Information from Homepage of Bill Halsey.
Dick Halsey's Homepage.
Mostly from Colonial Families of Long Island, New York and Connecticut by
Herbert F. Seversmith

Notes on Thomas Halsey Jr.

The first record of Thomas is in 1644 when he is included on a whaling list
of Southampton on Long Island. He contributed 2 shillings, 6 pence in 
February 1656 towards recompensing Mr. Goldsmith for the loss the latter 
had suffered by fire. In 1657 he was called one of the eastern men, which 
would seem to indicate that he was living at Mecox. However, maps of 
Southampton prepared by George Rogers Howell indicate that Thomas Halsey 
Junior lived in Southampton village on the main street and on the west 
side, near the town pond and between the homes of Thurston and Jonathan 
Raynor. The property so tentatively described was south of the homestead 
of his father and on the other side of Horsemill lane. 

Thomas was assessed in January 1665 to pay his share of the purchase of 
Quaquanantuck; was on a list of the town in 1666 and was chosen grand 
juryman 1 April 1685. He was listed in the estimate of 1683 on a valuation 
of 411 pounds, 16 shillings and 8 pence. 

His will dated 3 August 1688 was proved 16 January 1689. Thomas had died, 
therefore near the end of the year 1688. He was buried allededly in the 
Hay Ground graveyard at Bridgehampton, NY. 	
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