This church was organized by W.P. Bowles in March, 1850. Twenty persons entered into this 
organization as charter members, leaving the old Christian connection to join this young 
congregation. Among the first officers were T. Lane and Dr. Simmerman, the present elders. The
following ministers have labored for this congregation: Dr. Simmerman, Dudley Downs, J.J. Miles,
Edwin Rodgers, George Sweeny, D.D. Miller, and L.M. Robinson. In 1866 a public discussion was 
held between this church and the Christian connection, Dudley Downs representing the Christian 
church and Dr. Summerbell the Christian connection. They have no church building, and hold their
meetings in the Lane school-house. The present membership is sixty. L.M. Robinson preaches for 
this congregation once a month. the great need of this church is a house of worship; had they 
this much more good might be accomplished by this congregation. End.
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