Secation 34, Township 20, Range 2-1846
Clinton, DeWitt County, IL

Inscriptions by Dewitt County Geealogical Society
Book "f", Page 350 - March 1, 1849, Recorded June 26, 1850

John J. McGraw to:
he Governor of the State of Illinois and his successors in office; Grant, bargain, alien
and confirm the following described lot of ground or parcel of land situte in the County
and State aforesaid being a part of the NE 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of Section 34, in Twp 20 N
R 2 E and bound as follows to wit, Commencing at the SW corner of the Grave Yard N 8
Poles to a white Oak 5 In dia, E10 Poles to White Hickory 6 in dia., S 8 Rods to a stake;
W to beginning. Together with all the privileges and appurtenances to the same
belonging or in anywise appertaining unto the aforesaid inhabitants of Dewitt county
forever which lot of ground or parcel of 

                     John J. McGraw acknowledge
                      March 1, 1849 before John Warner
                      Clerk of Cir. Court, Dewitt Co. Ills.

                      with seal signatures, John J. McGraw
Land is to be appropriated by the said inhabitants of Dewitt County for the purpose of
a burying ground and for no other purpose for which purpose the said John J McGraw
and his heirs and assigns forever of all persons or person whomsoever.

Acon (Acom), Freddie H. No dates      		Bennett, (cont.) 
   son M.A. & M.                               	  Margaret. dau. I.C.
   Maggie,(rest illegible)                           d. Sept. 23, 1851-ae 10m 7d
     possibly same as above
                                         	Bidwell, (?), Clara, dau I.&
Back, James W.M., son A.J. & M.                   M.J.(?) 
     d. June 14, 1851-ae 7 y                         No dates
  Andrew J.
     d. Dec. 21, 1855-ae 33-5-19                Bird, John T.
                                                     d. Aug. 25, 1847-ae 39 y
Bell, Bernard W., son J.W. & Susan
     d. 1855-ae 2-2-3                           Boyd, Almira, w. M.W.
  John                                               d.Aug. 30, 1853
     d. Apr. 25, 1861-ae71-8-10                   Wm. Gray, son M.W.
  Sarah, w. John                                     d.____,ae 1y-9m 12d
     d.June 11, 1870-ae 81y                       Dr. Robert
Bennett, Zerelda, w. I.C.
     d. July 21,1881-55-2-4      		Brown, Wm.             No dates
                                                     very old stone
  George, son I.C.                                Jane, w. Henry
     d. May 20, 1838                                 d. June 24,1871-ae 68y
  Sarah, dau. I.C.                                Sarah Jane, W. James S.
     d. May 20,1881-ae 20y 7d                        d. Dec. 19,1853-ae 21y                    
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Campbell, Charley L.,son W.C.& A.M.       	D____, Asher Milo      
     No dates                                        No dates
  Christina, dau. B. & R.                 
     d. Sept. 6, 1856                           DeLay, Julia A. dau. L. & K.
  Ellen, dau John                                    d. Feb. 2,1860-ae 3m 18d
     d. Dec.14,1852                               Zimry, C., son L. & K.
  Lewis, son P.C. ?m                                 d. Aug.6,1858
  Elizabeth (Anna M.),w, W.C.                	  Ann, w., James
     d. Oct.23,1858-ae 33y                           d. Jan.25,1856-ae 48-1-19
  Helen C. dau. J.J. & S.C.
        No dates                      		Dickerson, Nellie
  John                                               d. Jan.25,1860-ae 20y 11m
     d. Aug.11,1856                          	  Eugene, Son M.
                                                     d. July 2,1857-ae 1-4-11
                                                     (N.E. corner--over fence)
Carlock, Isac
     b. 1782-d.Mar.16,1818-ae36y         	Dye, Mar_Anna, dau A.M. & C.
   Isaac                                             d. Nov.24,1853-ae 3-11-4
     d. Sept.2,1843-ae 50 y 9m        
   Mary, w. Isaac                      		  Elder, William M., son J.B. & L.
     d. Mar.16,1848-ae 36y 22d                       d. Oct.28,1851
   Sidney, son H.L.
     d. Mar. 1,1818-ae 14-9-9d           	Farrelly, Patric_
                                                     d. June 13,1854-ae 22y
Carroll, Thomas
     d. Oct.2,1867-ae 26-1-18            	Fisher, Jane, w. J.
  Thomas, son Thomas                                 d. Jan.10,1880-ae 34-5-18
     d. July 9,1859-ae 2-1-7
                                          	Flynn, Wm. C. son J.J.& H.S.
Cary, Elizabeth, dau. D. & C.                        No dates
      d. Apr. 15, 1818-ae 9-8-20
   Frank, son L.& M.                      	Gaby, Lucinda, dau, D. & C.
      d. Aug.9,1856-ae 3-9-4                         d. Mar. 16,1853

Clark, Louis P., son P. & C.              	Gandy, Frankie E., dau A. & T.
      No dates                                       No dates

