In and around Farmer City lived quite a number of persons who had been members of the Christian
church in Ohio, and elsewhere. These, with others interested, decided to build a house of 
worship and then organize the church. In the fall of 1864 they had the house erected; 
immediately after the completion of the house, Dudley Downs commenced protracted meeting, and 
October 4, 1864, organized the church. Twenty -five persons entered into this congregation. The
first officers were, elders--Milam Moore and John Lemon; deacons, J.F. Bean and Samuel Watson.
The regular pastors since were T.E.C. Bennett, S.K. Hallem, W.t. Maupin, and S.K. Shields. 
Successful protracted meetings have been held by R.B.Roberts in April 1868, with forty-five 
additions, and by D.P. Henderson, in the winter of 1876, with one hundred and two additions. 
Over three hundred persons have had membership with this congregation, the present membership is
sixty-nine. The present officers are, elders---Jefferson Wetzel and H.H. Welch; deacons. J.H.
Bean, Z.F. Moran, Nathan Welch, and Chas. Prior.  The church was without a pastor from 1879 to 
1881, and have recently employed D.K. Shields as pastor of the church. the present house of 
worship cost $3,500, with a seating capacity of 400; is situated near the center of the town, on
Main street; was dedicated by J.Z. Taylor in 1865. A public dissuasion was held in the church in
June, 1868, between R.B. Roberts, Christian, and E. Mansford, Universalist.  This church has an
excellent Sunday-school, average attendance sixty, Mre.J.H. Bean, superintendent.  End.
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