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Ancestors and Descendants of Edgar 0. Martin

Edgar Otto Martin, born November 15, 1870, was the third of six children in the family of
William S. and Jane Chandler Martin.  The Martins, in 1867, located in the southwestern corner
of Goose Creek Township in Platt County where they owned 160 acres. it was a fine looking
farm with the addition of a nice eight-room frame house built on a little knoll in 1881.   (This
farm is still owned, and the house occupied, by a Martin -- Lotus Martin Briggs, a
grand-daughter of the original owners.) Edgar's father, William Stribling, enlisted In Company B
of the 107th Illinois Infantry from DeWitt County in 1862 and served with honor until 1865.   He
was married to Jane Mehitable Chandler in 1866.   The other children of this union were Etta
May, Oliver M., Luther, Winfred B. and Manfred.

Jane Mehitable, Edgar's mother, was one of eight children born to Hiram and Rachel Manlove
Chandler.  She was born in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, in 1844.  Her parents, Hiram (a native
of Vermont), and Rachel (from Ohio), were married in Indiana before coming to Nixon
Township in 1852.  Soon after this the county of DeWitt was organized into townships.   Hiram
Chandler was Nixon Township's first supervisor, serving from 1859 to 1863.  Rachel, his wife,
was a member of the Quaker faith until she joined the M. E. Church soon after her marriage. 
She was a woman of strong Christian character and was for 60 years a member of the M. E.
Church.  Her home was a safe and sure retreat for traveling preachers, one being Peter
Cartwright.  She, for many years a member of the Quarterly Confermce in her district,
bequeathed $500 to the Cisco M. E. Church.  Hiram Chandler and their daughter Mary died In
1862 and were the first persons to be buried in the Chandler Cemetery.

The Chandler's homeplace is now the residence of Gary and Martha Goble -- Gary is a
descendent (five generations removed) of Hiram.  Another first citizen of Nixon Township, John
Manlove (Rachel's brother) and his family resided in the house just east of Chandler's where
Harry Ernst and family now live.

Edgar O. Martin married Anna Grace Williams on February 14, 1892, in the Cisco M. E. Church. 
Grace, a daughter of Thomas B. and Sara Elizabeth Dallas Williams, was born November 4,
1871 in Platt County.  Edgar and Grace Martin settled m a farm north of Cisco, Illinois, later
moving to the Martin family farm north of Weldon.  In addition
to his farming interests, Edgar taught in the rural schools of Platt and Macon counties and later
was cashier and president of the Croninger State Bank of Cisco.  Retiring from farming after
several years they moved in 1925 to Weldon, Illinois, where Edgar operated the Weldon Grain
Company, later becoming owner of the business which was operated by him and his family until
1953. Edgar Martin died April 17, 1947, and Grace on April 27, 1950.  Edgar and Grace were
the parents of five children:  Elbert Lowell, April 18, 1893; Lora Geneva, October 16, 1894;
Marjorie 1896, died in 1904; Lotus, January 12, 1901 and Juanita, December 31, 1908.

Elbert Lowell Martin married Bertha May Conley of Farmer City, Illinois, on January 4, 1918. 
In September of 1918 he entered the Army, being assigned to the 360th Machine Gm Battalion,
also known as the "Suicide Squad." After this service he returned to his farming business near
Weldon.  In 1920 he and his family moved to the "Piper Farm" located four and one half miles
northeast of Cisco, Illinois, where they lived for thirty years.  In 1947 he assumed the
managership of the E. O. Martin Grain Company of Weldon, which position he held until 1953
when the business was sold.  He retired from farming in 1950 and moved to Decatur where he
lived for eight years.  He then built a home in Monticello, Illinois, where he and Bertha now live.
To this union seven children were born: Elbert Lowell, Jr., Oct. 16, 1918, died October 12, 1938;
Berintha LaVerne, December 5, 1920; William Edgar, January 10, 1922; Mildred Bernice,
December 5, 1923; Imogene, October 31, 1927; Mary Louise, December 25, 1932 and Phyl-
lis Joanne, December 3, 1934.

LaVerne Martin married Robert Connell of Santa Paula, California, on September 2, 1950.  'May
now live in Boise, Idaho add their children are Michael William and Patricia Ann.

