From the "History of DeWitt County, Illinois - 1882"

Below are the names of those who volunteered from DeWitt County.  

MacCalister, William	107th Infantry
Macon, John		41st Infantry
Madden, Henry		41st Infantry
Mahin, Thomas		46th Infantry
Mahoney, William	41st Infantry
Malaway, John W		107th Infantry
Malone, Daniel		41st Infantry
Malone, James M		107th Infantry
Maloney, Pat  		20th Infantry
Maloy, David		107th Infantry
Manlove, John N		2nd Cavalry
Mann, Eli F		145th Infantry
Manning, Joseph		2nd Cavalry
Manning, Luke		105th Infantry
Maple, Benjamin		41st Infantry
Maple, Levi L		41st Infantry
Maple, Thomas E		7th Cavalry
Marrs, William H  	20th Infantry
Marsh, G F  		20th Infantry
Marsh, George F 	20th Infantry
Marsh, John F		107th Infantry
Marsh, Joseph		107th Infantry
Marshall, Wm. H		140 Infantry
Martin, Alex  		20th Infantry
Martin, D J J M M	39th Infantry
Martin, Don V		46th Infantry
Martin, Hiram H		107th Infantry
Martin, John		39th Infantry
Martin, Samuel P  	20th Infantry
Martin, Tillman		107th Infantry
Martin, William M	145th Infantry
Martin, Wm. B		107th Infantry
Mastin, Aaron I		41st Infantry
Mastin, Aaron L		107th Infantry
Mastin, James W		10th Cavalry
Mastin, Levi		41st Infantry
May, Francis		107th Infantry
May, Henry R		140 Infantry
May, Jacob		107th Infantry
McAboy, Arthur I	68th Infantry
McAboy, Arthur J	2nd Light Artillery
McAboy, Wm M		4th Cavalry
McAlhaney, James  	20th Infantry
McCaffrey, Francis	2nd Light Artillery
McCan, John M		140 Infantry
McCanoughy, James O	140 Infantry
McCaragan, Thomas 	20th Infantry
McCarnley, Frederick	39th Infantry
McCauley, Marion	107th Infantry
McClerg, Thos.		107th Infantry
McClintock, John	26th Infantry
McConkey, James		107th Infantry
McCook, Henry C		41st Infantry
McCorckle, James	2nd Cavalry
McCord, William		41st Infantry
McCord, William J	107th Infantry
McCoy, Alex		107th Infantry
McCoy, David		34th Infantry
McCuddy, Isaac N	33rd Infantry
McCuin, Edward R	41st Infantry
McCullough, Ebenezer	46th Infantry
McCullough, John M	62nd Infantry
McCullough, John W	62nd Infantry
McCurdy, Frank M	41st Infantry
McDeed, Francis M	41st Infantry
McDermott, John		140 Infantry
McDonald, C H		2nd Cavalry
McDonald, John		41st Infantry
McDonald, John W  	20th Infantry
McDonald, Wesley E	107th Infantry
McDowell, Coryden H	2nd Light Artillery
McDowell, David		46th Infantry
McDowell, John C	52nd Infantry
McDowell, William	2nd Light Artillery
McElroy, Thomas		55th Infantry
McFarland, Alva C	2nd Light Artillery
McFarland, John  	20th Infantry
McFarland, Leander F	41st Infantry
McGary, Hugh		2nd Light Artillery
McGee, Theo.  		20th Infantry
McGough, James  	20th Infantry
McGowan, Parker		107th Infantry
McGowan, Parker S	1st Light Artillery
McGowan, Phillip F	41st Infantry
McGowan, Samuel		107th Infantry
McGrath, John P		46th Infantry
McGraw, Leander S	107th Infantry
McHenry, Alonzo D	41st Infantry
McHenry, James S	2nd Cavalry
McHenry, Perry		41st Infantry
McIntire, Stewart	4th Cavalry
McKean, Andrew R	41st Infantry
McKinley, James H	15th Infantry
McKinley, Joseph	1st Light Artillery
McKinney, John F T J	17th Cavalry
McKirrigan, Theo.  	20th Infantry
McLindsley, John	140 Infantry
McMan, Thomas		4th Cavalry
McMullen, John		107th Infantry
McMullon, John F	107th Infantry
McMurray, Sam'l B  	20th Infantry
McMurry, Alfred		107th Infantry
