From the "History of DeWitt County, Illinois - 1882"

Below are the names of those who volunteered from DeWitt County.  

Abbott, Chas.  D	107th Infantry
Abbott, William W	41st Infantry
Able, James C		10th Cavalry
Able, Thomas		10th Cavalry
Ackerson, William W	140 Infantry
Acton, James R		107th Infantry
Adams, Calvin		68th Infantry
Adams, Jackson		41st Infantry
Adams, James		41st Infantry
Adams, James W		68th Infantry
Adams, Parker S		107th Infantry
Adams, Parker S		107th Infantry
Adams, Parker W		68th Infantry
Adams, Robert M		2nd Cavalry
Adams, Wm. C		107th Infantry
Adkerson, Thomas B	154th Infantry
Airhart, Wm. W		2nd Cavalry
Akerman, August		105th Infantry
Alden, Henry D		13th Infantry
Aler(x), Riley  	20th Infantry
Aler, Anderson		107th Infantry
Aler, Wilson		7th Cavalry
Alford, Buel G		105th Infantry
Allen, Ira		105th Infantry
Allen, Wm. A  		20th Infantry
Allsup, J F		107th Infantry
Allsup, William		107th Infantry
Allyn, Edward		33rd Infantry
Allyn, Edward W		107th Infantry
Anderson, John J	2nd Light Artillery
Anderson, Read		62nd Infantry
Andrews, Harrison S	17th Cavalry
Andrews, Wm H		41st Infantry
Anstiss, Frnak D	2nd Light Artillery
Antisdale, Simon L	2nd Cavalry
Arbogast, George B	41st Infantry
Arbogast, John W	62nd Infantry
Argo, Thos. G		107th Infantry
Argo, William		145th Infantry
Armstrong, John		41st Infantry
Armstrong, William	107th Infantry
Armstrong, William	1st Light Artillery
Artheringon, Jonathan S	107th Infantry
Artherington, John S	107th Infantry
Atkins, Francis D	33rd Infantry
Atkins, Woodbury	46th Infantry
Atkinson, Edmund T	2nd Light Artillery
Atkison, Hiram		107th Infantry
Augenbaugh, Charles R	107th Infantry
Augenbaugh, Charles R	107th Infantry
Aughenbaugh, Geo. M	68th Infantry
Aughinbaugh, C R	107th Infantry
Aughinbaugh, Chas. 	20th Infantry
Aughorn, Reben 		20th Infantry
Aulls, Charles W	2nd Cavalry

Bachus, Delow W		13th Infantry
Bailey, William		8th Cavalry
Bain, John		52nd Infantry
Baker, Edward C		2nd Cavalry
Baker, Jarvis		107th Infantry
Baker, Samuel C		26th Infantry
Baker, William		107th Infantry
Baldwin, John M		68th Infantry
Baldwin, Thomas		107th Infantry
Bales, John A		68th Infantry
Baley, Joab		107th Infantry
Ball, Geo. H		34th Infantry
Ballard, Anderson L	41st Infantry
Ballard, Andrew S	41st Infantry
Bancroft, David		41st Infantry
Barey, Martin		140 Infantry
Barger, William W	41st Infantry
Barnes, Byron S. 	105th Infantry
Barnes, William S	107th Infantry
Barnet, Nathan		107th Infantry
Barnett, George W	68th Infantry
Barnett, Jacob		41st Infantry
Barnett, Nathan		107th Infantry
Barngrover, Geo. W	1st Light Artillery
Barrickman, Allen W	41st Infantry
Bartin, John		107th Infantry
Bartlett, Edw. H	41st Infantry
Base, Squire W		107th Infantry
Bates, Benjamin		41st Infantry
Bates, Francis M 	20th Infantry
Bates, Jerred M		41st Infantry
Bates, Theodore		68th Infantry
Bates, Washington 	107th Infantry
Bates, Zenas		4th Cavalry
Bateson, Joseph		107th Infantry
Batterton, William H	107th Infantry
Baughman, David J	34th Infantry
Baughman, Jacob H	34th Infantry
Bay, Edward R		41st Infantry
Bayha, Gus  		20th Infantry
Bayler, George 		20th Infantry
Bayles, Perry		68th Infantry
Bayles, Wm. J  		20th Infantry
Bays, Walter		145th Infantry
Bean, James H 		20th Infantry
Bean, John A		39th Infantry
Bean, Wm.  W		107th Infantry
Beatty, Henry G		2nd Light Artillery
Beatty, Isaac B		145th Infantry
Beatty, James		2nd Light Artillery
Beatty, John W 		20th Infantry
Beaty, Charles W	107th Infantry
Beckman, Christopher	145th Infantry
Beebe, Orley		41st Infantry
Bell, James M		8th Cavalry
Belles, Cornelius	2nd Cavalry
Bennett, Frank B	2nd Cavalry
Bennett, George		68th Infantry
Bennett, George		107th Infantry
Bennett, Permenous	107th Infantry
Berger, Frederick	4th Cavalry
