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Contributed by Mildred Sturgeon

Register of Births

Sarah E. Barger was born August 14, 1866.
George W. Barger was born December 2, 1870.
James W. Barger was born July 10, 1889.
Fred F. Barger,  July 10, 1891.
Albertie L. Berger, Oct. 23, 1892.
Anna M. Barger, July 19, 1894.
Jacob K. Barger, November 23, 1896.
John E. Barger, Feb. 22, 1898.
Sarah J. Barger, Jan. 8, 1901.
Infant of S. E. & G. W. Berger, May 18, 1902.
Charley H. Barger, August 8, 1903.
Ralph S. Barger Jan. 8, 1906.
Myrtle Louise Barger, November 7, 1905.
Selvey Rose Barger was born Janury the 2, l9ll*

Register of Marriages

George W. Barger and Sarah Bodkin was married July the 19, 1890
William Barger &  Myrtle Tuttle was married July 6, 1909
Annie Barger and Robert Gilum was married December the 25, 1912
Fred Barger and May Workman was married April 10, 1915
John Baxger and Anna Hall was married October the 19, 1919
Sarah Jane Barger and Guss Workman was married October the 21, 1919

* Sylria Rose Barger was the mother of Milred (Cook) Sturgeon, the
contributor of these records.


Contributed by Mrs. Harriet Griffin                                                                      Clinton, IL 61727


Vachell M.              		Nov. 30th 1859
Cora B. Best            		Sep. 14th 1867
Loyd D. l@-t            		May 26th 1887
Ned B.                  		Mar. 6th 1889
Mattie M. Best        			Nov. 14th 1890
Ulah F. -Pest           		Mar. 10th 1895
James Y. Best           		Aug. 5th 1905

Vachel Turner Best			April 14, 1918
Harriett Belle Best     		May 5, 1913
Stephen Lynn Best       		April 26, 1947
John Lloyd Griffin      		May 13, 1944
Marla Ruth Griffin (Elderton) 		August 25, 1949
Sarah Joan Griffin      		May 1, 1953
Jay Lloyd Griffin       		January 17, 1971
Shawn Nichol Griffin    		January 22, 1976
Amy Jeannette Elderton  		April 69 1977
Kimberly Anne Best      		August 20, 1975


Cora B. Best Feb 3, 1940     		Burial   Hillsboro N. Dak.
V. M. Best Dec. 18, 1929        	Burial   Hillsboro N. Dak.
J. L. Best Dec. 3l, 1954        	Clinton, Illinois
Ned B. Best Aug. 7, 1963        	Clinton, Illinois
Loyd D. Best Oct. 27, 1960    		Phoenix, Arizona
James Keith Best Nov. 4, 1965   	Enterprise, Oregon
Mattie Mae Best West Feb. 25, 1980 	Cremated in Oregon

Mildred Riddle Best June 11, 1975       Phoenix, Ariz.
(wife of Loyd Best)

Nola J. Best July 16, 1981              Clinton, Illinois
(wife of Ned Best)

Vachel T. Best July 18, 1981            Clinton, Illinois
(son of Ned & Nola Best)

Winter 1984	Page 115

The following records were donated to us by Mrs. Dorothy N. Eble, 806 Ponca Drive, 
Independence, MO 64056.  She obtained them from a Bible in the possession of Julia Eble 
Olson, Pomeroy, IA.  Anton and Mary Ann Eble were Mrs. Eble's husbandís great-grandparents. 
No publishing information about the Bible from which this information was transcribed was 

Bible Records of
Anton Eble of Germany and Mary Ann Dunham of Illinois were married on 22 March 1853 at 
Franklin, Illinois by Esq. Crawley - Witnesses Edward Kendall - Lucretia Kendall

Anton Eble Senior born April 26, 1829 - Died Feb 16, 1902
Mary A Eble born  June 15, 1828 - Died Feb 14, 1901

Their children - Anton Eble Junior Born Mar 8, 1854 - Died May 11, 1855
Ellen Eble Born Dec 8, 1855 Died June 30, 1934 Kingfisher Okla.
Eliza Eble Born Jan. 24, 1858 Died Jan 14, 1923 Sioux City, Ia - Buried in Maroa, Ill.
John Eble Born May 17, 1859 Died Dec. 17, 1920, Fonda Iowa
Joseph Eble Born April 4, 1861
Clara D. Eble Born Dec. 1, 1870 Died March 21, 1935

Ellen married Orlando Goodwin Dec 25, 1870 and farmed
Their children Anton, Clara, Paul, Donald

Eliza Eble never married - Taught school.