William Edgar Martin married Dorothy Musick of Monticello, Illinois, on May 27, 1944.  She
later completed training as a registered nurse from Decatur and Macon County School of
Nursing, Decatur, Illinois.  William has been engaged in farming near Lane, Illinois since
graduation from high school.  William is a member of the Weldon Co-operative Grain Company,
serving 18 years.  He also has his own place and is a member of the Flying Farmers.  Dorothy
was elected "Flying Farmers' Mother of the Year" in 1956.  Dorothy has been a 4 -H leader for 14
years.  They have a "kite-flying" day for the Cub Scouts each spring.  Their adopted children are
Steven Randall, born March 31, 1955 and Bonita Kay, born December 22, 1957.

Bernice Martin graduated from the University of Illinois in 1946 and married John E. Anderson
of Vistor, New York, that year.  They have four children: David Edward, (married to Jane
Stoddard); Richard Gordon; Barbara Jan; and Diane Lynn.  The Andersons live on the Elbert
Martin homestead.  Bernice has taught Science in the DeLand-Weldon Junior High School and is
now teaching Science in the Monticello Unit Schools.

Imogene Martin married Lewis P. Smith of Monticello, Illinois, on June 2. 1946.  They have four
children; Connie Lee (married Richard Blazier); twins--Michael Paul (married Vicki Harrold)
and Martha Suzanne (married Mike Wilson; and Russell Thomas (married Sue Tedrick).  The
Smiths live southwest of DeLand, Illinois, where he operates a farm.  Lonnie has been active as a
member of the Weldon Co-operative Grain Company.

Mary Louise Martin graduated from the University of Illinois after marrying Louis E. Olivero of
Dalzell, Illinois, on November 21, 1953.  Their children are: Douglas Bryan; David Warren;
Phillip Lindsey; and Marcia.  Lou is now a practicing attorney in Peru, Illinois, where he and
Mary make their home.

Phyllis Joanne Martin graduated from Northwestern University in 1957 and after teaching for
several years, married Willis F. Nickelson of Freedom, Oklahoma, on June 19, 1960, Joanne and
Willis and their two sons--Jeffrey Scott and David Allen, and daughter, Carol, live in Omaha,
Nebraska, where Willis is consultant and Vice President of the Nutrition Chemical
Manufacturing Company of Omaha.

Lora Geneva Martin attended Illinois State Normal University at Normal, Illinois for two years
and then taught for three years in the rural schools of Platt County.  She married Roy H.
Campbell in the family home on December 25, 1915.  They farmed in the Weldon, Illinois
community for eighteen years before moving to a farm northeast of Cisco.  Following the death
of their only son, Martin, they built a new home in Weldon in 1965 and reside there.  In ad-
dition to his farming interests, Roy was President of the Weldon State Bank.  Born to this union
were: Marjorie Maxine, January 10, 1919; Wilma Ruth, October 4, 1921;
William Martin, February 4, 1928 and Carolyn Juanita, February 21, 1934.

Marjorie Maxine Campbell graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana In 1940 with a B.
S. degree in Home Economics. She earned her M. S. degree In 1946 in Home Economics
Education.  She taught Home Economics for nine years In the high schools at Stockton, Mr.
Carmel and Shebbona, Illinois.  For six years while teaching at Shabbona, she was a teacher
trainer for students from Northern Illinois State College at DeKalb.  She married Howard Poll
of Shabbona on June 15, 1948.  Howard served in the United States Army for four years, two and
a half being spent in the South Pacific.  He was discharged a Sergeant.  He and Maxine lived In
Shabbona for several years where he owned and operated a Standard Service Station.  They then
moved to a farm at the west edge of Weldon, Illinois, where they now live.  They have four
children: Ellen Elaine, born July 15, 1950; Stanley Wayne.  Jul 29. 1952; Janice Eillen,
Novemtber 22, 1954; and Marsha Kay, July 28, 1959.  Ellen graduated from Illinois State
University, Normal, in the spring of 1972 with a B: S. degree In Elementary Education.  Stanley
graduated from Parkland Junior College with an Associate degree in Farm Mechanics.  Janice
has finished a year at Parkland College, Champaign and Marsha will be a freshman at
DeLand-Weldon High School.

