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Names In Alpha Order

George Cisco

George Cisco lived in the Wapella vicinity most of his lifetime.  He married Lena Nichols
and they had two children, Orville and Helen.  Helen died of pneumonia when young,
Following Lena's death he married Alice Ellis and they had two children, Dallas and Dorthea.
Dorthea died when small.

Orville married Edith Vinson and they had four children: twin girls Maxine and Helena.
(Helena died at the age of three months) and Mavis and George, Orville, his father and a half
brother were killed in 1956 in Clinton when struck by the 'Green Diamond' train.

Mavis married Dale Shipley and they had two children, William who died at birth and Garry. 
Garry married Lana Wrage of the Chestnut area and they have a daughter, Jackie Sue.

Maxine married Mark Moose and they had three children, Dorothy, Duane and John.  Both
Mark and Maxine Hoose died in 1972.

Dorothy is married to William Kellems and they have no children.  Duane married Judy
Morgan and they have two boys, Mark and Matthew.  John married Charlene Grant and they
have three daughters, Julie, Susie and Debbie.

George Cisco married Betty Gelsthorpe and they have one son, Orville Eugene.  He married
Catherine Fox and they have a son, Ryan Eugene.


David Ellington came here in 1828, from Ohio.  He was the father of Daniel Ellington.  Daniel 
enlisted June 16, 1861 and fought in the battle of Danelson, at Shiloh, and was wounded and 
discharged in 1862.

Daniel Ellington, in 1863, married Catherine Ellington and they were the parents of nine 
children:  a son named Isaac (Doc), who married Cora Johnson.  They were the parents of nine 
children:  a daughter Dessie, who married Warren Weaver of Clinton, Illinois, a rural mail 
carrier, they were the parents of twelve children.  Dessie is still living, in Heyworth, 
Illinois and is 88 years old, ten of her children still survive; Charles, a son died in 
infancy; a son, Samuel, married Gladys foster.  They are the parents of two daughters, Mildred
Valentine, of Waynesville, and Mary Huff, of Bloomington.

Ora, a daughter, married Frank Wilson, a farmer.  No children.  Both of deceased.

Samuel and Gladys are both deceased.  Mattie, a daughter, married Henry Wilson, a farmer of 
Waynesville.  They were the parents of one son, Carter.  Henry and Carter are both deceased;
Wilma a daughter, married Elmer Burly a farmer of Champaign, who were the parents of two 
children, Eldon of Toledo, and Joyce Wilson of California.

Helen, a daughter, married Harold Rienhart of farmer and were the parents of two sons, Wendel 
of DeWitt, and Dale of Waynesville; Bell, a daughter, married Joe McFall of Urbana, a farmer,
and were the parents of one daughter Joan.  Bell and Joe are both deceased; Otis, a son, 
married Nellie Naugle, and they are the parents of three daughters, Betty Shaffer, of Danvers,
Juanita Shaffer, of Waynesville, and Jeaneen smith, of Taylorville.  Otis is Road Commissioner
of Waynesville Township.


Charles Finger was born June 20, 1871, the son of Ferdinand and Mary Virgiels Finger.  He 
married Maude Ellinton, who was born on September 17, 1876, the daughter of Daniel and 
Katherine Ellington.

To his union were born five children:

1.  Allen Swift Finger, deceased.

2.  Alma O. Finger, Clinton, ILL

3. Edith M. Rogers, Clinton, ILL, married Daniel Rogers, now deceased.  She was the mother of
Charles Michael Finger and Sarah Maude Pennewell, both deceased.

4.  Daniel F. Finger, deceased, married Lorine Harvey,  They were the parents of Eleanor 
Waunita Ross of Waynesville, Daniel  ___mond of Waynesville, and Jerome Dean of Wapella.

5.  Charles Finger married Marie Ernestine Cunningham, parents of Darrel Quentin and Larry
Lamar, both of Waynesville.

There are twelve great grandchildren of Charles and Maude Finger who lived most of their lives
in the Waynesville area and farmed as a vocation.  This area has been the home of most of the
family for a lifetime.


Eli Hugh Robb was born July 27, 1824, in Murry County, Tennessee He came to Illinois with his
parents, John and Barbara Robb, in 1829.  In August, 1847, he was stricken with typhoid fever, 
the first case of this disease in Dewitt County.  On March 23, 1848, he was married to Clarissa
Lanterman of Spring Creek, Sangamon County, Illinois.  Clarissa was born April 14, 1827, the 
daughter of Peter and Eliza (Purvines) Lanterman, in Sangamon County, about eight miles west of
the present city of Springfield, Ill.  Her parents had settled in that area in 1819, moving from
Kentucky.  They (the Lantermans) moved to the Waynesville area in March 1853, buying a farm 
about four miles south of the village.