McMurry, W C		39th Infantry
McNair, Elias		133rd Regiment
McNeir, Elias		7th Cavalry
McNier, Abner		107th Infantry
McNier, Samuel		107th Infantry
McNulty, William W	107th Infantry
McNulty, William W	107th Infantry
McNulty, William W	107th Infantry
McPhearson, Jesse B F	68th Infantry
McPherson, John W	41st Infantry
McUmber, Amber		41st Infantry
Measton, Aaron		107th Infantry
Mecumb, Robert H	20th Infantry
Meeks, Squire H		32nd Infantry
Meeyer, August		16th Cavalry
Meigher, John 		46th Infantry
Meliza, Geo. W		107th Infantry
Mellheney, T H B	107th Infantry
Mennis, William W	105th Infantry
Menter, George		41st Infantry
Merrill, Frank		41st Infantry
Merriman, Harvey H	4th Cavalry
Messer, George		107th Infantry
Metz, Albert D		107th Infantry
Meyer, Fritz		16th Cavalry
Meyer, Henry		34th Infantry
Meyers, Geo. N		2nd Cavalry
Meyers, John W		2nd Cavalry
Meyers, William		2nd Cavalry
Mick, Isaac		34th Infantry
Mick, Peter		34th Infantry
Miers, Henry		2nd Cavalry
Milholand, Thomas J	107th Infantry
Milholand, Thomas J	107th Infantry
Millard, Robert 	107th Infantry
Millard, Robert 	107th Infantry
Miller, Benjamin F	107th Infantry
Miller, J F  		20th Infantry
Miller, Jacob		145th Infantry
Miller, James		41st Infantry
Miller, John		39th Infantry
Miller, John H		68th Infantry
Miller, William H  	20th Infantry
Mills, G H		2nd Cavalry
Mills, John		62nd Infantry
Minnis, James P		2nd Light Artillery
Mires, Henry		107th Infantry
Mitchell, John H	107th Infantry
Mitchell, William H	154th Infantry
Mobley, William F	26th Infantry
Modglin, Troy		34th Infantry
Moffitt, Tunis A	41st Infantry
Mohely, Martin 		20th Infantry
Moldenhour, Frederick 	20th Infantry
Monnett, Hillery	107th Infantry
Montgomery, Chas. D	33rd Infantry
Montgomery, John W	107th Infantry
MoodyReuben B  		20th Infantry
Moore, Calvin		17th Cavalry
Moore, Isaac V		34th Infantry
Moore, Jesse		107th Infantry
Moore, John		52nd Infantry
Moore, Joseph S		107th Infantry
Moore, William		39th Infantry
Moore, William W	107th Infantry
Moorley, William R	39th Infantry
Moreford, John 		26th Infantry
Morgan, G W 		20th Infantry
Morgan, Owen		41st Infantry
Morlan, J A		107th Infantry
Morrill, Jonathan M	105th Infantry
Morris, B J		26th Infantry
Morris, Isacher	4th Cavalry
Morris, William P	145th Infantry
Morris, Winfield	26th Infantry
Morrison, Alexander F	107th Infantry
Morrison, George L	107th Infantry
Morrison, Jas. A  	20th Infantry
Morrison, Joe  		20th Infantry
Morrow, J J		107th Infantry
Morse, Isaac C. 	107th Infantry
Morse, Joseph		68th Infantry
Morse, Joseph B		2nd Light Artillery
Morse, Wm H		17th Cavalry
Mourer, Charles		107th Infantry
Mower, Henry		145th Infantry
Mulkey, Phillip B	41st Infantry
Mulkey, Samuel W	41st Infantry
Mulkey, William A	68th Infantry
Mulky, Philip E		10th Cavalry
Mulky, Wm. A		10th Cavalry
Munroe, Alvin		107th Infantry
Munso, Wiliiam		68th Infantry
Murphy, John		62nd Infantry
Murphy, John		17th Cavalry
Murphy, Lsrael J	68th Infantry
Murphy, Robert A	41st Infantry
Murry, Haden W		41st Infantry
Muse, John		107th Infantry
Myers, Oliver C		140 Infantry

Nace, George 		107th Infantry
Neal, Amps		39th Infantry
Neal, J M		39th Infantry
Neal, Joseph W		39th Infantry
Neff, Martin C		51st Infantry
Negley, William C	145th Infantry
Nelson, Calvin		107th Infantry
Nelson, Isaac		107th Infantry
