The following list of alumni appears in the Students Handbook Clinton Comniunitv High School, 1930-1931, which is located in the V. Warner Public Library, Clinton, IL. The entire list includes graduates from 1872-1931, but we have included here only the earliest ones.

						  1880 Con't
1872             		1877         	Griffin, Nettie
Madden, Laura C. 	 Clarh, Kittie          Jones, Philo S
McHenry, Ada             Gambrel, William       Palmer, Sarah
Sims, John H.            Hill, Etta             Rundle, Nellie P.
                         Hull, B. F.            Sargeant, Carrie
1873                     McCuddy, Carrie        Taylor, Julia F.
Beatty, George H.        Wood, Anna             Taylor, Sarah
Crang, Nellie                                   VanLue, Laura
Ewing, Thomas             	1878
Funk, Mary          	Carroll, Maggie 		1881
Gideon, William         Clark, Mattie       	Blake, Fannie A.
Heslet, Anna E.         Eaton, Lusa M.          Collyer, Edward G.
Heslet, Ella            Field, Mary             Gahagan, Andrew J.
Hunt, Samuel B.         Milliard, Loretto       Hill, Frank B.
Phares, Etta            Peddicord, Mollie E.    Hunter, Col. Alfred
                        Rucker, Mattie          Jones, S. Tracy
1874                    Rundle, Bessie E.       Sargeant, Effie
Brown, Lizzie           Rundle, Rose M.         Weld, Minnie R.
Harwood, Chauncey       Strain, John D.         Zeigler, Ida
Humphey, Ella           Winslow, Howard
Kegarice, Kittie                       			1882
Phares, Frank           	1879    	Converse, Charles N.
Sweeney, Augustus 	Campbell, Lewis         Magill, Clara
Whitewick, Lizzie       Cackley, Minnie B.      Morrow, Carrie
Wood, Alzadia           Chenoweth, Aileen       Palmer, Nora
Wright, Charles         Donohue, Nannie         Phares, Harriet A.
                        Eaton, Lizzle           Sackett, Edgar W.
1875                    Field, Sarah V.
Brown, Kate M.          Graham, Frank  			1883
Gorman, William         Hunter, Adda      	Barber, Ella
Hunter, H. Lewis        Logan, Hattie           Bishop, Grace
Nagely, Charles N.      Messer, W. A.           Bradfield, Minnie L.
                        McGraw, John            Campbell, Alexander
1876                    Phares, Cora            Carroll, Nellie
Bishop, Minnie M.       Phillips, Lizzie        Howard, Mordecai
Carle, Alice            Richey, Clive A.        Kent, Mabel
Carle, May              VanLue, Clement H.      McGraw, Samuel P.
Davis, John G.          Warner, Kate M.				
Jones, Eva              Gideon, Ella   			1884
Kidder, Ida                                  	Argo, George G.
Magill, Alfred H.       	1880            Earle, Elsie E.
McHenry, Ella   	Bell, Grant             Fackwell, Fannie
Percy, Nettie           Converse, Clara         Gibson, Ella
Weld, Carrie            DeBoice, Frederick      Hutchin, Minnie B.

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1884 Con't			1888 Con't		1891 Con't
McHenry, Ida		Henry, Edna       	McArthur, Kate
Sweeney, Edward J.      Hill, Ralph             Rundle, Frank
Taylor, Walter          Jones, Lottie           Strange, John
Weld, Frances E.        MacArthur, Eellie       Weld, Kate
                        Morlan, Carrie          Williams, Emma
1885                    Porter, Guernsey J.     Wright, Trophy
Coady, Mollie F.        Saveley, Harry
Graham, John            Sylvester, Effie 		1892
Hendricks, Frank C.     Stewart, Samuel       	Cline, Frank
Hull, Grace             Weld, Edwin Jr.         Ely, John
Leavitt, Frank C.                               Fosnaugh, Irvin
                                 1889           Gideon, Walter
1886                     Behring, John          McCoid, Cora
Bell, Nellie             Campbell, Lena         Newlove, Allie
Bradfield, Allie         Cackley, Bert          Peltz, Edna
Carter, Grace            Cline, Charles         Porter, Nellie
Harris, Laura            Corder, Alverda        Sharkey, Lucy
Johnson, F. W.           Drake, Julia           Sylvester, Nina
Martin, Peyton           Foley, Julia           Tackwell, Nannie
McCoid, William          Griffin, Belle         Taylor, Nellie
Morlan, Effie            Holt, Belle            Taylor, Anna
Terry, Gertrude          Jepson, Emma
                         Lewis, May			1893
1887                     Morrow, Lena      	No class, course
Bloye, James             Owens, Ina             changed from 3 to
Cline, Harry             Porter, J. Scammon     4 years.
Coady, Nellie            Rennick, Sallie
Edmiston, Kate           Rundle, Minnie 		1894
Freudenstein, Milton     Sharkey, Mamie       	Barber, Daisy
Hutchins, Elfa           Smith, Nile            Brewer, Clara
Johnson, Anna            Tackwell, Geneva       Gleadell, Dilont
Martin, Anna             Watson, Dudley         Hulit, Mabel
McArthur, Fred                                  Lemon, Frank
McHenry, Grace            	1890            Nixon, Flora
Mitchell, Edwin    	Argo, Elma              Prior, Murray
Morris, Laurence        Day, Wilbur
Phares, Amy             Dewey, Minnie			1895
Ross, Abby L.           Hill, Herbert      	Davis, Anna
Sackett, Mamie          Lester, Elva            Ball, Harry
Terry, Minnie           Rose, Nora              Ely, Edna
Vaughn, Ella            Strain, Ada             Gideon, Belle
Vogel, Lulu             Toombs, Jennie          Kirk, Myrtle
Wall, Hettic                                    McPherson, Anna
                        	1891            Ross, Jennie
1888                  	Bower, Bessie           Woy, Charles
Argo, Anna              Brooks , Jennie
Calhoun, Maud           Butler, Anna   			1896
Campbell, Eliza         Cantrell, Angie    	McHugh, Grace
Ely, Lee                Ely, May                Rogers, Carl
Ely, William            Henson, Grace           Smith, Cora
Gaddis, Tela            Hill Fred C.
Gibson, Maude           Howard, Joseph

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							1899 Con't
1897             		1898		Blome, Frederick M.
Bailey, Don         	Clemons, Ralph W.       Gorman, Clara
Barnett, Ellis          Crum, Lena May          Lockett, Lela
Drake, Lucy             Fosnaugh, Austin        Rohm, Gertrude
Gideon, Paul            Gleadell, Maude         Strader, Florence
Howell, Gertrude        Hinchcliff, Morris      Woy, William B.
Hilton, Jennie C.       McPherson, Mary L.
Jenkins, Walter E.      Morse, Ollie B.   		1900
Martin, Nellie          Slick, Fred A.       	Cline, Fred I.
Weld, Nettie                                    Ely, Minnie
Young, Emory            	1899            Rademacher, Lyda
                    	Adkisson, Grace         Young, Robert Bruce
                        Bailor, Lena

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