Berry, John		39th Infantry
Besserman, William	107th Infantry
Bettis, Alexander G 	20th Infantry
Betzer, Asaa T		107th Infantry
Betzer, Isaac N		107th Infantry
Bevis, Henry		41st Infantry
Bigelow, Henry A	9th Cavalry
Bird, James T		41st Infantry
Bishop, Lsaac N		107th Infantry
Blackburn, Elijah H	46th Infantry
Blackford, Albert J	107th Infantry
Blandon, John K		39th Infantry
Blaylock, Robert G	2nd Light Artillery
Bline, John		41st Infantry
Blood, Hulbert J	140 Infantry
Blount, John R		107th Infantry
Boatman, Robert		41st Infantry
Bock, Theodore		2nd Light Artillery
Bolton, John G 		20th Infantry
Booth, William 		145th Infantry
Borders Solomon		107th Infantry
Borger, Charles K	107th Infantry
Bosserman, Edward 	107th Infantry
Bouls, Jesse P		107th Infantry
Bouls, Peter H		107th Infantry
Bovin, John T		41st Infantry
Bowers, J C		4th Cavalry
Bowler, Henry H		1st Light Artillery
Bowles, Charles F B	68th Infantry
Bowles, Peter H		1st Light Artillery
Bowles, Robert B	68th Infantry
Bowley, Harrison	52nd Infantry
Bowman, Jacob W		107th Infantry
Bowman, John F		26th Infantry
Boyd, Marshall W	41st Infantry
Bradford, James		107th Infantry
Bradford, William B	41st Infantry
Brady, Noah M		68th Infantry
Brennan, James		39th Infantry
Brennen, Edw.		107th Infantry
Brewer, John		34th Infantry
Brewster, James R  	20th Infantry
Brewster, Wm. M  	20th Infantry
Briant, Wm. C. 		107th Infantry
Britton, Nathan T	107th Infantry
Brock, Frank		107th Infantry
Brock, George W		107th Infantry
Brock, James K		145th Infantry
Brooks, Albert D	145th Infantry
Brooks, Almon D		68th Infantry
Brooks, James T		107th Infantry
Brooks, James T		107th Infantry
Brooks, Jesse		68th Infantry
Brooks, Leonard F	2nd Light Artillery
Brooks, Leonard U	68th Infantry
Brooks, Wm.		14th Cavalry
Brown Miles B		107th Infantry
Brown, Benj. S 		20th Infantry
Brown, David P		41st Infantry
Brown, Delos		41st Infantry
Brown, George P		33rd Infantry
Brown, James W		107th Infantry
Brown, John P		41st Infantry
Brown, William		2nd Light Artillery
Brownfield, James	34th Infantry
Brundage, Samue		140 Infantry
Bruner, James		41st Infantry
Buck , Asaph A		107th Infantry
Buck, Ira		34th Infantry
Buck, Irwin		107th Infantry
Buck, William M		107th Infantry
Bullis, Abram F		46th Infantry
Bullis, Newman		39th Infantry
Bullock, John W		41st Infantry
Burkherd, Nicholas	41st Infantry
Burkholder, John M	68th Infantry
Burlow, Alexander H	107th Infantry
Burnett, Lyman T	107th Infantry
Burns, DeWitt C		2nd Light Artillery
Burns, John		2nd Light Artillery
Bush, Ralph		9th Cavalry
Butler, Peter		107th Infantry
Butler, Thos.  		20th Infantry
Butterfield, J A B	2nd Cavalry
Butterworth, James	107th Infantry
Butterworth, James	1st Light Artillery
Butts, Francis D	145th Infantry
Bverley, Thos N 	20th Infantry
Byerley, Frank B	107th Infantry

Cackley, Alex David	107th Infantry
Cain, Asa W  		20th Infantry
Cain, John C  		20th Infantry
Cain, John W  		20th Infantry
Campbell, Barzille  	107th Infantry
Campbell, Barzille  	107th Infantry
Campbell, William	107th Infantry
Campbell, William	1st Light Artillery
Campbell, William C	41st Infantry
Cantrail, John 		107th Infantry
Cantrail, Wyot		107th Infantry
Cantrall, Amos A	4th Cavalry
Cantrall, Miles T	68th Infantry
Cantrall, William H	68th Infantry
Carlock, James		107th Infantry
Carmichael, John	46th Infantry
Carruthers, Ephrain D  	20th Infantry
Carter, Joshua		41st Infantry
Carter, Stephen R 	20th Infantry
Cartwright, Samuel	154th Infantry
Carty, Wm.  		20th Infantry
Case, William J		124th Infantry
Casler, Orlando C	2nd Cavalry
Catterlin, William D	107th Infantry
Chadderon, Jonas G	7th Infantry
Chambers, John M. 	107th Infantry
Chambers, John M. 	107th Infantry
Chambers, William L	107th Infantry
Chambers, William L	107th Infantry
