Civil War Registration
A - G

A list of all free, white, able-bodied male citizens between the ares of 18 and 45 who were subject to military duty.

DWGQ: Winter 1975 Vol I No 1 Spring 1976 Vol II No 1 Winter 1976 Vol II No 4 Fall 1976 Vol II No 3
NAME TOWNSHIP Abbot, James H Wapella Abbot, John Wapella Abbott, W W Wapella Abott, Charles Wapella Ackerson, Joseph Waynesville Acton, George W Texas Acton, Jefferson Harp Adams, B Franklin Clintonia Adams, Calvin Clintonia Adams, Franklin Clintonia Adams, G H DeWitt Adams, Jackson Clintonia Adams, James Clintonia Adams, James Texas Adams, John Clintonia Adams, John Creek Adams, John H Barnett Adams, P S Texas Adams, Richard Waynesville Adams, Thomas Clintonia Adams, Wm W Clintonia Adkisson, Bentley Clintonia Adkisson, J Clintonia Adkisson, John Clintonia Adkisson, Thomas Benton Clintonia Adult, Isaac W Rutledge Ailer, Augustus DeWitt Ailer, Wilson DeWitt Aler, Augustus Nixon Alexander, Andrew A Wapella Alexander, E Orin Waynesville Alexander, Wm Wapella Allison, William W Wilson Allsup, H T Texas Allsup, J F Texas Allsup, Wm Texas Allyn, Eds W Clintonia Alsop Jr, Wm Tunbridge Alsop, John Tunbridge Alsop, Wm Tunbridge Anderson, G A Nixon Anderson, Timothy Nixon Anderson. L D Tunbridge Andrew, Charles Rutledge Andrew, David Rutledge Andrew, J J Clintonia Andrews, H Texas Andrews, Henry T Waynesville Andrews, J J Clintonia Andrews, Wm Clintonia Anlsey, Sol Wapella Anston, Andrew J Wapella Antclison, John Wapella Arbogast, D H Santa Anna Arbogast, David DeWitt Arbogast, Geo B DeWitt Arbogast, George Rutledge Arbogast, Henry C Rutledge Arbogast, Henry J Rutledge Arbogast, John W DeWitt Argo, E G Clintonia Argo, Smauel Clintonia Argo, T J Clintonia Argo, Thomas Clintonia Argo, Wm Clintonia Aristme, Charles Texas Arler, George Santa Anna Armstrong, Elsberry Barnett Armstrong, George Clintonia Armstrong, Henry T Barnett Armstrong, Hyram Tunbridge Armstrong, J W Tunbridge Armstrong, James G Barnett Armstrong, James M Barnett Armstrong, William Barnett Arnett, John Waynesville Arnold, S E Creek Arther, M Clintonia Atchison, David Waynesville Atherton, Alexander Waynesville Atherton, Cyrus Waynesville Atherton, John Wapella Atherton, Jonathan Waynesville Atkins, Francis D Waynesville Atkinson, Hiram DeWitt Atkison, Robt Waynesville Aughenbaugh, Chas Clintonia Aughenbaugh, G W Clintonia Autherson, A H Texas Autherton, Alfred Clintonia Babb, Amos DeWitt Babb, Amos Harp Bailey, Henry Harp Bailey, Joab DeWitt Bailey, John T Barnett Bailey, T F Clintonia Baits, Wm A Rutledge Baker, Daniel H DeWitt Baker, Harvy DeWitt Baker, Isaac Waynesville Baker, Jarvis Santa Anna Baker, John Santa Anna Baker, John Waynesville Baker, P W Santa Anna Baker, William DeWitt Baker, Wm Santa Anna Baldwin, J J DeWitt Baldwin, Thomas DeWitt Baling, Wm H Wilson Ball, James Creek Ball, James A Barnett Ball, R A Creek Ballew, Alxed Waynesville Balson, William Wilson Baly, Henry W Rutledge Bannote, Morris Santa Anna Banta, John Clintonia