The Second Baptist Church, (colored)

This church was organized in 1872 under the labors of Elder  Thomas Reasoner, who labored  among 
the this people as an Evangelist with some success. He found  a people here who were formerly 
slaves in the Southern States, and were crushed under the iron wheels of slave power, and as a 
matter of course were brought up in ignorance, but since the famous Emancipation Proclamation 
by President Lincoln, they have undertaken to act for themselves in the matter of religion and 
politics, and consequently, wherever they have opportunity , they meet together to worship God
according to the dictates of  the Bible and their own consciences. 

The names of the constituent members of this church are as follows: Polly Jackson, Mary Jackson, 
Samuel Jackson, Peter Simpson, B.W. Livingstone.  Elder J.M. Davis served the church for one 
year followed by Elder William Watson, Elder Isaac Stratton, and the present pastor Elder Andrew
Newsome.  They have succeeded in erecting and paying for a neat little meeting house at a cost 
of $700,. the present membership is eighteen.  The Separate Baptists churches of this county 
have been in existence for a long time, They claim the Scriptures od Devine truth as the only
rule of faith and practice, and while they differ in some respects from the great body of 
Baptists, yet they are firm adherents of Bible doctrine as they understand it, they practice 
feet washing, as a church ordinance, and open or free communion; these are perhaps the main 
differences,  otherwise they are faithful advocates of leading doctrines of the Bible.  In 
their manners they are plain and humble followers of Jesus. End.
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