Eli Hugh and Clarissa bought a farm in Barnett Township, four miles southwest of Waynesville.
They lived there until 1893, when they left the farm and moved to Clinton.  They were the 
parents of eight children:

1. James Henry Robb, born Jan. 24, 1849, married Oct. 7, 1855 to Margaret J. Martin.
2. Charles Edwin Robb, born Sept. 14, 1850, married Dec. 15, 1881 to Dalia Lynch.
3. Peter Lanterman Robb, born Nov. 27, 1851, married Dec. 24, 1873 to Isadora Bradley.
4. Perry Robb, born Dec. 30, 1854, married October 14, 1874, to Mary Boyce.
5. Julia Bell Robb, born Feb. 3, 1856, died April 29, 1859.
6. Ida May Robb, born March 29, 1858, married Nov. 2, 1876 to Henry Martial Teal.
7. Samuel P. Robb, born March 3, 1860, married Dec. 1, 1881 to Lena Clariet Morse.
8. Luella Francis Robb, born Sept. 1, 1862, married Aug. 30, 1885, to Charles Brittin.


John Robb was born October 29, 1791, near the city of Charleston, S.C. He was one of five 
children, and the family later moved to Lexington, Ky.  Barbara Robison was born July 20, 1790, 
near Lexington, Ky., the daughter of George and Elizabeth (Griffith) Robison.  John and Barbara
were married October 19, 1813, in Lexington, Ky.  Shortly after their marriage, they left 
Kentucky and moved to Tennessee, where they stayed until 1829.  They came to Illinois in the 
spring of 1829, settling in Sangamon County.  The next spring, their moved on, settling about 
2 3/4 miles east of the present village of Waynesville an April 10, 1830.  There, they entered 
460 acres of land, built a home and remained the rest of their lives.  It was in their home 
that the first school was held when Mr. Robb employed John J. McGraw to teach a three months 
term of school, furnishing him one room of their house in which to hold the school.

Mr. Robb died on June 2, 1866, and Mrs. Robb on April 5, 1870. They were the parents of 13 

1. James Ritchie Robb, born July 24, 1814, married Nancy Cantrall March 26, 1840.
2. Elizabeth Griffith Robb, born Dec. 14, 1815, married Levi Cantrall Oct. 17, 1839.
3. Samuel Harris Robb, born March 16, 1817, married Dinah Clifton August 13, 1840.
4. Ann Colwell Robb, born March 4, 1819, married John Mabary October 8, 1857.
5. William Robison Robb, born October 28, 1820, married Sallie Druby in 1841; married Zurilda
   Lanterman March 4, 1847.
6. Isabell Louisa Robb, born February 20, 1822.
7. Mary Jane Robb, born May 30, 1823, married Joshua Cantrell April 29, 1841.
8. Eli Hugh Robb, born July 27, 1825, married Clarissa B. Lanterman March 28, 1848.
9. Thomas Campbell Robb born December 15, 1826, married Margaret Sprague Nov. 14, 1849.
10. Lurina Caroline Robb, born March 24, 1828, married James Watts October 9, 1850.
11. Joseph Robb, born May 2, 1830, married Rhoda Baker November 4, 1852.
12. George Robb, born February 15, 1832, married Harriet Lanterman December 5, 1854,
13. John Robb, born March 28, 1834, married Charlotte Davis March 11, 1858.


Many of the natives of DeWitt County are closely identified with its farming interest and
among them we find our subject, who owned and successfully managed a good farm on section 20,
Barnett Township.  He was born on his fatherís old homestead on section 29, this township, 
May 25, 1857.  He was a son of Charles R and May (Marvel) Smith.

Charles R. Smith was born February 12, 1827.  He was united in marriage with Mary, daughter of
Wiley and Charity F. (Clark) Marvel.

The happy wedded life of Charles R. and Mary smith brought to them eleven children as follows:
James M, Francis M, William A, John F, Daniel W, Charles C, George W, Ida A, Mary E, Florence,
and Nellie.

He of whom we write was reared to manís estate on a farm, and gained a good education in the
common schools of his native township.  December 25, 1883, he married to Silvers V. Silvers.

The union of Mr. and Mrs. Smith was blest by the birth of five children:  Sylvia E, unmarried;
Tressa A, married Charles V. OíHern Sr, and were the parents of two children - Charles V. Jr. 
and Elizabeth Ann; Jay R, married Hazel (Lowe) and they had three boys - Charles Lee, Robert, 
and William; Cecyle married John G Klemm on Jan 6, 1915.  To this union three children were 
born - Paul, Dorothy, and Emily; and Carl R married Helen Brock and they were the parents of 
two children - Carolyn and Lorraine.

Cecyle and her husband purchased 80 acres of unimproved land from her fatherís estate in 1851.

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