Banta, Jordan Clintonia Bants, John Clintonia Baram, Aran Texas Barber, A H C Clintonia Barber, T Clintonia Barclay, Daniel Wapella Barnes, Henry DeWitt Barnes, Thomas S Harp Barnes, Wm S DeWitt Barnet, James Clintonia Barnet, Nathan Harp Barnett, B F Barnett Barnett, H Wm Clintonia Barnett, Horace Barnett Barnett, James Barnett Barnett, John W Barnett Barnett, Lyman T Barnett Barnett, Nathan M Barnett Barnett, Nathanial Harp Barnett, Richard Clintonia Barnett, Simeon Barnett Barnett, Wm Clintonia Barngrover, Andrew Harp Barngrover, Harvy Harp Barnhart, Martin Nixon Barr, Hamilton Barnett Barr, J W Barnett Barr, John Barnett Barr, Prettyman Barnett Barr, Thomas Barnett Barr, William Barnett Barrens, Robert Rutledge Barrickman, Allen W Nixon Bartley, John Barnett Barton, John Wapella Barton, W B Santa Anna Bates, Denjamin Barnett Bates, G W Clintonia Bates, Jordan Clintonia Bates, Lewis Clintonia Bateson, Lewis DeWitt Batson, William Rutledge Batterton, John W Creek Batterton, Westly Creek Batterton, William H Creek Batterton, Wm Creek Bay, Edwin DeWitt Bayless, Daniel F Waynesville Bayless, John P Waynesville Bayless, W R Waynesville Bayley, John Harp Beal, Henry Creek Beale, Wm C DeWitt Bean, James H Rutledge Bean, Wm W Waynesville Beard, William Tunbridge Bearing, Lewis Clintonia Beatty, Charles Clintonia Beatty, I B Clintonia Beaver, Alpeus DeWitt Bebout, Wm Wapella Beebe, Albert Clintonia Beebe, Hiram Barnett Beebe, Orley Barnett Bell, David Creek Bell, G W Clintonia Bell, Henry Creek Bell, J W Clintonia Bell, J Wm Clintonia Benerd, Peter C DeWitt Bennett, Aquilla Creek Bennett, David Creek Bennett, David Texas Bennett, Emanuel Texas Bennett, George Creek Bennett, H S Texas Bennett, Henry Creek Bennett, J C Creek Bennett, John J Creek Bennett, Joseph Creek Bennett, Wm J Creek Benton, Wm Waynesville Berring, Lewis Clintonia Berry, John Santa Anna Berry, John C Clintonia Bettzer, A T Clintonia Bettzer, J W Clintonia Betzer, Asad Clintonia Betzer, Enoch Clintonia Betzer, Isaac Clintonia Bevis, Henry Clintonia Bidwell, Jackson Harp Bidwell, M S Harp Billington, Henry Waynesville Bincler, G W Wapella Birch, John Waynesville Bisell, A S Santa Anna Bishop, George H Barnett Bishop, John Clintonia Bishop, Wm Clintonia Black, Robert Barnett Blackford, A J Clintonia Blackford, Albert Clintonia Blake, Samuel J D Clintonia Blakie, John Texas Blount, John R Harp Blue, David Texas Blue, J W Texas Blue, John Tunbridge Blythe, John W Wilson Boatman, Robert Creek Boben, Walter Creek Bogar, F H Clintonia Bogar, H F Clintonia Bogar, Jacob Harp Boggess, H T Barnett Bogus, Havery Barnett Boid, M M Creek Bolin, Charles Wilson Book, J C Clintonia Bookart, Christepher Harp Booth, John Waynesville Borders, Wm B Clintonia Bordner, Daniel DeWitt Bordor, Solomon Wapella Boromon, Jacob Tunbridge Boromon, Philip Tunbridge Borrin, John Creek Boruff, J P Tunbridge Bosserman Jr, Michael DeWitt Bosserman, Daniel DeWitt Bosserman, David DeWitt Bosserman, Edward Nixon Bosserman, John