Nelson, Matthias	41st Infantry
Nelson, Seward C	41st Infantry
Nesbitt, Henry W	107th Infantry
Nesbitt, William W	107th Infantry
Newberry, Jas. B	46th Infantry
Newell, Geo. A		107th Infantry
Newton, Truman C	34th Infantry
Nichols, Frank		107th Infantry
Nicholson, Thomas  	20th Infantry
Nicholson, Thos		107th Infantry
Noakes, Wm. H H		41st Infantry
Norman, Elias M		68th Infantry
Norris, Sherman J	41st Infantry
Norris, Theodore	7th Cavalry
North, James M 		20th Infantry
North, John		107th Infantry
North, Wm. H		107th Infantry
Nugent, Edward 		107th Infantry
Nutt, Henry A		41st Infantry
Nutt, William		107th Infantry
Nye, Edward		39th Infantry

O'Brien, John		107th Infantry
O'Brine, Thomas		107th Infantry
Odell, Delos		14th Cavalry
Ogbourn, John		145th Infantry
Ogden, Charles E	38th Infanrty
O'Leary, Daniel 	20th Infantry
Omby, Chas. H		38th Infanrty
O'Neal, Thomas C	4th Cavalry
Onstatt, George		38th Infanrty
Opp, Henry		107th Infantry
Orcutt, Jacob H		140 Infantry
Orr, Alfred		33rd Infantry
Orr, William		124th Infantry
Osborn, John M 		20th Infantry
Osborn, Reuben F  	20th Infantry
Osborne, John M		17th Cavalry
Osborne, Richard	2nd Light Artillery
Osbourn, Henry C	2nd Cavalry
Overmire, Samuel J	41st Infantry
Owens, Richard		41st Infantry
Owens, Silas M		68th Infantry
Oyers, Henry		46th Infantry
Oyler, William R	41st Infantry

Padgett, James F	2nd Cavalry
Padgett, Robert M	2nd Light Artillery
Page, Alfred		1st Light Artillery
Page, George		107th Infantry
Page, John T		107th Infantry
Page, Timothy		107th Infantry
Page, William		1st Light Artillery
Paige, Scott		46th Infantry
Pain, John		107th Infantry
Paine, Lewis		107th Infantry
Palmer, J T		34th Infantry
Palmer, Thomas		107th Infantry
Parker, Aaron		107th Infantry
Parker, Fletcher	145th Infantry
Parker, George W	41st Infantry
Parker, George W	41st Infantry
Parker, Henry		140 Infantry
Parker, James		107th Infantry
Parker, Nathan		107th Infantry
Parks, John		38th Infanrty
Parr, Edwin		105th Infantry
Parsone, Jas. F		2nd Cavalry
Patch, William B	13th Infantry
Patterson, Charles W	140 Infantry
Patterson, Enoch	107th Infantry
Patterson, Ezra G	46th Infantry
Patterson, James	46th Infantry
Patterson, James B	62nd Infantry
Patterson, Thos. 	20th Infantry
Patterson, Wm. N	46th Infantry
Payne, F M		41st Infantry
Pearson, Edward		105th Infantry
Pearson, James		107th Infantry
Peddcord, Thomas J	68th Infantry
Peddicord, Thomas J	107th Infantry
Peddicord, Thos. B	107th Infantry
Peed, Robert		107th Infantry
Pendleton, George	41st Infantry
Pendleton, Samuel B	68th Infantry
Pennington, Benj. F	107th Infantry
Pennington, John	107th Infantry
Percival, Judson	8th Cavalry
Percival, Stephen	8th Cavalry
Perkins, James		34th Infantry
Perry, George D		41st Infantry
Perry, Jerome 		105th Infantry
Perry, John S		41st Infantry
Perry, Owen		41st Infantry
Peterson, Isaac N	41st Infantry
Peterson, Marshall	2nd Light Artillery
Petit, Jonas		68th Infantry
Pettibone, John		107th Infantry
Petticord, Thomas J	1st Light Artillery
Phares, Francis M	41st Infantry
Phares, Henry E		20th Infantry
Phares, Martin		107th Infantry
Phares, Samuel C	68th Infantry
Phillips, Philip H	33rd Infantry
Phillips, Thomas R 	20th Infantry
Phipps, Emsley		107th Infantry
Piatt, John		107th Infantry
Piatt, Samuel H		107th Infantry
Pickett, Samuel		34th Infantry