Wilma Ruth Campbell married Roy Gordon Goble on October 4, 1939 at her parents' home. 
Wilma has been active in the DeWitt County Homemaker's Extension Association and 4-H and
served as Superintendent of the Junior Department of the Weldon Methodist Church School. 
Gordon served several years as President of the DeWitt County Service Company.  They moved
to their present home in 1942 and continue to farm with their son. They are Roy Gary, born
March 12, 1944 and Rodney Gale, October 14, 1948.  Gary attended the University of Illinois for
a short course in Agriculture.  He is married to Martha Abby Melvin and they are the parents of
Jean Elizabeth, born July 26, 1968, and Michael Roy, born December 30, 1970.  The family lives
south of Weldon.  Gale is married to Karen Kent and they are the parents of Brandon Lee, who
was born May 22, 1972.  The Gobles live in Weldon.

Martin Campbell received his B. S. degree to Agriculture from the University of Illinois in 1950.
From April 21, 1951 until March 23, 1953 he served in the Armed Forces, spending nine moths
in Korea.  Following his discharge from service, he returned to the farm.  He never married but
lived with his parents until death took him on April 1, 1964.  Cause of his death was polysystic
kidneys and since be was hospitalized less than two weeks, death came as a real shock to his
family and friends.

Carolyn Juanita Campbell received her B. S. degree in Home Economics from the University of
Illinois in 1957.  On February 5, 1955 she married Roy J. Kleven who received his B. S. degree
In Agricultural Engineering from the University of Illinois In 1957.  From 1957 to 1959 they
lived in New Jersey, Texas and Colorado while Roy served in the United States Signal Corps
with the rank of First Lieutenant.  Upon returning from service, Roy and Carolyn moved to a
farm northwest of Weldon, where Roy farmed and worked as an electrician.  In 1965, they
moved to her parents' home place near Cisco.  Their children are: Virginia Beth, born October 5,
1956; John Andrew, born September 16, 1957, died December 27, 1965; Brigetta Marie, born
April 19, 1960: Mark Edgar, born December 19, 1961 and Philip Roy, born December 29, 1966.

Lotus Martin married George Dewey Briggs in the Martin homeplace south of Weldon, on
January 19, 1921.  Lotus and Dewey began farming in Champaign County, Illinois, near
Seymour.  After a few years they moved to the family farm, (being the third generation to
operate this farm), where Lotus still lives. Lotus has been active in the work of the Cisco
Methodist Church and Platt County Home Extension and Farm Bureau Women's Committee. 
Dewey died January 18, 1970.  He served in the Army during World War I and was very active
in church work. the Platt County Farm Bureau and Cisco Fire Protection District.  Dewey had
also served as vice president of the Weldon State Bank, Lotus and Dewey are parents of: Georgia
Marguerite, Jane 25, 1923; Betty Louise, November 24, 1925; Audra Janet, April 27, 1929;
Roger Erwin, October 7, 1930; and Miriam Fay, November 25, 1936.

Georgia Briggs served in the USNR (W) from 1943 to 1946.  She and Robert Junior Mills were
married in the Cisco Methodist Church In December 1948, being the third sister to be married In
the church that year.  Robert served in the Army during World War II and was recalled for the
Korean conflict.  Georgia is secretary for Ruder Implement Company in Manteno, Illinois, where
Robert is the Vo-Ag teacher.  Their children are Fay Ellen (married to Bishnu Shitaula) and
Marvin Roy.

Betty Louise Briggs graduated from the University of Illinois in 1947 and married another
graduate of the University of Illinois -- William Morton Abbott of Fulton, Illinois, in 1948. Born
to this union are: Linda Carol (married to Dan Buffington); Charles John; Alfred Robert; and
Louis Dewey.  Besides operating the farm on which they live in Whiteside County, Illinois. 
Betty is a data processing clerk at Corn Products, Clinton, Iowa and William is a deputy

Audra Briggs married Carroll Eugene Gowler in 1948 after Gene had served with the army in
Japan during World War II.  Audra and Gene live and farm south of Weldon.  Their children are:
Carol Jean (married to John Drayton); Sandra Kay (married to Christopher Wright); Vicki Sue;
Patsy Lee (married to John Frederick Whitlock); and Lisa Ann.