Chambers, William L. 	107th Infantry
Chambers, William L. 	107th Infantry
Chapman, David		46th Infantry
Chappelear, Henry	68th Infantry
Chappelear, Henry S	17th Cavalry
Chatterton, Charles E	2nd Cavalry
Chenoweth, Gideon  	20th Infantry
Chine, Jonathan		107th Infantry
Church, Henry C		7th Cavalry
Cilfton, Wm. F		41st Infantry
Cisco, Francis M.	107th Infantry
Clagg, William M	107th Infantry
Clark, Anthony 		107th Infantry
Clark, Lake		39th Infantry
Clark, Lake		1st Light Artillery
Clark, Thomas A		41st Infantry
Clark, Thos. W  	20th Infantry
Clark, Wm. M		107th Infantry
Classon, Lucillis	107th Infantry
Clearwater, John W	107th Infantry
Clemens, Albert J	17th Cavalry
Clemens, Alfred		41st Infantry
Clemens, John M		41st Infantry
Clements, Cayton C	68th Infantry
Clemons, Ambert		2nd Light Artillery
Clemons, Clayton C	2nd Light Artillery
Clendenen, Henry	34th Infantry
Clifton, D T		107th Infantry
Clifton, Jackson	107th Infantry
Clifton, Job		107th Infantry
Clifton, John		107th Infantry
Clime, William H	107th Infantry
Cline, Matthias		41st Infantry
Clinton, William J	107th Infantry
Cloenger, Jonathan	107th Infantry
Cloud, Almond D		145th Infantry
Cobb, Edgar		107th Infantry
Cobb, Horace		107th Infantry
Cobean, Robert		41st Infantry
Cobian, Samuel		41st Infantry
Cochran, Eugene O	52nd Infantry
Cockley, Alexander D. 	107th Infantry
Cockley, Alexander D. 	107th Infantry
Cole, Richard 		107th Infantry
Cole, Thomas		107th Infantry
Cole, William		107th Infantry
Cole, Wm. D  		20th Infantry
Collins, Daniel		2nd Light Artillery
Collins, Noah		41st Infantry
Coltrin, Isaac N	68th Infantry
Coltrin, Isaac N	145th Infantry
Colwell, Milton K. or R	107th Infantry
Combs, William H	62nd Infantry
Comstock, Wm. J  	20th Infantry
Confer, Samuel		140 Infantry
Congdon, George G. 	105th Infantry
Conklin, Irenus O	145th Infantry
Conklin, John		41st Infantry
Conklin, John R 	20th Infantry
Conklin, John R 	20th Infantry
Converse, John L	145th Infantry
Cook, Lyman H		46th Infantry
Cook, Monroe		46th Infantry
Cook, Wm. H		46th Infantry
Coolbaugh, Herman C	140 Infantry
Cooley, Andrew J	46th Infantry
Coon, Henry		125th Infantry
Coon, William H		107th Infantry
Coon. Charles M		107th Infantry
Cooper, David C		58th Infantry
Cooper, Geroge		107th Infantry
Cooper, Nathan		107th Infantry
Cooper, Thompson F	41st Infantry
Copeland, Milton N	107th Infantry
Coppenbarger, David	1st Light Artillery
Coppenberger, David	107th Infantry
Corder, George		107th Infantry
Cornwell, Isham		145th Infantry
Costolo, John		4th Cavalry
Cousins, William	145th Infantry
Cowell, Cherster	107th Infantry
Cox, Israel S		107th Infantry
Cox, Peter		41st Infantry
Cram, David J		107th Infantry
Cranall, Wizzoon M	41st Infantry
Crawford, Bartley	107th Infantry
Crawford, Franklin	41st Infantry
Crawford, Smith		2nd Light Artillery
Cresap, Edward		41st Infantry
Crisler, Anselm		34th Infantry
Cromer, William H	107th Infantry
Cromer, William H	1st Light Artillery
Cross, Allen J		113th Infantry
Cross, Benjamin		107th Infantry
Cross, Benjamin		1st Light Artillery
Cross, George H		68th Infantry
Cross, George J		107th Infantry
Cross, Solomon J	107th Infantry
Cross, Wesley S		68th Infantry
Cross, William C	107th Infantry
Cully, Richard N	34th Infantry
Cumming, Robert 	107th Infantry
Cumming, William B	2nd Cavalry
Cundiff, Jeronie B	41st Infantry
Cunningham, John	17th Cavalry
Cunningham, Robert	41st Infantry
Cuppy, John 		107th Infantry
Curl, Jeremiah		107th Infantry
Curl, John W		2nd Light Artillery
Curry, Domink		2nd Light Artillery
Curry, James B		68th Infantry
Curtis, Roza		107th Infantry
Curtis, Sam'l E		2nd Light Artillery
Cushman, Ira H		107th Infantry
Cutwright, Joel		107th Infantry

Dailey, Patrick		46th Infantry
Dalgh, James L		107th Infantry