Nixon Bosserman, Samuel DeWitt Bosserman, William DeWitt Bowen, James Wapella Bowen, John Wapella Bowen, Samuel Creek Bowers, J W Barnett Bowers, Joseph Clintonia Bowles, Robert B Barnett Bowls, Hughs Barnett Bowls, J P Clintonia Bowls, J P Tunbridge Bowls, Wm M Clintonia Bowman, Jacob Waynesville Bowman, John Barnett Bowman, John J Waynesville Boyce, Theodore Waynesville Boyd, Albert Waynesville Boyd, Benjamin Waynesville Boyd, Hiram Waynesville Boyd, John Waynesville Bracken, Duffy Clintonia Bracken, James Clintonia Bracken, Thomas Clintonia Bradford, William DeWitt Bradley, John E Barnett Brady, Allen DeWitt Brady, Stephen DeWitt Branard, Wm J Clintonia Brealsford, William Tunbridge Brennan, James Santa Anna Brennan, Pat Santa Anna Briant, Thomas Clintonia Bricky, Wm Rutledge Briggs, George Creek Briton, Joseph Harp Britten, Isaac F Clintonia Britten, John E Clintonia Britten, Wm Clintonia Brittin, Isaac Clintonia Brittin, J M Harp Brittin, James L Harp Brittin, John E Clintonia Brittin, Morris Rutledge Brittin, Nathan Harp Brittin, Wm H Clintonia Britton, George P Rutledge Britton, N T Harp Brock, James H Waynesville Brock, Moses Wilson Brooks, _ M Wapella Brooks, James T Wapella Brooks, Jonathan Rutledge Brooks, Rolley Nixon Brooks, W S Santa Anna Brower, James Barnett Brower, James Clintonia Brown, A J Santa Anna Brown, Andrew DeWitt Brown, Charles C Clintonia Brown, Charles D Clintonia Brown, David Clintonia Brown, Delos Wapella Brown, Eli Clintonia Brown, George Rutledge Brown, Henry Rutledge Brown, J P Wapella Brown, James Clintonia Brown, James F Wapella Brown, James M DeWitt Brown, John Santa Anna Brown, John R Clintonia Brown, John S Creek Brown, Millington Rutledge Brown, Samuel M Santa Anna Brown, Wesley Wilson Brown, William Harp Brown, Wm Santa Anna Bruce, Charles Texas Brumfield, Andrew Waynesville Bruner, George W Barnett Bruner, Jacob Creek Bruner, James Texas Bryan, Thomas O Santa Anna Bryant, Wm C Wapella Buck, Asaph Wapella Buck, Irvin Waynesville Buck, Jasper J Waynesville Buck, Melvertis Rutledge Buck, Oliver H Waynesville Buck, Wm M Wapella Buf, Learpold Clintonia Bullock, John W Clintonia Burdick, E W DeWitt Burgen, David Harp Burget, J Q Tunbridge Burison, Robert Clintonia Burison, Samuel Clintonia Burison, Wm Clintonia Burk, John Wapella Burlew, Alexander Barnett Burnison, Robert Clintonia Burnison, Samuel Clintonia Burns, J A Clintonia Burns, R W Clintonia Burton, Richd Wapella Burton, Samuel Tunbridge Busell, John L Wapella Busell, Thos R Wapella Buskell, R A Santa Anna Butler, G W Tunbridge Butterworth, James Wapella Butterworth, James Wilson Butterworth, John Wilson Buttler, Peter Tunbridge Byerley, Samuel Texas Byerly, I W Tunbridge Byrley, F D Texas Byrley, Samuel Texas Cackley, A D Barnett Cackley, A D Clintonia Cackley, J F Clintonia Cackley, Y John Clintonia Cain, A W Clintonia Cain, J B Clintonia Cain, Thomas Wilson Callison, William DeWitt Campbel, Joseph Harp Campbell, B Clintonia Campbell, Barzilla