Pierson, Robert		34th Infantry
Pike, Frederick W	46th Infantry
Place, Henry		140 Infantry
Place, Samuel M		2nd Cavalry
Plummer, Alpheus	107th Infantry
Poff, Henry M		39th Infantry
Poff, John K		107th Infantry
Poff, Reuben		41st Infantry
Polan, Samuel		17th Cavalry
Poland, Samuel		107th Infantry
Polen, Joseph R		14th Cavalry
Pollock, Sam'l		107th Infantry
Pollock, Samuel M	1st Light Artillery
Popham, William		107th Infantry
Porter, Edward 		107th Infantry
Porter, Isaac R 	20th Infantry
Porter, John A 		20th Infantry
Porter, John M 		20th Infantry
Porter, John M 		20th Infantry
Porter, Thomas J	41st Infantry
Porter, William		145th Infantry
Pottarf, B R		2nd Cavalry
Potts, James		41st Infantry
Powell, John		107th Infantry
Power, Matthew H	33rd Infantry
Power, William		41st Infantry
Pratt, Henry C		34th Infantry
Pratt, Mordecai		107th Infantry
Price, Chas. E 		20th Infantry
Price, David N		79th Infantry
Price, James		107th Infantry
Price, Thos. W		107th Infantry
Priest, John T		107th Infantry
Prior, Joseph M		68th Infantry
Proud, Samuel  		20th Infantry
Proud, William		4th Cavalry
Proud, Wm.  H		107th Infantry
Provin, William		2nd Light Artillery
Provines, Daniel	107th Infantry
Provland, Thomas H	107th Infantry
Pyatt, Byron		41st Infantry

Ragan, George		145th Infantry
Ragen, John 		41st Infantry
Randall, Anthony II	107th Infantry
Randall, Osborn R	140 Infantry
Rankin, John W		26th Infantry
Ransom, Amos C		2nd Light Artillery
Rapp, Lewis		140 Infantry
Ratcliff, Daniel	1st Light Artillery
Ratcliff, David		107th Infantry
Ratcliff, Eli  		20th Infantry
Rathburn, Royal A	2nd Cavalry
Rauls, James		107th Infantry
Rauls, William		107th Infantry
Ray, Charles		17th Cavalry
Ray, Curtis		41st Infantry
Ray, William L		145th Infantry
Razey, Rufus		107th Infantry
Reaston, Francis	2nd Light Artillery
Reece, Lsaac J		41st Infantry
Reed, Charles		9th Cavalry
Reed, Edward		68th Infantry
Reed, Henry		107th Infantry
Reed, Miles		107th Infantry
Reed, Orlando		140 Infantry
Reed, Willis		107th Infantry
Reed, Willis G		1st Light Artillery
Reese, John		39th Infantry
Reeves, Marquis S	107th Infantry
Reeves, Thomas		107th Infantry
Reid, Lewis B		26th Infantry
Reynolds, Ed. H		46th Infantry
Reynolds, Edward H	46th Infantry
Rhoads, John		2nd Cavalry
Richards, Andrew J.	107th Infantry
Richards, Evan  	20th Infantry
Richards, John R	107th Infantry
Richards, Linnus	41st Infantry
Richards, Rolla T  	20th Infantry
Richards, Samuel  	20th Infantry
Richards, William	4th Cavalry
Riddal, David		26th Infantry
Riddal, David W		26th Infantry
Riddal, James		26th Infantry
Riddle, Zebulon		26th Infantry
Riddon, William A	26th Infantry
Rigdon, William		41st Infantry
Rigdon, William		68th Infantry
Rigg, Stephen 		107th Infantry
Riggs, Randolph S	107th Infantry
Ripple, Abram		107th Infantry
Rivett, John		107th Infantry
Robb, Joshua C 		20th Infantry
Robb, Marion		107th Infantry
Robb, Stephen D 	20th Infantry
Robbins, Cordilleras	107th Infantry
Robbins, Daniel F	34th Infantry
Robbins, Francis R	107th Infantry
Robbins, Reuben		107th Infantry
Robbins, Rochambeau R	107th Infantry
Robble, Henry		26th Infantry
Roberts, Abram T	107th Infantry
Roberts, Elisha		107th Infantry
Roberts, Job M		41st Infantry
Roberts, William H	107th Infantry
Robertson, G P		39th Infantry
Robins, Rompier R	107th Infantry
Robinson, John M	41st Infantry