Danison, Michael	41st Infantry
Darby, John A  		20th Infantry
Darrow, Thomas R	7th Infantry
Darshum, Samuel		107th Infantry
Daughman, John H	41st Infantry
Davenport, George F	107th Infantry
Davenport, Hugh		41st Infantry
Davenport, Isaiah S	33rd Infantry
Davenport, Jackson P	68th Infantry
Davenport, T J		107th Infantry
Davenport, Uriah L	154th Infantry
Davenport, W W		41st Infantry
David, Joshua		107th Infantry
David, N B		107th Infantry
David, Welcomb		107th Infantry
Davis, Christopher	107th Infantry
Davis, Elias		34th Infantry
Davis, Isaac		107th Infantry
Davis, Jesse W		2nd Light Artillery
Davis, Milton Z		41st Infantry
Davis, Thomas		41st Infantry
Davis, Thomas		107th Infantry
Davis, Walter		107th Infantry
Davis, Walter		1st Light Artillery
Davy, Henry		68th Infantry
Dawson, Isaac F 	20th Infantry
Day, Daniel P		107th Infantry
Day, George		107th Infantry
Day, Natha’l C		107th Infantry
Day, Philip D		145th Infantry
Day, Samuel F		41st Infantry
DeBoice, Francis M	33rd Infantry
DeBoice, william H H	33rd Infantry
Dechtol, Reuben		2nd Cavalry
Deets, Sylvanus		17th Cavalry
Delay, Coleman		107th Infantry
Dement, Clark C		41st Infantry
Dempsey, Michael	68th Infantry
Dennis, Joseph		4th Cavalry
Dennison, William A	107th Infantry
Denton, John S		68th Infantry
Denton, Samuel 		20th Infantry
Denton, Samuel 		20th Infantry
Despain, J J		4th Cavalry
Despaine, William	107th Infantry
Deverell, John C	107th Infantry
Deverse, Edmond J	41st Infantry
Dewey, D B		2nd Cavalry
Dibert, Warren		2nd Light Artillery
Dickhoff, John F	4th Cavalry
Dickson, Sanford	107th Infantry
Dillavan, William D	145th Infantry
Dillavon, John T	41st Infantry
Dillavon, Samuel	107th Infantry
Dillavon, William K	107th Infantry
Dine, John W		41st Infantry
Dines, Martin		33rd Infantry
Donavan, John		2nd Light Artillery
Doughman, Benton	41st Infantry
Dourgna, Robert		2nd Light Artillery
Downey, Hugh		140 Infantry
Downing, Alexander	145th Infantry
Downing, Job		41st Infantry
Doyle, Jefferson	107th Infantry
Dresser, Lewis		39th Infantry
Drum, John W		107th Infantry
Drum, Phillip		107th Infantry
Drury, John  		20th Infantry
Drury.  Frederick S	107th Infantry
Drybread, Wm. J		107th Infantry
Duffy, Christopher	105th Infantry
Dugan, James C		41st Infantry
Dunbam, ? W		145th Infantry
Duncan, Harrison	41st Infantry
Duncan, John		107th Infantry
Duncan, John		4th Cavalry
Dungey Charles		107th Infantry
Dunham, William W	145th Infantry
Dunker, Lewis S		154th Infantry
Dunn, James		46th Infantry
Dupes, Franklin		41st Infantry
Dusenbury, Albert A	2nd Light Artillery

Earley, Jerome		41st Infantry
Early, William		107th Infantry
Early, William		1st Light Artillery
East, Edward H		10th Cavalry
Eaton, Jeremiah		2nd Light Artillery
Eaton, John A		2nd Light Artillery
Ebel, Charstern		140 Infantry
Eby, Edward N		107th Infantry
Edminsten, David W	107th Infantry
Edminston, Miles B	39th Infantry
Edmiston, John A 	20th Infantry
Edwards, Joseph		41st Infantry
Elderton, Wiliam	107th Infantry
Eldridge, Israel H	17th Cavalry
Eldridge, Israel H	2nd Light Artillery
Ellis, John 		105th Infantry
Ellis, W A		41st Infantry
Ellsworth, Duncan	107th Infantry
Ellsworth, Hamilton	107th Infantry
Elridge, Israel H	68th Infantry
Ely, David L		68th Infantry
Ely, George W		68th Infantry
Ely, John F		2nd Cavalry
Ely, Overton		41st Infantry
Emery, John		107th Infantry
Ennis, William		107th Infantry
Enoch, Thornley		10th Cavalry
Enos, Francis		7th Cavalry
Evans, William		145th Infantry
Ewing, Thomas		68th Infantry
Eyster, Charles L	140 Infantry
Eyster, Joseph M	140 Infantry

Fancher, Martin		8th Cavalry
Farmer, Henry		107th Infantry
Farren, James M		4th Cavalry
Farrend, Richard	41st Infantry
Farris, Amos G		107th Infantry
Farris, Amos G		1st Light Artillery
Farris, John E		34th Infantry