Clintonia Campbell, C H Tunbridge Campbell, Enos Clintonia Campbell, G B Clintonia Campbell, Israel Clintonia Campbell, John W Santa Anna Campbell, Lewis Clintonia Campbell, Nelson Texas Campbell, Wm Clintonia Campbell, Wm Wapella Campbell, Wm C Clintonia Canaday, William Rutledge Canady, James Clintonia Canby, James Wapella Cantrall, Eli Barnett Cantrall, John R Waynesville Cantrall, Joshua C Waynesville Cantrall, Miles T Waynesville Cantrall, Wm H Waynesville Cantrall, Z D Barnett Cantrell, A A Tunbridge Cantrell, Wm L Tunbridge Cantril, John S Waynesville Cardiff, William Harp Cardiff, Wm H Harp Carey, John B Clintonia Carl, Wm R Wapella Carlock, Samuel Creek Carmin, Joseph C Waynesville Carpenter, H J Nixon Carper, Philip DeWitt Carr, Clark Nixon Carr, Isaac L Nixon Carroll, John Clintonia Carter Jr., Wm Clintonia Carter, W E Clintonia Carter, Wm S Clintonia Cary, Bolaski Harp Cary, H L Harp Cary, John B Clintonia Caton, John Wapella Catterlan, William D Creek Catterlin, William Creek Cavender, D M Nixon Cavender, Joshua Harp Chadderdon, James F Waynesville Chambers, John Clintonia Chambers, W C Clintonia Chambers, Wm Clintonia Chaney, Wm DeWitt Chapin, Abraham D DeWitt Chapin, Stilman A DeWitt Chappalier, W W Clintonia Chenny, Darius DeWitt Chenowith, B L Clintonia Chenowith, Gideon Clintonia Chyle, Peter Creek Cisco, Amos Wapella Cisco, Francis Wapella Clagg, James Clintonia Clagg, Wm M Clintonia Clagg, Wm W Clintonia Clark, Daniel Wapella Clark, George Texas Clark, J T Clintonia Clark, James W Santa Anna Clark, John T Clintonia Clark, Lake Santa Anna Clark, Moses R Wapella Clark, N A Texas Clark, Philip Clintonia Clark, Thomas J Clintonia Clark, Wayne Clintonia Clark, William Clintonia Clayton, D H Santa Anna Clearwaters, John W Santa Anna Clemens, John Clintonia Clevenger, Harrison Harp Clevenger, Jonathan Harp Clevenger, Joseph Harp Clifton, A J Texas Clifton, C J Texas Clifton, Jackson Texas Clifton, Job Texas Clifton, John Texas Clifton, Wm J Texas Cline, Mathias Santa Anna Cline, Wm H Waynesville Clinton, D D Texas Clinton, John G Texas Clinton, Vanburen Texas Clive, Wm Barnett Clives, Isaac Barnett Cloud, Daniel Texas Coady, O A Waynesville Cobb, Edgar DeWitt Cobb, Edgar Nixon Cobb, Henry DeWitt Cobb, James B Nixon Cobb, Stafford Clintonia Cobean Jr, Wm Clintonia Cobean, John Clintonia Cobean, Robert Clintonia Cobean, Samuel Clintonia Cobean, Wm Clintonia Coffee, James Wapella Coffman, Joseph Wapella Colaver, Simeon B Clintonia Cole Jr, John DeWitt Cole, Abraham Clintonia Cole, Daniel J Clintonia Cole, Henry DeWitt Cole, Isaac DeWitt Cole, James DeWitt Cole, Richard Waynesville Cole, Thomas DeWitt Cole, William DeWitt Colebaugh, Josiah Waynesville Coleman, E D Barnett Collet, Thomas Creek Collins, Daniel Texas Collins, Joseph A DeWitt Collins, Peter DeWitt Collins, Peter Harp Collins, T W DeWitt Collins, Thomas DeWitt Colliver, Simeon R Clintonia Collyer, W C Clintonia Colwell, Benjamin L Harp Colwell, Milton R Harp Combs, George K