John Eble married Eleanor Eble Feb 26, 1896 and farmed.
Their children - Julia, Lucille & George

Joseph Eble married Minnie Moore Dec. 26, 1889 and farmed.
Their children Fred and Homer

Clara Belle Eble married Charles S. Lyles Aug. 2, 1892 - He was a Methodist minister.
Their children, Edith, Ralph, and Reginald

Anton Eble and wife Mary Ann Dunham Eble are buried at Maroa, Ill.

                          - - - - - - - - - - -

This certifies that Joseph D. Eble and Minnie Moore were united by me it the Holy Bond of 
Matrimony at Maroa on the 26 day of December, in the year of our Lord 1889
In Presence of             Signed
B. C. Everett              S. H. Huber
Anna E. Huber


Spring  1980   Page 22

Contributed by Joni Wolfson, 82 Brant St. #2, Amherst NY 14226

Although the title page of the Bible was not provided, the copyright
page shows a copyright date of 1885.

This Certifies That Mr. Curtis Hall of Hallsville Illinois and Miss
Mahulda Jenkins of Hallsville Illinois were united by me in the Bonds of
Holy Matrimony at the home of the bride on the Ninth day of March in the
year of our Lord 1887.   In Presence of Mr. Thos D. Hall.  Mr. Jas. Jenkins
Mrs. T. D. Hall Mrs. J. Jenkins Miss L. Hall Mr. & Mrs. W. Jenkins
Signed Rev.  W. A. Hunter Clinton Illinois

Thomas D. Hall and Lucy A. Thornley were married September 8th 1853.
James Jenkins and Lucina Pollock were married September 12th 1852.
Aquiller P. Hall and Mary Buchanan were married Jan. 2nd 1823.

Curtis Hall, Born Sep. 24th 1862.
Mahuldah Hall Born Nov. 9th 1866
Thomas D. Hall Born Jan. 6th 1833.
Lucy A. Hall Born Nov. 14th 1834
Aquiller P. Hall Born Mar. 30th 1801
Mary Hall Born Nov. 2nd. 1804
Reuben Thornley Born Aug 24th 1798
Annie Thornley Born June 21st 1802
James Jenkins Born May 12th 1825
Lucina Jenkins Born  Jan 28th 1835
Thomas Jenkins Born

James Pollock
Sophrona Pollock
Wilbur R. Hall Born Apr 3rd 1892
Orval L. Hall Born Dec 27th 1893

Aquiller P. Hall departed this life Oct. 7th. 1836.
Mary Bell departed this life May 31st. 1858.
Reuben Thornley departed this life Sep. 1848.
Annie Thornley departed this life Oct. 31st. 1883.
Wilbur R. Hall departed this life Jan. 2nd. 1893.
Curtis Hall departed this life Oct. 15-1923
Mahuldah Hall departed this life July 4. 1936


The following Bible records were submitted by David Thayer and Pamela Scott.


Amos Grant Harrold Was born July 29 1869.
Mary Jane Harris Was born Dec 15 1873.
Amy R. Harrold Was born Dec 21 1892.
Ona M. Harrold Was born April 12 1894
Bessie Harrold Was born March 15 1896
Delia Harrold Was born December 4 1897
Mintie Harrold Was born July 17 1900
Earnest Harrold Nov. 8 1902
Otto Harrold Sept 3 1905


Amy Rosetta Harrold was united in marriage to Alvin Peel November 7,1911
Bessie Harrold and Samual Potter was united in marriage July 2, 1912
Ona Mae Harrold and Richard Eugene Radford was united in marriage Dec. 17,1913


Infant Son died January 8 1914
Amos G. Harrold died March 26 1926
Mary J. Harrold Died Dec 8, 1958

David Thayer and Pamela Scott provided the following additional information about this family:

Amos Grant Harrold was the son of Alfred and Sara Eliza (Babb) Harrold.  He was born in Clinton,
Illinois, and died in Decatur, Illinois.  He married Mary Jane Harris in 1892, in Clinton, 
Illinois.  Mary Jane was the daughter of Alexander T. and Sarah Elizabeth (Walston) Harris.

Their daughter Amy Rosetta was born in DeWitt County and died on 28 September 1967, in Clinton.
Bessie was born at Rose Hill, Iowa, and died 4 April 1948, in DeWitt County.  Della died in 
1978.  Earnest was born in Harp Township in DeWitt County and died in 1980 in DeWitt County, 
Otto was also born in Harp Township in DeWitt County and died 12 March 1972, in Chicago, 
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