Fears, William		68th Infantry
Feeland, Charles	2nd Cavalry
Fellows, Albert W	39th Infantry
Fennaron, Michael	107th Infantry
Fennell, Jas. W		107th Infantry
Fenner, David		107th Infantry
Fenneran, Michael	1st Light Artillery
Ferris, George S	140 Infantry
Fesler, Jacob		140 Infantry
Fibbs, Jackson		10th Cavalry
Field, Levi		107th Infantry
Field, Robert		17th Cavalry
Fields, Jonathan	107th Infantry
Fields, Lewis		145th Infantry
Fiels, Elijah 		105th Infantry
Finch, George D		33rd Infantry
Finn, Martin		107th Infantry
Finnan, J J		4th Cavalry
Finnell, Thomas		2nd Light Artillery
Fisher, James A		34th Infantry
Fisher, John L		107th Infantry
Fitzpatrick, Isaac N	2nd Light Artillery
Flahant, Benj.		107th Infantry
Flanders, Charles M.	105th Infantry
Fletcher, S H		2nd Cavalry
Flood, J H		107th Infantry
Flood, James		41st Infantry
Flood, R H		107th Infantry
Fobes, Stephen		7th Cavalry
Foley, James		107th Infantry
Foley, John		62nd Infantry
Forbes, William		4th Cavalry
Ford, Caswell P		25th Infantry
Ford, Newton		39th Infantry
Fordice, William H	107th Infantry
Forsythe, John H	26th Infantry
Foster, John R		107th Infantry
Foster, Joseph		107th Infantry
Franklin, Dr. Benj.  	20th Infantry
Franklin, James 	20th Infantry
Frazy, Benjamin F	41st Infantry
Freeman, Edwin C	140 Infantry
Freeman, Marcus		7th Cavalry
Freeze, andrew		1st Light Artillery
French, Squire C	107th Infantry
Frisby, Isaac D		145th Infantry
Frisby, Jonathan G	26th Infantry
Frost, George R		42nd Infanty
Fruit, Enoch		41st Infantry
Fuller, Adlbert		9th Cavalry
Fullerton, J. Taylor	105th Infantry
Funk, Henry		107th Infantry
Funkinton, George E	140 Infantry
Furgerson, John		107th Infantry
Furguson, James		107th Infantry
Furr, David A		107th Infantry

Gaddas, Jacob W		107th Infantry
Gahagan, Andrew		68th Infantry
Gaines, Samuel B	68th Infantry
Gaines, Samuel B	2nd Light Artillery
Gammell, Wm. T		107th Infantry
Gamnuel, William F	41st Infantry
Gandy, Garner M		41st Infantry
Gandy, John E		41st Infantry
Gardner, Anson J	107th Infantry
Gardner, Horace		105th Infantry
Gardner, Thos. Jr	107th Infantry
Garrett, Geo. W		17th Cavalry
Garrett, Joseph R	41st Infantry
Garrett, Louis		33rd Infantry
Garritt, George W	68th Infantry
Garton, Daniel		68th Infantry
Garton, John		107th Infantry
Gaston, John Mc		107th Infantry
Gates, Jesse 		107th Infantry
Gay, James M		107th Infantry
Geer, George W		154th Infantry
Geer, Joseph H		154th Infantry
Geer, William E		68th Infantry
Geer, William H		68th Infantry
Geidner, Timothy	34th Infantry
Genning, Edwin K	26th Infantry
German, Allen		39th Infantry
Gesford, William	39th Infantry
Gibbons, David		107th Infantry
Gibbs, Reuben B 	20th Infantry
Gibson, David L		107th Infantry
Gibson, James		41st Infantry
Gibson, James		105th Infantry
Giddings, Edward 	107th Infantry
Giddings, Milton	107th Infantry
Gideon, Edwin W		20th Infantry
Gilbreath, John		41st Infantry
Gillmore, William	41st Infantry
Gilmore, Samuel		39th Infantry
Gilson, George E	1st Light Artillery
Gilson, George G	107th Infantry
Glenn, Daniel		41st Infantry
Glore, William H	34th Infantry
Goddard, Frances H	140 Infantry
Godfrey, Isaac W	39th Infantry
Gondy, Robert L		8th Infantry
Goodbrake, Christopher 	20th Infantry
Goodin, Hiram		39th Infantry
Goodrich, James M	107th Infantry
Gordonier, Henderson	2nd Cavalry
Gossard, Philip J	107th Infantry
Gradon, Wallace		107th Infantry
Grady, William F	41st Infantry
Graham, George B	68th Infantry
Graham, James H		41st Infantry
Graham, John D		107th Infantry
Graham, Marion D	107th Infantry
Grandy, Benjamin	145th Infantry
Grant, John D		140 Infantry
Graves, James		68th Infantry
Graves, John H		4th Cavalry
Gray, Eli		26th Infantry
Gray, Jonathan P	26th Infantry
Greenwood, Charles	2nd Light Artillery