Robinson, William N	41st Infantry
Robinson, Wm N		41st Infantry
Robuck, Peter C		107th Infantry
Rodgers, Henry		41st Infantry
Rodgers, William O	140 Infantry
Rogers, Andrew W	68th Infantry
Rogers, John W		107th Infantry
Rogers, Locklin W	41st Infantry
Rogers, William		2nd Cavalry
Rogge, Henry		34th Infantry
Rogge, William		34th Infantry
Roggers, Elias		133rd Regiment
Romaine, Wm. T		113th Infantry
Rooker, William		1st Light Artillery
Root, Charles		39th Infantry
Rose, Coryden		2nd Light Artillery
Rose, Thomas		107th Infantry
Ross, Edmond		2nd Cavalry
Ross, George		2nd Cavalry
Ross, James		41st Infantry
Ross, John 		20th Infantry
Ross, John E		10th Cavalry
Roth, James M		107th Infantry
Roth, Simeon		107th Infantry
Rounds, Henry B 	20th Infantry
Rouse, Andrew		41st Infantry
Rouse, Geo. W		41st Infantry
Rouse, Joseph		107th Infantry
Rowley, Norton		41st Infantry
Rowley, Norton		145th Infantry
Royce, John		140 Infantry
Rue, Henry		107th Infantry
Rumels, George		107th Infantry
Runnels, H B 		20th Infantry
Runyon, Joseph		4th Cavalry
Rusk, Culver		107th Infantry
Rusk, John D		107th Infantry
Russell, Albert		34th Infantry
Russell, Jesse		107th Infantry
Russell, Jesse		1st Light Artillery
Russle, James 	L	140 Infantry
Rust, John J		17th Cavalry

Sackett, Edward C	41st Infantry
Sadder, Edw.		107th Infantry
Salmons, Wm. A		107th Infantry
Samlldon, John		26th Infantry
Sampson, Orestes S  	20th Infantry
Sampson, Tenah T	107th Infantry
Sampson, William M	26th Infantry
Sanders, John H		140 Infantry
Sandy, William		41st Infantry
Schafner, Alonzo	58th Infantry
Scheelley, Richard	107th Infantry
Schenck, Obadiah	107th Infantry
Schenck, Obadiah	1st Light Artillery
Schlafter, John		107th Infantry
Schmidt, David  	20th Infantry
Schooley, Alfred D	107th Infantry
Schroeder, Charles N	105th Infantry
Schwantes, Carl W	41st Infantry
Schwartz, Michael	58th Infantry
Scoggen, Joseph B	107th Infantry
Scott, Arthur,		107th Infantry
Scott, Augustas		107th Infantry
Scott, Augustus		1st Light Artillery
Scott, Crafton P	107th Infantry
Scott, George W		107th Infantry
Scott, James W 		20th Infantry
Scott, Joseph S		140 Infantry
Sears, Alsin		41st Infantry
Seate, James W 		20th Infantry
See, Alfred		15th Infantry
See, Grant		15th Infantry
Seeley, Anson		105th Infantry
Seeley, Samuel D	2nd Light Artillery
Segner, DeVilla D	46th Infantry
Seihler, James M	46th Infantry
Sessions, Erasmus D	107th Infantry
Shafer, Thomas		2nd Light Artillery
Shaw, Robert C		107th Infantry
Sheet, Charles A L	26th Infantry
Sheet, John W		26th Infantry
Sheets, Peton		133rd Regiment
Sherman, Albert C	34th Infantry
Shinkle, James		107th Infantry
Shinkle, John W		41st Infantry
Shockey, Joseph		133rd Regiment
Shoemaker, Wm.		107th Infantry
Shommaker, Andrew	46th Infantry
Short, John		41st Infantry
Short, John  		20th Infantry
Shriver, Albert		41st Infantry
Simmons, Walter D	107th Infantry
Simpson, John H		1st Light Artillery
Simpson, William	107th Infantry
Sissom, Andrew J	41st Infantry
Sissom, William I	41st Infantry
Sitterly, Emory		140 Infantry
Skeleton, Thomas	2nd Cavalry
Slatton, James A  	20th Infantry
Slinker, James W	41st Infantry
Slinker, William	68th Infantry
Slinker, William	145th Infantry
Smalley, William C	107th Infantry
Smith, Amos		140 Infantry
Smith, Andrus		105th Infantry
Smith, Augustus L	2nd Light Artillery