Creek Comerford, A L Tunbridge Comstock, William Harp Condell, J W Clintonia Condiff, Wm H Clintonia Conger, Gideon Harp Conklin, A E Clintonia Conklin, J R Clintonia Conklin, John Barnett Conklin, Richey Clintonia Conn, David Creek Conn, Jacob Creek Conn, Samuel Creek Connell, James Clintonia Connelly, Timothy Wilson Conover, Marshal Texas Convers, H E Clintonia Cook, John M Wapella Cooley, John C Clintonia Cooper, George Waynesville Cooper, Nathan Tunbridge Cooper, Thompson Tunbridge Cope, I S Clintonia Cope, L H Clintonia Copeland, Milton M Wapella Copeland, W A Wapella Coppenbarger, David Tunbridge Coppenbarger, Joab Tunbridge Coppenbarger, S P Tunbridge Coppenberger, Jacob Creek Corder, Geo W DeWitt Cornelius, John S Barnett Cornwell, B W Waynesville Cornwell, Paten Texas Cornwell, T P Texas Cornwell, Thomas Texas Cornwell, Wm Texas Cortney, James Barnett Cougher, Thomas Barnett Coulter, S A Nixon Coulter, Wm K Nixon Coverse, H E Clintonia Cowan, Horatio DeWitt Cowles, Chester DeWitt Cox Jr, Wm J Texas Cox, Gilbert Tunbridge Cox, J M Texas Cox, James C Wapella Cox, John W Creek Cox, Peter Harp Cox, Robert H Clintonia Cox, William C Tunbridge Coy, Silas E Wapella Coyler, Wm C Clintonia Craig, Daniel W Creek Craig, James Texas Cramer, O G Waynesville Cramer, Thomas Creek Cramer, Thomas J Texas Crandall, Christopher Nixon Crandall, Perry Nixon Crane, John Waynesville Crane, William Creek Crang, Daniel Clintonia Crang, Edward Clintonia Crang, Edwin Clintonia Crang, Richard R Clintonia Crawford, Bartly Waynesville Crawford, Franklin Barnett Crawford, Jacob Creek Crawford, James Creek Crawford, Thomas DeWitt Creamer, O G Clintonia Cree, Thomas Waynesville Creek, Daniel Santa Anna Creppen, Wilson Wilson Creps, A J DeWitt Cresap, Benjamin F DeWitt Cresap, Edwin DeWitt Crevan, Abner H Wapella Crofford, Robert O Santa Anna Cromer, J M Clintonia Cromer, J M Creek Cromer, Wm Creek Crook, B F DeWitt Crosley, Henry Clintonia Cross Jr, Solomon Creek Cross, Benjaman Texas Cross, George J Creek Cross, James Texas Cross, John Texas Cross, Solomon Creek Cross, Wm Creek Crowel, E R Clintonia Crum, Daniel J Wapella Crum, Hiram Wapella Crum, James Wapella Crum, Wm Wapella Culley, Isaac Wapella Culp, Henry Tunbridge Cuming, A L Santa Anna Cummings, Robert Santa Anna Cumstock, Wm Clintonia Cundiff, Jerome Creek Cundiff, Wm Creek Cundiff, Wm B Texas Cundiff, Wm H Clintonia Cunnigham, J N Wilson Cunningham, Francis Wapella Cunningham, Robert Clintonia Cunningham, Samuel Waynesville Cunningham, Smith Waynesville Cuppy, John Waynesville Curl, Enos M Creek Curtis, R Clintonia Curtright Jr, Samuel Texas Curtright, Joel Texas Cushman, A P Waynesville Cushman, Ira H Waynesville Custer, Samuel R Barnett Daily, Patrick Wapella Danels, Irvin Waynesville Danison, Isaac DeWitt Danison, James DeWitt Danison, Jeremiah DeWitt Danison, Michael DeWitt Danner, Isaac Santa Anna Darnet, Wm Clintonia Darrow, Russell E Waynesville Darsham, Levi DeWitt Darsham, Samuel DeWitt Davenport, Eber