Spring 1977 Vol III No. 1

The following death notices appeared monthly in issues of the Clinton Weekly

2/2	Adams, Infant			Santa Anna Twp	Erysipelas
6/20	Armstrong, Catherine	28y	Rutledge Twp	Consumption
10/29	Armstrong, James H	5y5m	DeWitt		Croup
3/14	Arnett, Eliza M		59-10-5	Clintonia Twp	Pleuro pneumonia
5/20	Balar, Jacob		74y	Waynesville Twp	Fever
8/30	Bell, Amos F		19y	Wilson Twp	Typhoid fever
2/7	Bell, Cora		6m3da	Clinton		Hydrocephalus
1/8	Bennett, Gideon P	16y	Creek Twp	Hip joint disease
9/29	Bliss, Nellie		1y	Clinton		Consumption
1/27	Bradely, Lulu Belle	2-6-12	Clinton		Meningitis
12/20	Britton, Effie L	7y4m	Harp Twp	Membranous croup
8/6	Brooks, Albert M	2y	DeWitt Twp	Cerebro spinal menigitis
1/28	Callison, George	29-2-2	DeWitt Twp	Consumption
9/26	Carinan, Oliver		21y	Kenney		Erysipelas
5/25	Cartmill, Rebecca	105y	Co Poor House	Old age
8/21	Cartright, Ollie May	5m	Creek Twp	Cholera infantum
2/16	Casto, Mahala P		12-9-2	Harp Twp	Intermittent fever
2/17	Cisco, James		2y	Wapella Twp	Whooping cough
11/15	Collins, Ben		1m	Clinton		Erysipelas
8/30	Conklin, Biddy		65y	Texas Twp	Bronchial consumption
10/27	Crang, Grace		3y2m	Clinton		Diptheria
10/7	Davis, Jennie May	11y	Rutledge Twp	Diptheria
10/13	Day, Samuel		77y7m	Creek Twp	Strangulated hernia
10/1	Day, Zelpha L		7y	DeWitt		Pneumonia
4/16	Dea, Laura Oliver	15-7-21	Clinton		Consumption
4/26	Decker, Thornton	5y	Wilson Twp	Menengitis
1/26	DeLand, Lucinda G	69-5-6	Clinton		Pneumonia
2/10	Denny, Mahala Jane	23y	Ruthledge Twp	Consumption
2/20	Dickey, Harriett C	31y	Farmer City	Typhoid fever
2/15	Downing, Laura L	7m	Wapella Twp	Pertussis pneumonia
4/4	Ducy, Daniel		2-3-20	Kenney		Meningitis
2/24	Dunbar, Anna L		6m	Wapella Twp	Pertussis
5/5	Eads, Stella		1 y	Barnett Twp	Whooping cough
8/17	Eatherton, Charles W	22y	Clinton		Epilepsy
8/15	Erwin, Sarah		56y	Farmer City	Consumption
10/27	Erwin, Walter		3y2m	Santa Anna Twp	Croup
12/5	Fackerell, Bennie R	6m	Clinton		Laryngitis
11/24	Farmer, Jesse D		3y10m	Farmer City	Clothes taking fire
3/16	Fitzgerald, Elizabeth	55y3m	Barnett Twp	Uremia
10/19	Fricke, Dora Eliza	68y	Rutledge Twp	Pneumonia
3/12	Gillinan, David		15y	Farmer City	Pneumonia
10/19	Godden, Charles		103y	Harp Twp	Typhoid pneumonia
11/17	Gore, Ola		7y10m	Wilson Twp	Spinal meningitis
4/11	Gorman, Patrick		54y7m	Clinton		Typho malarial fever
10/2	Green, Nido		4y	Clintonia Twp	Typhoid fever
2/5	Griffith, John Byron	11m8da	Harp Twp	Brain Congestion
8/24	Hall, Lala		9da	Harp Twp	
2/12	Hall, Theodore		5m1da	DeWitt Twp	Coryzia
7/28	Hallum, Sarah Ann	1m	Texas Twp	General debility
2/15	Hanger, Frederick	69y	Clinton		Dropsy
5/23	Hannah, John		47y	Harp Twp	
8/6	Havly, Jane A		6m	Texas Twp	Diptheritic croup
1/15	Hays, James		c 40y	Clinton	Suffocation/intoxication
6/19	Hennessy, Frederick	50y	Co Poor Farm	
2/20	Henson, John		80y7m	Clinton		Bronchitis
9/15	Holloway, Charles A	2m	Farmer City	Brain fever
3/4	Hoops, William		28y	Co Poor Farm	Phthisis
3/22	Hubble, ____		1-2-24	Wilson Twp	Whooping chough
6/20	Huffman, Isaiah		56y	DeWitt		Bronchitis
6/20	Huffman, S		56y	DeWitt		Bronchitis
7/4	Humphreys, Milton B	65y	Barnett Twp	Consumption