Smith, Chas.		2nd Light Artillery
Smith, David W		41st Infantry
Smith, Frank		2nd Cavalry
Smith, George B		38th Infanrty
Smith, George H		26th Infantry
Smith, George W		68th Infantry
Smith, Henry H		34th Infantry
Smith, Henry L		2nd Cavalry
Smith, John A		107th Infantry
Smith, John A		1st Light Artillery
Smith, John H		41st Infantry
Smith, Joseph		107th Infantry
Smith, Michael		39th Infantry
Smith, Peter A		2nd Light Artillery
Smith, Robert		107th Infantry
Smith, Thomas E		41st Infantry
Smith, Walter		38th Infanrty
Smith, William H	41st Infantry
Smith, William R 	20th Infantry
Smoot, John		107th Infantry
Snell, James T		145th Infantry
Snell, Thomas 		107th Infantry
Snell, Thomas 		107th Infantry
Solomon, John  		20th Infantry
Somers, John		140 Infantry
Spainhower, Henry C	41st Infantry
Spanhour, Allen		107th Infantry
Sparadling, James	33rd Infantry
Spardling, Richard M	33rd Infantry
Spaulding, James	68th Infantry
Spelts, George A	26th Infantry
Spelts, Louis 		26th Infantry
Spencer, James		107th Infantry
Spencer, John		41st Infantry
Spencer, L. Berry	107th Infantry
Spenser, James H	107th Infantry
Spenser, James H	1st Light Artillery
Spicer, James A		107th Infantry
Spradling, John W	33rd Infantry
Sprague, James C	107th Infantry
Sprague, Stephen W	41st Infantry
St. Clair, A G		4th Cavalry
Staley, Thomas		41st Infantry
Stanford, William	26th Infantry
Stanhope, G		107th Infantry
Stanifer, Isam		107th Infantry
Stanley, Jos. H		34th Infantry
Stansbury, Madison R	107th Infantry
Stanton, Armon		4th Cavalry
Steel, Calvin F		2nd Cavalry
Steel, Joseph M		2nd Light Artillery
Steinberg, Hezekiah	2nd Cavalry
Stephens, William	107th Infantry
Steuben, George W	140 Infantry
Stewart, Charles A 	20th Infantry
Stewart, John		107th Infantry
Stewart, Samuel		41st Infantry
Stiles, George H	13th Infantry
Stiles, Matthew		107th Infantry
Stillwell, William F	2nd Cavalry
Stimson, Alexander B	145th Infantry
Stinson, Alex B		41st Infantry
Stone, Corydon		46th Infantry
Stone, Elijah B		10th Cavalry
Stowart, James		41st Infantry
Street, John F 		20th Infantry
Street, John W 		20th Infantry
Summer, Peter		140 Infantry
Sumpter, Hiram		62nd Infantry
Sumpter, Joseph		2nd Light Artillery
Sutton, Amos R		26th Infantry
Sutton, William C	107th Infantry
Swain, Royal E		39th Infantry
Swaney, John		145th Infantry
Swearengen, Abraham B	107th Infantry
Swearenger, Jacob W	113th Infantry
Swearingen, Isaac T	33rd Infantry
Sweeney, John		68th Infantry
Swisher, Isaac W	107th Infantry
Sylvester, Eliakim	107th Infantry
Sylvester, Eliakim	107th Infantry

Tackwell, Wm. W		107th Infantry
Talley, William		46th Infantry
Taylor, Benjamin	107th Infantry
Taylor, George W	2nd Cavalry
Taylor, Homer B		41st Infantry
Taylor, John		107th Infantry
Taylor, Joseph P	107th Infantry
Taylor, William H	41st Infantry
Taylor, William H	4th Cavalry
Tearney, Edward		46th Infantry
Telford, Robert		105th Infantry
Tevambly, Alvin		41st Infantry
Thomas, Abram		107th Infantry
Thomas, Columbus	107th Infantry
Thomas, David		2nd Cavalry
Thomas, J M		39th Infantry
Thomas, James L		68th Infantry
Thomas, James L		2nd Light Artillery
Thomas, John E		41st Infantry
Thomas, Julius O	8th Cavalry
Thomas, William F  	20th Infantry
Thompson, E		107th Infantry
Thompson, Hugh		41st Infantry
Thorp, Alvin		140 Infantry
Thorp, Joseph		107th Infantry