Waynesville Davenport, G F Texas Davenport, Hugh Creek Davenport, Mason Texas David, Joshua Texas Davidson, Welcome Barnett Davis, Christopher Creek Davis, Eligah Creek Davis, J K Wilson Davis, Jeremiah DeWitt Davis, Jeremiah Rutledge Davis, Job Rutledge Davis, John Rutledge Davis, Joseph Tunbridge Davis, Remas Tunbridge Davis, Thomas Tunbridge Davis, Thos W Wapella Davis, W H Tunbridge Davis, Walter Clintonia Davis, Walter Harp Davis, Wm Santa Anna Davis, Wm D Creek Davy, Henry Clintonia Dawson, Henry eWitt Dawson, William DeWitt Day, Benjamin A DeWitt Day, Charles Texas Day, D P Nixon Day, Daniel Nixon Day, E O DeWitt Day, Geo A DeWitt Day, George Clintonia Day, George DeWitt Day, Hiram F DeWitt Day, Hiram T DeWitt Day, John E Barnett Day, N C Barnett Day, Samuel Texas Day, Thomas Texas Day, Uriah Creek Daym John W Clintonia Deater, George Creek Deavenport Jr, Thomas Texas Deavenport, G F Texas Deavenport, J I Texas Deavenport, T J Texas Debenport, John J Texas Deboise, F M Harp Decker, Sylvester Rutledge Deckoff, H Clintonia Dehart, Alexander DeWitt Dehart, Alexander Harp DeHaven, Isaac Creek Deigh, James H Wapella Deland, Charles Clintonia Deland, Edward Clintonia Deland, James Clintonia Delange, A Clintonia Delavou, Jacob Nixon Delavou, John T Harp Delavou, Robert Nixon Delavou, Samuel Nixon Delay, Coly Creek DeLeven, M M Clintonia Dell, J Wm Wilson Dempsey, Michael Clintonia Dennett, Charles H Clintonia Dennis, Joesph W Clintonia Dennison, William Nixon Depew, James A Barnett Despain, James Wapella Deter, George Creek Devenport, Isaih Harp Deverse, Edward Creek Dhaven, Isaac Creek Diberd, Jacob W Harp Diberd, John W Harp Dickerson, T S Clintonia Dickerson, William Rutledge Dickinson, T L Clintonia Dickson, James H DeWitt Dickson, Sanford Texas Diebert, Wm Creek Dilavou, Robert Creek Dill, Amous Texas Dillavou, Jacob Nixon Dillavou, Samuel Nixon Dillon, J R DeWitt Dine, Daniel Texas Dine, John Texas Dixon, Sanferd Texas Dockum, Maskell Clintonia Dolly, George W Rutledge Donahoe, Michael Wapella Donahu, John Wapella Donahue, Michael Clintonia Donaldson, James M Creek Donaldson, John Barnett Doneldson, Wm Creek Doner, Hiram Rutledge Donever, John Clintonia Donner, Jonathan C DeWitt Doran, Peter Santa Anna Doty, Samuel Tunbridge Dowdon, John Creek Dowel, James A Texas Dowing, Joesph K Clintonia Downey, James Wapella Downing, James F Wapella Downing, Joe Wapella Downing. J K Clintonia Downs, Dudley Wapella Doyle, J H Santa Anna Dragstrem, Rolla H Waynesville Drew, Ned Harp Druly, Joseph S Waynesville Drum, John Nixon Drum, Phillip Nixon Drury, Frederick Harp Drybread, Wm L Santa Anna Dtodard, Carlos Harp Dudley, T Clintonia Dugan, Calvin DeWitt Dugan, James E DeWitt Duncan, John A Tunbridge Dunge, John Harp Dungy, Charles Wapella Dunham, Jas B Waynesville Duninger, Phillip Wapella Durben, D M Santa Anna Dye, A M Clintonia Dyer, Clement Clintonia Dyer, George Clintonia Dyer, John Clintonia Dyer, Wm Clintonia Eads, Addison A Barnett Eaman, E