Roger Briggs served two years in the United States Marine Corps and married Gertrude Massey
on October 9, 1952.  Roger and Gertie live and farm south of Weldon with their four children:
Amalie Marlene; Randall Roger; Gregory Douglas; and Scott Wayne.  Roger has been active on
the board of the Cisco Co-operative Grain Company and the Argenta School Board.

Miriam Briggs, after attending Brown's Business College in Decatur, Illinois, married Stanley
Lee Seevers on May 13, 1956.  Miriam and Stanley live in their country home southwest of
Weldon with their three children.  Janece Lynn; Jodi Leanne; and Jonathan Lee.  Stanley is a
millwight working in Decatur Illinois.

Juanita Martin taught the home school, Prospect, south of Weldon in Platt County, where she
and her brother and her sisters had attended and where her father, sister Geneva and Uncle
Winfred had taught.  After graduating from the University of Illinois in 1932 she taught English
for two years at Nixon Township High School.  On January 6, 1940 she married John Caleb
Kriegsman of Pekin, Illinois.  John served In the Armed Forces during World War II and was
a major at the time of his discharge.  Besides operating and owning the Kriegsman Transfer
Company. John is presently serving as a state representative from the 45th District.  Juanita and
John have three sons: John Martin; James; and Richard. The sons are all involved with the
family storage add transfer business In Pekin, Illinois. Kriegsman Transfer is in partnership with
Crown Pacific, Ltd., in Hong Kong where James is living and managing the business.

Beryl Moody Family

Beryl Moody was born east of Weldon on Jane 2, 1925 on the old Emma Halcom place. 
He is the son of Dudley and Tennie Moody.  He has a sister, Lucille, living and a sister,
Lela, deceased.  The family lived at the Halcom place two years and then moved to
Wapella where they lived a year before moving southwest of Weldon on the Than
Hendricks place where they resided seven years.  They moved to Rowell, Illinois for a
year, then back southwest of Weldon where Beryl finished grade school at the Lincoln
School and graduated from Weldon High School in 1942.  After graduation, he attended
a welding trade school in Decatur and did custom welding for farmers at a welding shop
at home.

In September of 1945 he married JoAnn Anderson, daughter of Robert and Kathryn
Anderson of Decatur.  For 28 years they have lived on a farm northwest of Weldon where
they have farmed.  Beryl also started working at Revere in 1957.

Their oldest son Ernest D. Moody was born October 19, 1948.  He attended Weldon
Methodist Church, Weldon Grade School and graduated from Deland-Weldon High
School in 1966.  He then attended the University of Illinois for three years, then went into
the Army Reserves in October of 1969.  After five months training at Augusta, Georgia
he arrived home in March 1970 returning to the University for his last year of college. 
He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture and attended weekend Army
Reserve meetings in Decatur.
Upon receiving his degree, he was the youngest man ever chosen to work for the Federal
Land Bank where he started on September 14, 1970 in St. Louis.  His first few months
were spent traveling throughout Illinois and parts of Missouri studying different land
types and values, then on February 1, 1971 he became an associate manager at Ottawa,
Illinois and trained for manager which became effective on March 1, 1971 where he is
still with the Federal Land Bank at Ottawa.

The second son, Roger D. Moody, was born June 7, 1950.  He attended the Weldon
Methodist Church, Weldon Grade School and DeLand-Weldon High School graduating
in 1968.  He married Mary Ann Kemp from Clinton on Jane 29,1968.  They have a
daughter, Angela Kay, who is four and a son, Chad Brian, who was born July 18, 1973. 
They live at 316 East Julio. Street in Clinton.  Roger is a tire builder at Firestone plant In

The  third son, Larry, was born September 14, 1953.  He attended Weldon Methodist
Church, Weldon Grade School and graduated from DeLand-Weldon High School in
1971.  He will graduate in June 1973 from Parkland College in Champaign, majoring in
agriculture supply.

Thelma J. Moody, their first daughter, was born on August 8, 1956.  She attends Weldon
Methodist Church, attended Weldon Grade School and Is now a junior at
DeLand-Weldon High School.  She is employed evenings at the Farmer City Nursing

Janet S. Moody, the youngest daughter, was born May 14, 1959.   She attends Weldon
Methodist Church, attends DeLand-Weldon Grade School where she is in the 8th grade
and will start high in the fall.