Throckmorton, Wm.  S	107th Infantry
Throop, Israel		140 Infantry
Tibbs, James		154th Infantry
Tibbs, John W		154th Infantry
Tisler, Alfonso		124th Infantry
Tobias, Nathaniel	39th Infantry
Todd, John M		68th Infantry
Todd, Martin L		26th Infantry
Tood, John F M		26th Infantry
Toohey, Gregory		107th Infantry
Tours, John		17th Cavalry
Towner, Austin		39th Infantry
Towner, Seth S		2nd Cavalry
Towner, Wayne		2nd Cavalry
Townsend, Luther	46th Infantry
Tracy, Morris		140 Infantry
Trembell, David B	107th Infantry
Trent, James P		107th Infantry
Trent, John B		113th Infantry
Tubes or Tuper, Allison	7th Cavalry
Turner, J B		4th Cavalry
Turner, Jas. R		107th Infantry
Twadle, Samuel B	68th Infantry

Updike,  Joseph H	107th Infantry
Upton, Aaron		107th Infantry
Ure, William		140 Infantry

Van Nunys, Amos B	140 Infantry
Vandeventer, Christopher68th Infantry
Vandeventer, William	68th Infantry
Vannote, Lawson J	107th Infantry
Vannote, Morris J	107th Infantry
Vannote, Ralph T	107th Infantry
Vanvaly, Aaron S	107th Infantry
Vaughn, Delevan		52nd Infantry
Vinson, Andrew J	107th Infantry

Wade, William		39th Infantry
Wait, Percival		9th Cavalry
Waite, Maiden C		39th Infantry
Wakefield, Geo. W	41st Infantry
Wakefiled, George W	105th Infantry
Wakefiled, Horace	105th Infantry
Walburn, Isaac		41st Infantry
Walcut, Samuel W	41st Infantry
Walden, Maris		107th Infantry
Walden, Thomas		107th Infantry
Waldman, Andrew		107th Infantry
Waldron, Allen		10th Cavalry
Wales, John 		8th Cavalry
Walker, Baley		107th Infantry
Walker, James M		140 Infantry
Walker, John B		4th Cavalry
Walker, Mosbey		107th Infantry
Walker, Mosby		4th Cavalry
Walker, Nathan		41st Infantry
Walker, Robert		105th Infantry
Walker, William P J	58th Infantry
Wallace, Andrew J	107th Infantry
Wallace, Stephen	2nd Light Artillery
Waller, Emory I		39th Infantry
Waller, Emory L		107th Infantry
Waller, Wm. B		17th Cavalry
Walrath, Amanzo		41st Infantry
Walters, Jacob 		107th Infantry
Walters, John		107th Infantry
Walton, Jesse or Isaac	107th Infantry
Ward, Martin V B	41st Infantry
Ware, Joseph		41st Infantry
Warfield, John H	41st Infantry
Warner, John 		41st Infantry
Warner, Vespasian  	20th Infantry
Warren, Henry		145th Infantry
Warren, James W		41st Infantry
Warrenburg, David P	41st Infantry
Warrenburg, John E	41st Infantry
Watson, Richard 	107th Infantry
Watson, Wm. F		107th Infantry
Watt, George R 		20th Infantry
Watt, Levi		107th Infantry
Watt, Levi		1st Light Artillery
Weaver, Orin S		107th Infantry
Weaver, Thomas		41st Infantry
Webb, Henry W		107th Infantry
Webb, Isaac N		41st Infantry
Webb, Isaac S		107th Infantry
Webb, James V		107th Infantry
Weedman, Isiah		2nd Cavalry
Weedman, Jacob T	39th Infantry
Weedman, John B		39th Infantry
Weedman, John W		39th Infantry
Weeks, W F		62nd Infantry
Welch, Theron		46th Infantry
Welch, William F	107th Infantry
Welchamer, Joshua	107th Infantry
Welchamer, Samuel	107th Infantry
Weller, George W	107th Infantry
Wells, George W		39th Infantry
Wells, James M		107th Infantry
West, Apinas		107th Infantry
West, David		107th Infantry
West, David  		20th Infantry
Wetsel, Jefferson	107th Infantry
Wetzel, Michael		39th Infantry
Wheeler, Andrew		140 Infantry
Wheeler, Charles T	2nd Cavalry
Wheeler, J. Milton	140 Infantry
Wheeler, Samuel P	107th Infantry
Wheeler, William	105th Infantry