Greenwood, Nathan S. 	105th Infantry
Greer, Willis		107th Infantry
Gregary, John W		41st Infantry
Gregory, Enoch		41st Infantry
Gregory, Jacob		4th Cavalry
Gregory, Jacob P	154th Infantry
Gregory, John		41st Infantry
Gregory, Solomon	41st Infantry
Gregory, Theodosius	145th Infantry
Grey, Hirman		107th Infantry
Griffen, John M 	20th Infantry
Griffin, James A	41st Infantry
Griffith, George	39th Infantry
Griffith, George H	140 Infantry
Griffith, John		2nd Cavalry
Griffith, Newton	107th Infantry
Grissim, James M	107th Infantry
Griswold, Alanson	140 Infantry
Grovenor, Nathan	2nd Light Artillery
Groves, Andrew J	41st Infantry
Groves, Eli W		107th Infantry
Groves, George W	68th Infantry
Groves, Levi L		68th Infantry
Groves, William		107th Infantry
Gundy, Jacob H		145th Infantry
Gundy, Robert M		145th Infantry
Guno, Lorenzo		41st Infantry
Guy, Samuel K		107th Infantry

Hager, John Wesley	2nd Light Artillery
Haggard, Francis M	107th Infantry
Haggard, Nelson		41st Infantry
Haggard, Thomas		41st Infantry
Hainey, Edwin T		107th Infantry
Halford, Francis D	140 Infantry
Hall, James M  		20th Infantry
Hall, Joseph		145th Infantry
Hall, Peter C		2nd Light Artillery
Hall, Samuel		41st Infantry
Hall, Theodore		145th Infantry
Halloway, Phillip M	39th Infantry
Halsey, Solomon		107th Infantry
Ham, Jason		38th Infanrty
Hamaker, Jacob		140 Infantry
Hamlin, David		2nd Cavalry
Hammond, William H	107th Infantry
Hand, Silas Jr.		107th Infantry
Hand, Silas Sr.		107th Infantry
Handy, Jerome		105th Infantry
Hank, John B		41st Infantry
Hankenson, Benjamin	2nd Light Artillery
Hankins, Ramott N	107th Infantry
Hankinson, Benjamin	68th Infantry
Hanks, Philip R		145th Infantry
Hannesy, James		107th Infantry
Hardcastle, Geo.	2nd Cavalry
Harden, Thomas		107th Infantry
Hare, George		140 Infantry
Hare, John		39th Infantry
Harlem, Jonathan	107th Infantry
Harnaker, Morgan	2nd Cavalry
Harold, John C		107th Infantry
Harp, Millington	107th Infantry
Harp, Thomas D		145th Infantry
Harper, Alfred 		107th Infantry
Harper, Francis M	4th Cavalry
Harper, William A	68th Infantry
Harrington, Daniel	107th Infantry
Harris, Amos		66th Infantry
Harris, Andrew H	41st Infantry
Harris, Elijah II	66th Infantry
Harris, Nathaniel P	14th Cavalry
Harrison, Addison	41st Infantry
Harrison, M L  		20th Infantry
Harrison, Martin R  	20th Infantry
Harrold, Jesse		41st Infantry
Harrold, Oliver 	20th Infantry
Harrold, William F	7th Cavalry
Harry, Cyrus		107th Infantry
Harvey, James M		107th Infantry
Harvey, thomas G	2nd Light Artillery
Hatch, Frank		2nd Cavalry
Hayes, Charles		14th Cavalry
Hayleth, John H		107th Infantry
Haynes, Greenberry	26th Infantry
Haynie, Alvin		145th Infantry
Hazel, John P		41st Infantry
Hazelett, Jas. H	107th Infantry
Heagany, Peter		140 Infantry
Hedges, Fletcher	107th Infantry
Hedges, Isaac C		41st Infantry
Heffermon, William	68th Infantry
Heil, Philip		124th Infantry
Hemingway, Hanniah W	2nd Light Artillery
Hemstock, G W		2nd Cavalry
Hemstock, James L	2nd Cavalry
Hemstock, John D	2nd Cavalry
Henderson, Noel		41st Infantry
Hendrick, Edgar J	140 Infantry
Hendrick, Samuel A	33rd Infantry
Hennemway, Samuel D	46th Infantry
Herrick, William	8th Cavalry
Hewett, Frank		39th Infantry
Hickman, John L		113th Infantry
Hickman, William L	33rd Infantry
Hickman, William W	41st Infantry
Hicks, Wm. F		107th Infantry
Highsmith, Abijah M	107th Infantry
Hiland, Andrew		2nd Cavalry
Hiland, Robert		2nd Cavalry
Hildreth, A B		41st Infantry
Hill, Edwin L		41st Infantry
Hill, Elliot B		39th Infantry
Hill, Henry		8th Cavalry
Hill, Lewis		41st Infantry
Hill, Preston K		46th Infantry
Hill, William C		2nd Light Artillery
Hillberry, Abraham	41st Infantry
Hillman, John W		41st Infantry
Hinkle, Abraham		2nd Light Artillery
Hinkle, Emanuel		107th Infantry
