INC. 1875-1975 SEPT. 5, 6&7, 1975

Eli and Nancy Scott Halsey were among many of the early settlers of 
Waynesville, having farmed since 1838.  They were the parents of 15 
children, among them Ira Halsey.  Ira married Ida Hayes and they also 
farmed.  They were the parents of Marion who married Martha Wikle.  
They had one son Carl Bryan who was married to Anna Mae Ruble (now 
deceased) and they resided near Waynesville.  They were the parents of 
eight childern; Joseph now deceased.

Carmen married Everett Mearida from Wapella.  There are two children.
Sherlyn and Judy, who married Jerome (Diz) Finger.  They still live in 
Wapella and their children are married and have five children.

Carlyle Bryan was born July 9, 1922 and attended school here.  He entered
service in 1942 and married Mabel Thompson June 4, 1944.  Carlyle died 
Sept. 16, 1974 and is buried at Evergreen Cemetery.  His wife lives in 
Waynesville at their home place.  The children are married and there are 
now six grandchildren.  Carlyle was a brick mason by trade.

Glenn married Wilma McRoberts from Atlanta and they had five children.  
Sandra, Linda Kay, Michael, Ricky Jan and Karen.  There are seven 
grandchildren and Glenn is still in Atlanta.

Donald never married and died April 16, 1966.  He was remembered by many 
as "Oozie".  

Mary Halsey married Ernest Charles Rich, better known as "Sonny" from 
Waynesville.  They had seven children:  Danny married "Boo" Sampson and 
is currently in the Navy in Virginia.  They have three children.  Mary 
Etta married Jackie Huth and have two children.  Brenda married Randy Baker,
who lives in rural Waynesville and has two children. David is still at home; 
Duane is deceased. Susan married Paul Gordon from McLean and has three 

Melva Halsey married Donald Neaville from Mt. Pulaski and resides there 
with their two sons Chris Todd and Brian Dale.

Ira (Tommie) married Virginia Duvall Dec. 17, 1965 from Clinton.  They 
reside in Waynesville and have one son Brett Michael, at home.  Virginia 
is the Village Clerk of Waynesville.  Tommie’s father makes his home with 
this son, having moved from the farm in 1934.

Mr. Halsey had 20 grandchildren and 27 great grandchildren.  Two grandsons 
are deceased.  They are Gary Carlyle, son of Carlyle and Mabel Halsey and 
Ernest Duane, son of Ernest and Mary Rich.
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