B Creek Eason, Jonson Texas East, Rushes Wapella Eaton, Samuel Clintonia Ebberman, Joseph Waynesville Eby, David Waynesville Eby, John Waynesville Eby, Newton Waynesville Edmiston, David Clintonia Edmundson, D W Clintonia Edmundson, T K Clintonia Edtherton, Philip Clintonia Edwards, Isaac Creek Edwards, Thomas Creek Elarton, Chester Nixon Elarton, John Nixon Elder, Noah Clintonia Elder, Noah Harp Eldride, J H Texas Elerton, John Nixon Elerton, Wm Creek Ellerton, William Creek Ellington, Daniel Waynesville Ellington, David W Waynesville Ellington, Isaac Barnett Ellington, Terry Clintonia Ellington, Wm Clintonia Ellis, William A Waynesville Ellsworth, Wm J Rutledge Elsworth, Duncan P Wilson Elsworth, Hamilton B Wilson Elsworth, Walker Wilson Ely, Darius Barnett Ely, Darius Clintonia Ely, LaFayette Clintonia Ely, LaFayette Creek Ely, Oliver D Clintonia Ely, Ovrton Creek Embry, G W Tunbridge Emery Jr, J T Harp Emery, Ira F Wapella Emory, John Wilson Emory, Robert Wilson Emrick, George Texas Emrick, John Tunbridge Ennis, William DeWitt Erwin, Thomas R Tunbridge Erwin, Wm Santa Anna Etherton, P H Clintonia Eubank, Joseph Harp Evans, Jas M Waynesville Ewing, R M Clintonia Ewing, S S Clintonia Ewing, Thomas Barnett Fairchild, C E Tunbridge Fallon, Barny Tunbridge Fariechild, C R Tunbridge Farmer, C Santa Anna Farmer, George Santa Anna Farmer, Henry Santa Anna Farnesworth, Benjamin DeWitt Farris, Isaac Barnett Farris, John Barnett Fellowsm A W Rutledge Fennel, James Harp Fenner, John W Harp Fern, Charles E Clintonia Fieldes, Robert Harp Fields, Jonathan Harp Finch, G Wapella Finkbine, J Clintonia Fisher, James Barnett Fisher, John DeWitt Fisk, Orin Barnett Fisk, William Barnett Fisk, Wm Texas Fitzgeral, Wm Wapella Fitzgerald, James Barnett Fitzpatrick, John S Clintonia Fitzpatrick, Newton Clintonia Fleming, Isaac Waynesville Flemming, H M Wapella Flood, J E DeWitt Flood, James DeWitt Flood, Jeremiah DeWitt Flood, R H DeWitt Foley, John Wm DeWitt Foley, Stephen DeWitt Forbes, William DeWitt Ford, C P Clintonia Ford, Newton J Santa Anna Ford, W S Clintonia Fordice, Walter H DeWitt Fosnot, John Waynesville Foster, John Clintonia Foster, John Creek Foster, Josep Wapella Foster, Joseph G Clintonia Fowler, John Wapella Fowly, Nickles Harp Fox, J H Tunbridge Fraley, Thomas DeWitt Frambers, J P Clintonia Francis, Jacob Waynesville Franklin, James D Creek Freeman, George W Wapella French, Frank Barnett French, S C Barnett Frisby, Thomas Waynesville Frost, Charles H Wapella Fruit, E W Tunbridge Fruit, John D Tunbridge Fuller, Daniel Rutledge Fuller, Smith Clintonia Funk, Absolom Wapella Funk, Cyrus Clintonia Funk, Henry Santa Anna Funk, Thos C Wapella Furgerson, John DeWitt Furgeson, James Wapella Furr, David A Waynesville Gaddis, Able Creek Gaddis, John Tunbridge Gaddis, Levy D Tunbridge Gaddis, W A Tunbridge Gaddis, Wesley Tunbridge Galogly, Ezra Waynesville Gamble, Wm Creek Gambrel, James Barnett Gambrel, Lewis Barnett Gambrel, William Barnett Gamby, William