Hisey, Henry C		41st Infantry
Hiter, Christopher	107th Infantry
Hiter, William		107th Infantry
Hobbs, Allen		2nd Light Artillery
Hobbs, Wm		107th Infantry
Hodgkins, Alfred H	33rd Infantry
Hoffman, Frederick	145th Infantry
Hoffman, Morgan J	26th Infantry
Hogle, Jacob 		20th Infantry
Hogle, Jacob 		20th Infantry
Hondley, Calvin R	52nd Infantry
Hood, William B		118th Infantry
Hood, Wilson B		68th Infantry
Hoover, Abram T		107th Infantry
Hoover, Columbus	39th Infantry
Hoover, Geo. D		107th Infantry
Hoover, John		39th Infantry
Hoover, Theodore	39th Infantry
Hormell, Lucian A B  	20th Infantry
Horten, Sylvester	46th Infantry
Hostraner, George	140 Infantry
Hotaling, Charles	2nd Cavalry
Hotaling, D W		2nd Cavalry
Hotaling, John R	2nd Cavalry
Hotaling, Nicholas	2nd Cavalry
Houston, James		41st Infantry
Howe, Jesse H		33rd Infantry
Howlett, John R		2nd Cavalry
Howser, Alvin F		38th Infanrty
Hoyt, Orin A		1st Light Artillery
Hoyt, Orrin A		107th Infantry
Hubbell, Ephrain A 	20th Infantry
Hubberd, Lewis		2nd Cavalry
Hubble, Francis M	41st Infantry
Hubble, Johseph O	41st Infantry
Huddleston, Reuben H	46th Infantry
Huddleston, Shelby A	41st Infantry
Hudson, Howard J 	20th Infantry
Hudson, John L		41st Infantry
Huff, William J		41st Infantry
Huffman, W H		41st Infantry
Hughes, Elias		105th Infantry
Hughes, John A		46th Infantry
Hughes, John C		41st Infantry
Hughes, John W		107th Infantry
Hull, Alfred		107th Infantry
Hull, George A 		20th Infantry
Hull, Joshua C 		20th Infantry
Hull, Kirkley		107th Infantry
Hull, Levi C		107th Infantry
Hume, Joel C		113th Infantry
Hume, John H		4th Cavalry
Hummell, Robert N	39th Infantry
Humphrey, Levi A	68th Infantry
Hunt, Wm. H		41st Infantry
Huntsdon, Lewis		2nd Cavalry
Hurley, David		107th Infantry
Hurley, Lewis		39th Infantry
Hurst, Edward		39th Infantry
Hutchinson, James H 	20th Infantry
Hutson, William T	107th Infantry

Ingalls, Almond M. 	105th Infantry
Inghon, Alva C		145th Infantry
Irvin, Matthew D	107th Infantry
Irwin, Thomas 		107th Infantry
Ishmael, Richard T	38th Infanrty
Ives, Avery H		4th Cavalry

Jackson, Andrew		41st Infantry
Jackson, John		55th Infantry
Jackson, John A		4th Cavalry
Jacobs, Tehodore H	26th Infantry
Jefferson, Reuben	51st Infantry
Jeffrey, Ephraim	145th Infantry
Jeffrey, Francis M	38th Infanrty
Jeffrey, William O	68th Infantry
Jenkins, Thos.		4th Cavalry
Jewell, George W	2nd Cavalry
Jewell, Samuel P	41st Infantry
Jimeson, Harvey		107th Infantry
Johnson, Amos		41st Infantry
Johnson, Baley		107th Infantry
Johnson, Charles L	107th Infantry
Johnson, George No 1	145th Infantry
Johnson, Henry 		107th Infantry
Johnson, Ira		68th Infantry
Johnson, Joel B		39th Infantry
Johnson, John S		39th Infantry
Johnson, Noble		107th Infantry
Johnson, Samuel		2nd Cavalry
Johnson, Silas		107th Infantry
Johnson, Thomas J	39th Infantry
Johnson, William	107th Infantry
Johnson, Zachariah	107th Infantry
Jolley, John M		107th Infantry
Jones, Columbus D	41st Infantry
Jones, Cyrus		107th Infantry
Jones, David W		68th Infantry
Jones, David W		145th Infantry
Jones, Guilford		145th Infantry
Jones, Isaac M		41st Infantry
Jones, James E		41st Infantry
Jones, John M		107th Infantry
Jones, Jos. M  		20th Infantry
Jones, Lemuel		107th Infantry
Jones, Preston		107th Infantry
Jones, Samuel		68th Infantry
Jones, William F	39th Infantry
Jones, William H	41st Infantry
Judd, Milton Y 		20th Infantry
Judd, Rufus Y		41st Infantry

Karr, Myers B		113th Infantry
Keever, Moses H		107th Infantry
Kegrice, James C	41st Infantry
Keith, Corwin B		2nd Cavalry
Kelcher, Cornelius	46th Infantry
Kelley, James		140 Infantry
Kelley, Joseph H	41st Infantry
Kelley, Thomas		41st Infantry
Kellog, Henry		105th Infantry
Kelly, Alexander	41st Infantry
Kelly, Joel A		2nd Cavalry
Kelly, John H  		20th Infantry