Costello, John                            	Garton, Martha, w. D.W.
      Co L 14 Ill. Inf. Civil War                    No dates
      d. Sept. 17,1863-ae 22-6-16
                                            	  Gary, David
Cousins, Wm.                                	     b.Ohio-d.Sept.15,1858-ae 48y 14d
      Co.A 145 Ill. Inf.                          Elizabeth, dau D. & K. 
      d. Jan. 16, 1900                               d. Apr.15,1848-ae18-9-2
                                                  Amina, dau. D. & K.
Cramer, Henry, son M.                                stone broken
      d. Aug.10,1862-ae 1 y 5m                    Ann C., dau D.& K.
                                                     d. Apr.22,1848-ae 4y 21d
Cushman, George R.                                Sarah M., dau. D. & K.
      d. Mar. 18,1853                                d.Apr.27,1848-ae 10y 11m
                                                  Helen M., dau. D. & L. (?
Cushmand, Adora A.                                   d. Feb. 19.1850
      d. Jan.7,1851-ae 2-6-17                        ae 10m 20d 
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Gatchell, William S.                         	Lafferty,George
      son H.S. & M.J.                         	     d. Nov.12,1860-ae 67-5-12
      d. Oct.22,1865-ae 5m 12d             	  Elizabeth, w. George
                                                     d. July 5,1861-ae 68y 22d
Gideon, George W., son, E. ae 1m         
   Wm. G., son __, ae 1y 9m             	Lewis, W., W.  No dates
                                                     Prudence, w Wm. 1820-19__
Grant, Charles H., son V.V. 
      d. Apr.30,1852-ae 11m                  	Martin, Owen
                                                     d. Feb.18,1869-ae 59y
Greenville, Wm., son J.S. & S.             	  William, son J.W. d. Oct.2,1856
      d. 1854              (Brown)                Sarah, w. J.W. 
                                                     d.Sept.18,1863-ae 30-10-25
Hall, Elizabeth, w. Gaswell                	  Susanne, w. J.F. No dates
      d. Oct.17,1853-ae 32y                	  William   ae 10y

Hampleman, George R. son D.H.& S.       	McAboy, Martha, w.  David
      d. Oct,27,1851-ae 7y                     	     d. Nov.2,1861-ae 58y 25d
                                                  John T., son J.S.
Hartsock, Philip C. son D. & E.               	     d. Dec.27,1859-ae 10y
      d. Dec.20,1858-ae 21y                    	  Mary M., dau J.S.   d.1860
                                                  Benjamin, son J.S.
Hendrick, Clara B., dau John & Mary           	     d.Oct.3,1865
      d. Oct. 7,1856-ae 1y 8m                     Laurabelle, dau J.S.
                                                     d. Jan.4,1860
Hood, Sarrah, w. D.S.          
      d. Jan.17,1849-ae 26y                	McKinney, Charles M., son W.W.
   Harriet, dau.__ae 12y                             d. June 21,1853-ae 1-9-11
                                                  Zaceriah T., son__
                                                     d. July 30.1849-ae 29-2-3
Hopper, Mary, dau J.D.                            John C. son W.W.- d.Nov.18,1850
      d. Dec.21,1866-ae 2-4-12                    F_iness(b?)feb.12.1819-ae 31-9-1
                                                  Martha        No dates
Housley, Annie A., w R.A.
      d. Sept.17,1870              		McMurray, Corpl S.B. No dates
                                                     20th Ill. Inf.
Huntsley, D.A.__d.1850
                                        	Miller, Gurency, son S.A.
Johnson, Mary, dau C.L. & S.                         d. June 18,1865-ae 1-2-3
      d. Oct.27,1866-ae 1m                     	  Charles S., son J.A. No dates

Justice, Amanda, dau S. & S,                	Mills,Caroline, dau S.A.
      d. Aug.15,1853                                 d. July 18,1852-ae 1-11-19
   Phebe E., dau S. & S.
      d. Aug.15,___                             Miskely, Sarrah, dau S.
                                                     d. Dec.12,1854
Kirby, John  d.Mar.16,1851-ae 29y                 
                                             	Morrison, Isaac C.
Knadler, Thom J., son G.W. & E.                      d. Mar.20,1861-ae-69y 10m
      d. Apr.30,1852-ae 1-2-3                	  Sarah, w.Isaac d.Nov.19,1865

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Percy, Sylvanie                           	Steel, Elizabeth, w James                    
     d. Sept.3,1879-ae 62-1-25                 	     d. Aug.31,1852-ae 86-6-16

Phares, Infant son R.H. & C.A.            	Stout, Maria & Harvey
     d. 1851-ae 10m 20d                        	     Ch. Jesse & Eliza

Rathborn, Aaron, son E.M.                 	Swords, Mary Ann, w S.L.
     d. Oct.16,1852                            	     d. Aug.11,1853-ae 38-11-9

Richards, Eli                             	Taylor, Sophia, w D.W.
     d. May 4,1859-ae 12-8-26                 	     d. Nov.17,1854-ae 52y                 

Ritter, Leander K.,son C. & H.            	Waller, Alice, dau Rev.E.L. & C.
     d.Oct 9,1854-ae 11-2-20                   	     No dates
                                                     Sons of Rev. E.L. & C. No dates
Robinson, William, son H. & S.E.
     d. 0ct.5,1857                           	Whitemore, Harmony                  
                                                     d. Oct.19,1856-ae 68y
Smallwood, Mary Ann, w. G.
     d, Mar,25,1866-ae 43-11-12           	Williams, Sarrah A. w A.G.
                                                     d. Apr. 14,1864-ae 33y
Smith, Mertis, dau T.W. & Z.A.
     d. Nov.1, 1858-ae 1-9-11             	Williams, Alexander
                                                     b. Mar.21,1771
  Reamer, son C.C. & H.M.                            d. Sept.18,1851-ae 81-6-3
     d. Sept.20,1852-ae 1y 19d                	Sidney, w  Alexander 
  Rev. Richard P., died 1851                         (Creal)
  Pumy, dau C.C. & H.M.                              b.1785-d.1852
     d. July 15,1858-ae 5m 2d
                             			Wright, Ira
Spalding, Jesse B.,son  J. & S.                      d.Mar. 2,1861-ae 1-8-4
     d. June 1, 1856-ae 8-2-20                   
  Emily, dau J. & S.
     d. Jan. 30,1856-ae 10m 6d
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