White, William D	39th Infantry
Whitehead, Matin B	52nd Infantry
Whiteman, George H	68th Infantry
Whiteman, George H	145th Infantry
Wickoff, Lorin		107th Infantry
Wier, Sheldon		107th Infantry
Wiley, Isaac M		107th Infantry
Wilkie, Calvin		17th Cavalry
Wilkins, Benjamin S	41st Infantry
Willard, J. Revere	140 Infantry
Willard, William G	140 Infantry
Williams, Delano M. 	105th Infantry
Williams, Edw. H	107th Infantry
Williams, Frank E	1st Light Artillery
Williams, James		41st Infantry
Williams, James D	41st Infantry
Williams, Jester M	51st Infantry
Williams, John		107th Infantry
Williams, Lewis		17th Cavalry
Williams, Lewis W	107th Infantry
Williams, Loyd J	140 Infantry
Williams, Prentice N	4th Cavalry
Williams, Shepherd J	107th Infantry
Williams, Thomas	107th Infantry
Williams, W L		1st Light Artillery
Williams, William	107th Infantry
Williams, William L	1st Light Artillery
Williams, William W	41st Infantry
Willis, David		107th Infantry
Willis, Davis		41st Infantry
Willis, James H		41st Infantry
Williver, William	107th Infantry
Willon or Wellen	4th Cavalry
Wilson, Alfred		10th Cavalry
Wilson, Alfred W	41st Infantry
Wilson, Arthur W	34th Infantry
Wilson, Asa		4th Cavalry
Wilson, Asa  		20th Infantry
Wilson, Elias H		39th Infantry
Wilson, James H		26th Infantry
Wilson, John S		39th Infantry
Wilson, Michael		4th Cavalry
Wilson, Samuel		41st Infantry
Wilson, Thomas C	41st Infantry
Wimer, Azariah S	145th Infantry
Wimer, John R		17th Cavalry
Wimer, Thomas R		10th Cavalry
Winegardner, Samuel	41st Infantry
Winkle, George		107th Infantry
Winn, Reuben J W  	20th Infantry
Winner, Azariah S	41st Infantry
Winningham, Andrew J	107th Infantry
Winslow, Charles A  	20th Infantry
Winslow, Charles C	68th Infantry
Winslow, Orlando	68th Infantry
Winslow, Orlando R	2nd Light Artillery
Winslow, Warren S	107th Infantry
Winters, Geo. W		2nd Cavalry
Wise, Israel F		107th Infantry
Wise, Israel F		1st Light Artillery
Wise, Reuben		107th Infantry
Wise, Reuben		1st Light Artillery
Wisegarver, Wm. H	107th Infantry
Wismer, Henry G		107th Infantry
Wolf, John B		107th Infantry
Wolf, Joseph R		107th Infantry
Wolf, Joseph R		107th Infantry
Wolf, Joseph R		107th Infantry
Wolf, Joseph R		107th Infantry
Wood, David M		41st Infantry
Wood, George		52nd Infantry
Wood, Jacob		46th Infantry
Wood, Lewis		140 Infantry
Wood, Newel P		15th Infantry
Wood, William T		107th Infantry
Woodruff, JJ		8th Cavalry
Woods, Stacy W		41st Infantry
Woodward, Edward	39th Infantry
Woodward, Samuel	41st Infantry
Wooldridge, Christopher C	107th Infantry
Worley, William H	107th Infantry
Wray, John T		145th Infantry
Wren, Daniel		145th Infantry
Wren, Isaac		107th Infantry
Wren, John S		68th Infantry
Wren, John S		2nd Cavalry
Wright, James		107th Infantry
Wright, James M		4th Cavalry
Wright, John 		107th Infantry
Wright, John 		107th Infantry
Wright, John P		32nd Infantry
Wriner, Robert		68th Infantry
Wymer, Wm		41st Infantry

Yarzell, William R	2nd Light Artillery
Yates, Francis		107th Infantry
Yeamons, John W		2nd Light Artillery
Yeatman, James P 	20th Infantry
Young, Andrew		4th Cavalry
Young, Thomas B		41st Infantry

Zartman, Absalom	33rd Infantry
Zartman, Peter		107th Infantry
Zimmerman, James A	107th Infantry
Zombro, Jacob		107th Infantry
Zombro, John A		107th Infantry
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