Kelly, Joseph J. 	107th Infantry
Kelly, Joseph J. 	107th Infantry
Kelly, Thomas		41st Infantry
Kelly, William B 	20th Infantry
Kelly, Zachary T	68th Infantry
Kendall, Lemuel		107th Infantry
Kennison, Wm. G		107th Infantry
Kenny, Hiram		154th Infantry
Kerr, John Alex		41st Infantry
Kerr, Joseph		41st Infantry
Keys, Latham M		41st Infantry
Kiley, William		107th Infantry
Kimball, Joseph A	105th Infantry
Kinder, Thomas G	41st Infantry
King, Edward H		107th Infantry
King, Geo. W		26th Infantry
King, George M		4th Cavalry
King, George W		26th Infantry
King, George W		68th Infantry
King, Joel E 		20th Infantry
King, Jonathan		41st Infantry
King, Sylvester M  	20th Infantry
King, William		41st Infantry
Kinney, John		4th Cavalry
Kinney, John J 		20th Infantry
Kirbo, John W		39th Infantry
Kirby, Henry		107th Infantry
Kirby, James C		4th Cavalry
Kirby, John D		4th Cavalry
Klinglore, Richard	41st Infantry
Kneadler, Abner C  	20th Infantry
Knepper, Flevious	140 Infantry
Knighlar, Isaac T	140 Infantry
Knobbs, Charles		1st Light Artillery
Knobbs, John		107th Infantry
Knof, William		41st Infantry
Kranich, Alfred		68th Infantry
Krepps, Andrew J	107th Infantry
Kuglar, Joseph		140 Infantry
Kyler, George		1st Light Artillery

Laferty, James A	41st Infantry
Lafferty, Isaac C	1st Light Artillery
Laforce, Daniel		107th Infantry
Lakins, John		32nd Infantry
Lamb, William H		52nd Infantry
Lampson, Charleds E	145th Infantry
Landley, John		55th Infantry
Landy, James		46th Infantry
Lane, Francis M		41st Infantry
Lane, John L		68th Infantry
Lane, Madison		107th Infantry
Lane, Morgan		41st Infantry
Lankenaw, Henry		39th Infantry
Lantermans, Henry C	68th Infantry
Lappan, James O		41st Infantry
Lawles, Charles L	52nd Infantry
Lawrence, Reuben N	38th Infanrty
Lawrence, Reuben N	38th Infanrty
LcLaughin, John		39th Infantry
Lear, Cornelius		4th Cavalry
Ledbetter, Job F	17th Cavalry
Leever, John W		107th Infantry
Leever, Oliver		107th Infantry
Leigher, John H		38th Infanrty
Leighner, Isaiah M	145th Infantry
Lemen, James M 		20th Infantry
Lemon, James D		39th Infantry
Lemon, John J Jr	107th Infantry
Lemon, William		107th Infantry
Leper, Huston		107th Infantry
Lester, Madison		41st Infantry
Lewis, Benjamin S	107th Infantry
Lewis, Eckhart 		105th Infantry
Lewis, Erastus C	107th Infantry
Lewis, George		107th Infantry
Lewis, John 		107th Infantry
Lewis, John C		41st Infantry
Lewis, Thomas		107th Infantry
Lighner, Isaiah M	68th Infantry
Lighthall, Robert W	2nd Light Artillery
Lillard, Joseph	2nd Light Artillery
Lillard, Joseph E	17th Cavalry
Lillard, W B		68th Infantry
Lillard, Wm E		17th Cavalry
Linn, Gergo W		39th Infantry
Lisenby, John		68th Infantry
Lisenby, John		107th Infantry
Lissenby, Benjamin	145th Infantry
Lister, Alford		107th Infantry
Lister, William		41st Infantry
Littley, Lazarus	2nd Cavalry
Livingston, Huntly	46th Infantry
Livingston, Richard I	107th Infantry
Lofton, Barney		107th Infantry
Long, Jacob		107th Infantry
Long, John		140 Infantry
Long, Lewis 		20th Infantry
Long, Lewis  		20th Infantry
Longbrake, James E	107th Infantry
Lookinbill, Matthew	107th Infantry
Looking, DeWitt C	145th Infantry
Lookingbell, Bartely	107th Infantry
Lookwood, William S	52nd Infantry
Lord, James M		2nd Cavalry
Loveridge, Jefferson S	2nd Light Artillery
Loveridge, Jerome	46th Infantry
Low, James		105th Infantry
Lowery, Geroge L	107th Infantry
Lowry, David 		107th Infantry
Lowry, David 		107th Infantry
Lucas, Lafayette  	20th Infantry
Lucen, Thomas		39th Infantry
Luck, william		1st Light Artillery
Lunn, Richard		107th Infantry
Lunn, Richard		1st Light Artillery
Lutis, Jacob		2nd Cavalry
Lyons, James		41st Infantry
Lyons, John		39th Infantry
Lyons, Michael		68th Infantry
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