jan 1971

This Daniel Keith has no direct connection to our Keith or Liddell lines but does show his 
fathers marriage to Ruth Keith sister of our ancestor
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