Isaac Shinneman Family

Isaac Shinneman was born in 1834 In Wayne County, Ohio.  He came to Illinois in the early 1850's.  
He married Mary Rusk, a daughter of Nathan and Margaret Rusk.

They had 40 acres, 1/2 mile north and one mile east of Weldon, that they had acquired on a
patent from the United States of America in 1854.  Isaac and Mary bought the 40 acres and made 
their home here where they raised their family of six children: John, Charles, Emma, Milo 
Jesse, Otto and Harter L. The family of Roy Shinneman still own this land where Elmer and Leafy 
Shinneman presently live.

M. J. married Martha Ellen Baker and they spent their life in and around Weldon where they 
raised five children:  Roy, Orval, Cecil, Clarence and Vern.  A sixth son, Bly, died when he 
was two.  The five sons made Weldon their home and raised their families here.

Roy married Edna Moody.  They had five children: Marie, Elmer, Carl, Helen and Wilbur.  Elmer 
lives here, Carl in Peoria and Helen in Hobart, Indiana.  Edna still lives in Weldon.  Gloria 
Axtell, a granddaughter; Kathy Twist, a great-granddaughter; and Damon Twist, a great great-
grandson, also live here.  Damon is the eighth generation from Rusks and sixth generation 
from Cicero Twist.

Orval married Maude Watson.  They had five children:  Floy, Dale, Phyllis, Phyllis and Zoey. 
Phyllis married Jubert Lisenby and they still live in Weldon.  Their son, Philip, married 
Patricia Brinkman and they have a daughter, Janet, and reside in Weldon.  Phyllis lives in 
Moline.  Zoey lives in Bloomington.

Cecil married Edythe Goble.  They had four children:  Lyle, Loyd, Dean and Ray.  Ray died 
before his second birthday.  Cecil married Elva Kidder after Edythe passed away.  They are 
retired and still live here.  Loyd married Gwendolyn Quinn and had one son, Alan.  Loyd is 
Postmaster and he and Gwen still live here.  Lyle lives in West Lafayette, Indiana.  Dean 
lives In Lake Forest, Illinois.

Clarence married Bonnie Edwards.  They had two children: T. J. and Martha.  T. J. married Faye
Swearingen and had a daughter, Marcita.  T. J. and Faye still live here.  Martha married Harold 
Fritts and lives near Lane, Illinois.

Vern married Florence McKown.  They had two children:  S'monne and Gretchen.  Vern and Florence
are retired and make their home here.  S'monne lives at Lexington, Illinois.

Orvil Shinneman Family

Orval Shinneman was born at Weldon, Illinois on April 17, 1838, the son of Milo Jesse and Martha
Ella (Baker) Shinneman.  He was the grandson of Isaac Shinneman.  He attended Twist School, 
west of town, as a boy.

He married Leila Maude Watson. daughter of Joseph and Hattie Watson of Lane, Illinois, on 
August 9, 1911.  They were the parents of five children: Floy, Dale, Phyllis, Phyllis and Zoe.

Floy married William Jordan of Cisco and they were the parents of a son, Joe Jordan.

Dale married Mellie ONeal of LeRoy and they had three children: David, Carmen and Susan.

Phyllis married Hubert Lisenby of Weldon and they are the parents of two children: Philip and 

Zoe married Delmar Kirk of DeWitt and they had two children: Barbara and James.

Phylita is not married.

Joe Jordan married Coral Broddy for his first wife and they had two children: Tommy Joe and Amy
Marie.  After her death he married Betty Middleton, who had two sons:  Daniel and Michael.

David Shinneman married Sonya Stillman of Normal and they had four children: Douglas, Sherri,
Shelley and Brad.

Carmen Shinneman married Fred Jeisy and they are the parents of two children: Brenda and Peter.

Susan Shinneman is not married.

Philip Lisenby married Patricia Brinkman and they have a daughter, Janet Sue.

Karen Lisenby married Don Fugate and they have two children: Lynn and Deanna.

Barbara Kirk married Britt Woodmore.

James Kirk is not married.

Maude Shinneman passed away in 1968, Orval passed away in 1973, Dale passed away in 1970 and
Floy passed away in 1971.
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