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The following article appeared in the 20 October 1899 issue of the Clinton Register.

GOLDEN WEDDING.  Mr. and Mrs. Richard Buchanan Celebrated Their 50th Wedding Anniversary 

One of the most enjoyable social events that has taken place in Kenney for sometime occurred
Wednesday at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Buchanan, it being their 50th wedding 
anniversary .... The day was all that could be wished for, Mrs. Buchanan saying it reminded her
very much of their wedding day.  A feast ... was spread and served in three courses.  Just 
before dinner a letter from H. W. Spilman was read .... A number of valuable and useful presents
were received ....

Mr. and Mrs. Buchanan were married in Muskingum county, Ohio, October 18, 1849 and moved to 
this county 35 years ago.  They have seen the ups and downs of life, yet have lived to stem the
waves of adversity and possess several hundred acres of fine land near Kenney to keep them in 
their old age.  Seven children were born to them, six of them living and all present, Elmer 
dying in infancy.  Besides his ... children he has 28 grandchildren and  6 great grand children.
Those present to enjoy the occasion were his children Mrs. Clara Bailey, of Bolivar, Mo.; L.
Buchanan and family, John Buchanan and family; Mrs. H. W. Spilman, of Milton, Iowa; Mrs. Henry
Isaac, Mrs. Wm.  Fort, Mrs. W. D. Riley, son Gilbert and daughter Anna, of Wapella; Mrs. M. J.
Soverence, of Sumner, Mo.; Wm.  Riley and family of Wapella; Ed Riley and family, of Heyworth;
Ham Riley and wife, of Petersburg; G. F. Huffman and wife, of Galesville; Mr. and Mrs. B. 
Nesbitt, J. T. Lane and wife, Mrs. Tribbet, J. H. Lane and family, Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Edwards,
Wm. Fort and Henry Isaac and children.  The afternoon was spent in social conversation and all
departed in the evening wishing Mr. and Mrs. Buchanan many more years of happiness.


The following article appeared in the 2 February 1900 issue of the Clinton Register.

MARRIED SIXTY-FOUR YEARS.  A Texas Township Couple Have Shared Each Others Joys 
and Troubles a Long Time.

Last week the REGISTER told of a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Story, of Bloomington parents of W. D. Story, 
of this city, who had been married nearly 64 years.  As DeWitt county never allows itself outdone, we 
have a couple to report who have trod life's path together for over 64 years, and no doubt will celebrate 
many more anniversaries of their marriage together.  Their united ages are [1721 years, one having been 
born in 1814 and the other in 1816.

This aged and honored couple are Mr. and Mrs. Eason [Johnson], who live less than a mile south of 
Clinton, their home being on the township line between Clintonia and Texas townships.  This giving Mr. 
[Johnson] the privilege of selecting the township in which to vote, he those Texas.  He was born in 
Providence, R. 1. Aug. 13,1814.  When he was three years old he induced his parents to "go West," 
and they moved to Ohio in 1817, settling in Champaign county.  Dec. 17,1835, he was married to 
Miss Alice Calendar, who was born in Ohio, Dec. 25, 1816.  Of nine children born to them only 
five are living, and none of them are at the old home.  Mr. and Mrs. Johnson being left in their 
home as they began married life over 64 years ago--alone.  The children living are Amos, at 
Canyon City, Col., until recently a resident of Barton county, Kan.; Ira, at Selma, Ore.; Mrs. 
C. K. Zorger, Mrs. J. M. Kirk, and Joseph E. of Clinton.

In 1856 Mr. Johnson came to Illinois, but soon returned to Ohio where he remained until the spring of 
1859 when he moved to Texas, expecting to engage in stock raising; but he left there the following fall, 
coming to DeWitt county.  The trip to Texas cost him about $2,000.  Perhaps this loss so filled him with 
love for that state that he located in Texas township where he has since resided.  The land he bought then 
and still owns he bought of Col.  Snell for $40 an acre.  His present home was built in 1865.

Mr. Johnson, as a boy, did not have the opportunities for education that children now have.  He attended 
school in a log school house with greased paper for window lights.  His life has not been as eventful as 
some, but he can relate many interesting happenings of pioneer life.  His first vote in Illinois was cast for 
Lincoln and he has since been a Republican.  He has now exceeded his father, Joseph Johnson, who 
died in Clinton aged 83, in age three years, yet he is one of the most active men of his years to be found.

Mr. and Mrs. J. T. SNELL


The following account appeared in the 6 February 1874 issue of The Clinton Register.

WOODEN WEDDING.--Wednesday evening last was the fifth anniversary of the wedding of Mr. and Mrs.
J. T. SNELL, and in response to invitations on bird's-eye-maple cards, a large number of their
friends assembled at their residence to congratulate them upon having safely "got through the
woods" of matrimony.  As is usual upon such occasions, the host and hostess were the 
recipients of a number of gifts of wooden ware, among which we noted--a huge hickory maul and 
wedge, on which was inscribed "presented in behalf of the Clintonia Farmers' Club; a complete 
wooden four-bladed pen-knife, by j. Q. ADAMS; monogram, A. L. FOOTE; slippers, M. M. DE LEVIS;
saw-horse, W. R. KELLEY; cake stand and cake, W. L. GLESSNER; box of tooth picks, F. M. 
BURROUGHS; churn, W. 0. FORD; spoon,  Miss Emma ROBBINS; potato masher, Miss Ella RUCKER; 
necklace of button molds, C. H. DENNETT; napkin rings, Mrs. W. L. GLESSNER; rake, C. J. 
WOODWARD; mammoth razor, M. M. DE LEVIS; goblet, C. E. ROSS; comb, Mrs. M. M. DE LEVIS; lemon 
squeeze, H. KATZ; toilet box, J. T. MILLER; bouquet holder, A. L. FOOTE; bowl, F. K. ROBBINS;
butter mold, A. MAHAN; potato masher, Frank HAYNIE; scoop and butter stamp, A. V. LISENBY;
spoon, Miss Mary STONE; hanging basket, Miss Callie CROSLEY; comb rack, E. KENT; paper rack, 
S. F. LEWIS; set of toy furniture, J. T. HAND.  There were also a carving knife, pails, bowls,
steak ponder, match safe, towel roller, combs scrubbing brushes, and a number of other articles,
the donors of which we were unable to learn.  Everything passed off very pleasantly, the guests
dispersing themselves in the ball-room, parlors and library, as their tastes inclined, and all
retired expressing the wish that the "silver" and "golden" anniversaries of the wedding day of 
Mr. and Mrs. SNELL would find them as happy as at this, their "wooden wedding."
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