11/25	Hunter, Otho D		19y	Barnett Twp	Strangulated hernia
10/29	Hurst, Laura V		33y	Clintonia Twp	Phthisis pulmonalis
4/12	Hyter, Armindia		8m	Tunbridge Twp	
7/9	Jackson, Infant Son		Clinton		Cholera infantum
2/26	Jennings, William	87y	Co Poor Farm	Old age
12/11	Johnson, John		18y	Wilson Twp	Typhoid fever
2/15	Karr, Mamie C		4m15da	Wapella		Whooping Cough
1/22	Kerr, Anna L		3m22d	Wapella		Whooping cough
7/25	Landon, Carrie		3y	Wapella Twp	Catarrh of the lungs
7/9	Layton, Jesse		1y	Waynesville	Whooping cough
2/14	Lisenby, Florence A	23y	Weldon		Exhaustion
1/9	Looker, Vernelle	10m15d	DeWitt		Gastro enteritis
8/18	Malone, James		1y	Clinton		Marasmus
1/19	McAboy, J		82y	Creek Twp	Dropsy
8/22	McConkey, Minnie D	10y	DeWitt Twp	Diptheria
11/22	Mongold, Jacob S	32y	Texas Twp	Phthisis pulmonalis
1/6	Monroe, James		78y	Tunbridge Twp	Insufficiency of mitral valves
11/7	Morse, Josephine H	22y	Clinton		Phthisis pulmonalis
2/23	Mulliken, Want S	2da	Farmer City	
8/25	Myer, Lewis J		8m	Creek Twp	Cholera infantum
1/17	Overmine, Rachel	71-6-10	DeWitt Twp	Pneumonia
3/15	Parker, Sarah Briton	65-2-8	Barnett Twp	Gastro enteritis
3/12	Passwater, Eugene	4m	Wapella Twp	Catarrhal fever
3/5	Peters, Mrs A M		52y	Texas Twp	Stomach/bowel disease
2/24	Phillips, George W	45y	Clinton		Mental derangement
1/5	Pollison, Willie	9-4-23	Farmer City	Consumption
1/21	Proven, John R		12yrs	Harp Twp	Covulsions
6/21	Richards, Edgar W	6y	Wapella Twp	Typho-malarial fever
11/19	Richards, Mary Ann		Poor House	Spinal abscess
7/7	Roberts, Ella A		23y	Clinton		Consumption
5/6	Roberts, Geo V		1y	Wapella		Drowing
4/10	Rogers, Joseph T	66y	Clinton		Enlarged postrate gland
8/30	Romine, Perry Lee	21y	Wapella Twp	Typhoid fever
2/16	Savage, William G	66y4m	Clinton		Brain Disease
1/24	Scott, Mary Ellen	3m24d	Waynesville Twp	
9/9	Smith, Charles E	1y	Texas Twp	Hemiragia
6/8	Smith, John		75y	Farmer City	Pneumonia
7/12	Spencer, James M	32y	Harp Twp	Bronchitis
6/28	Sprague, Emma		1y	Barnett Wwp	Brain fever
2/28	Stimler, Elizabeth	28y	Farmer City	Chronic bronchitis
11/9	Stivers, Delbert W	5y	Clintonia Twp	Diptheria
11/10	Stivers, William W	3y	Clinton		Diptheria
7/16	Teustee, Iby		73y	Wilson Twp	
3/19	Thomas, Geo H		2-7-2	Wapella		Pertusis
10/2	Thompson, Laura		17y	Creek Twp	Typhoid pneumonia
7/6	Tuggle, Mary Ann	1y	Harp Twp	Cholera infantum
7/10	Twist, Sarah		58y	Nixon Twp	Appolexy
10/24	Vance, Hiram Lee	4y5m	Rutledge Twp	Membranous croup
10/16	Vandiver, William C	13da	Nixon Twp	Acute peritonitis
2/5	Walker, Luda		1m3da	Tunbridge Twp	Bronchitis
3/14	Webb, Delila		27y	Harp Twp	Congestive chills
10/29	Welch, Mary C		2y	Harp Twp	Membranous croup
11/3	Wilkison, Margaret	54y	DeWitt Twp	Pneumonia
11/18	Williams, Anna		20y	Santa Anna Twp	Pulmonary consumption
7/4	Wilson, Bertie H	5y	Wapella Twp	Diptheria
6/22	Wilson, Jessie Isam	6y	Wapella Twp	Diptheria
7/14	Wilson, Lemma May	10y	Wapella Twp	Diptheria
10/9	Wise, Hannah Bell	8m	DeWitt Twp	Overflow of gall
3/5	Wright, Nancy		57y	Tunbridge Twp	Consumption
8/5	Yoter, Gilbert		1y	Farmer City	Worms
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