Waynesville Gandy, George Tunbridge Gandy, James Tunbridge Gandy, Shepperd Tunbridge Gano, G B Creek Gano, John S DeWitt Gano, Lorenzo Harp Garalrant, Charles Tunbridge Gardener Jr, Thos Santa Anna Gardner, A J Santa Anna Gardner, Charles Barnett Gardner, Charles Wilson Gardner, J M Wilson Gardner, John Waynesville Gardner, John Wilson Gardner, Parker Wilson Gardner, T W Clintonia Gardner, Thomas B Tunbridge Gardner, William H Barnett Gariott, Franklin P Tunbridge Gariott, Henry A Tunbridge Garret, Martin Nixon Garrett, J R Texas Garrett, Joseph B Barnett Garrett, Larkin Texas Garton, John Texas Gaston, Ira M P Wapella Gatchell, K S Clintonia Gates, Jesse S Wapella Gay, S W Texas Gear, William Rutledge Gedden, Robert DeWitt Gedwith, Morris Wapella Geer, George W Wilson Geer, J H Wilson Geer, J J DeWitt Geer, Wm R Tunbridge Gesford, Henry Santa Anna Gessferd, Steven Harp Gibson, George G Wapella Gibson, Thos Clintonia Giddings Jr, Milton Clintonia Giddings, Edward Clintonia Gideon, E W Clintonia Gideon, George Wm Clintonia Gideon, Nathan E Clintonia Giffeth, Wesely Harp Gillmore, William Waynesville Glen, P W Nixon Glenn, Daniel Texas Glenn, J W Rutledge Glenn, Robert Texas Glenn, Wallas Nixon Glenn, William Nixon Glick, Amos Clintonia Goble, Isaac Waynesville Godden, Robert DeWitt Golay, Joseph Harp Goldsberry, Thomas Nixon Goldsmith, Edward Clintonia Goldsmith, Joseph Clintonia Goodbrake, C Clintonia Gooden, Hiram DeWitt Goodmon, John Harp Goodrich, Allen P Waynesville Goodrich, Carmi Waynesville Goodrich, Jas M Waynesville Goodrich, R P Barnett Gordon, Lewis F Wapella Gordon, Mount Wapella Gossard, Philip T Wapella Gourcy, Joseph Harp Grady, Benjamin F Clintonia Grady, J R Texas Grady, James M Clintonia Grady, Robert M Clintonia Graham, A S Creek Graham, Absalom Creek Graham, G B Tunbridge Graham, Harvy Creek Graham, J D Creek Graham, James M Barnett Graham, John Creek Graham, Joseph Barnett Graham, W W Barnett Granger, John F Harp Grant, John Clintonia Grant, John Creek Grant, Wm H Clintonia Graves, A J Clintonia Graves, George W Wapella Graves, John H Texas Gray, George Rutledge Gray, Hiram Harp Greckam, James Creek Green, Henry S Clintonia Green, I M Clintonia Green, John Clintonia Green, Timothy Wapella Green, Willis Texas Greenman, John DeWitt Gregorry, Feroy M Wapella Gregory, George Creek Gregory, John Creek Gregory, Solomon Tunbridge Grey, Eli Waynesville Grey, Jonathan Waynesville Griffen, Elias Tunbridge Griffeth, Daniel Harp Griffin, George A Tunbridge Griffith, John Santa Anna Griffith, Levi Harp Griffith, Newton Harp Griffith, Westly Harp Griner, George W Barnett Grissen, Jams Texas Grissom, James Texas Groff, Lewis Wapella Grover, George Creek Groves, Charles Waynesville Groves, Cyrus Barnett Groves, David Barnett Groves, Eli W Barnett Groves, George Waynesville Groves, John Barnett Groves, Wm Wapella Guneow, Lowronso Harp Guy, James Creek Guy, Samuel H Creek Guye, James Harp
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