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The following Bible Record was brought to our attention by Mrs. Grace Miller, whose daughter, 
Mrs. Chet Mears, allowed Fern Briggs to photocopy it and permission for it to be published.

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments, Translated Out of the Original Tongues;
and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised.  New York: American Bible 
Society, 1861.



Abraham K. Miller and Rebecca J. Welch were married the 14, March 1844
Allen Spainhour and Emmeline Miller were married.  Sep. the 13, 1866
Thomas R. Miller and Margarett Glenn were married Nov. the 13, 1869
William Brown and Mary M. Miller were married June the 10, 1874
Abraham K. Miller and Lovina and J. Bennett were married Aug 12,1884
Edward A. Miller and Sallie Hogge were married 21 (or 29?) of March 1811 (or 1812?)
Eligah P. Miller and Mary C. Cowell were Married November 13, 1892
Edward North and Nora Miller were married December 30, 1891


Abraham K. Miller was born Feb the 21, 1822
Rebecca J. Miller was born July the 5, 1824
Elizabeth Ann Miller was born Dec Wed the 11, 1844
Thomas R. Miller was born Oct Wed the 15,1845
Nancy A. Miller was born Feb 5,1848
Sara E. Miller was born Wed  Jan 11, 1850
Mara M. Miller was born Mar the 3, 1852
Margaret E. Miller was born Wed May the 9, 1855
John H. Miller was born Sep the 12 Fri 1857
Cynthia E. Miller was born Thur Dec the 14, 1860
Abraham K. Miller was born  Fri July the 17, 1862
Edward A. Miller was born Wed Oct the 12, 1864
Rebecca J. Miller was born Thur Nov the 23, 1866
Bligah P. Miller was born Dec Fri 6, 1867
Nora Miller was born Fri Mar the 3 1871
Lizzie Brown was born Saturday Jan 28, 1876
Rebecca J. Brown was born Mon March the 15, 1880
Otis Adalai North was born Dec 19, 1892
Abraham K. Miller was born Nov 20, 1893
Martha R. Miller was born March the 8, 1901


Elizabeth A. Miller Died Sun  Jan the 5, 1845
Margaret E. Miller Died Thur  Nov 16, 1856
John H. Miller died July Thur 25, 1861
Rebecca P. Miller died Fri Feb 23, 1867
Cynthia E. Miller died Wed Mar the 11, 1868
Abraham K. Miller died Dec Fri 28, 1884
Otis Adalai North Died Sunday Feb 18, 1894
Abraham K. Miller died Nov 1905
Rebecca J. Miller died May 1899
Nancy A. Miller died March 1905
Elijah P. Miller passed away May 24, 1935


The following Bible record was submitted by Dr. F. Paul Schilling, 2240 Paloma Street, Pasadena,
CA 91104.


J. H. Preston was born March 6, 1837
Sarah A. Preston was born Feb. 4, 1847
Mary E. Preston was born Nov. 21, 1866
Sefrona Belle Preston was born March 28, 1869
Harry Willfer Preston was born Aug. 2, 1871
Nellie Victory Preston was born Sept. 18, 1873
Theadosiant Preston was corn July 7, 1876
Henry E. Preston was born Oct. 11, 1878
Daisy A. Preston was born June 1, 1881
Guy M. Preston was born November 7, 1884
William Otis Preston was born November 24, 1887


James H. Preston and Sarah A. Parker was married at Bloomington in the year of our Lord 1866 
January 18.
Mary E. Preston and Frank A. Purvis was married this 8th day of December 1883.
Sefroney B. Preston was married to J. J. Pennington March 28, 1888.
T. Alice Preston and Elmer Kuykendall was married the 27th day of Oct. 1895
Harry Willfer Preston and Josie C. Hallihan was married the 18th day of March 1903.
Henry E. Preston and Sarah E. Michels was married the lst day of December 1903.


James H. Preston died Aug. 5th 1898.
Mary E. Preston Purvis died July 1, 1900
T. Alice Preston Kuykendall died July 3, 1912
Sarah Anna Parker Preston died March 23, 1930
Daisy A. Preston died December 27, 1933
S. Belle Preston Pennington died August 9, 1943
William Q. Preston died November 24, 1946
Harry Willfer Preston died May 10, 1957
Nellie Victory Preston died July 21, 1957
Henry Edgar Preston died January 23, 1958
Guy M. Preston died January 6, 1968
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