The Protestant Methodist Church:

A society of the Protestant  Methodist Church was organized in this county in 1850, at De Witt, 
then at several other points, till a circuit with regular preaching was established. After some
years a substantial brick house of worship was erected in the town of De Witt. the annual 
conference was held in this building soon after it was completed. The following facts are all 
the writer has been able to obtain for this history; The Rev. John L. Scott, the present worthy
pastor or the Protestant Methodist Church informs me that the De Witt circuit has five 
preaching places in this county, one at De Witt with fifteen menbers, one at Prarie Centre with
fifty, one at Swisher's with twenty, one at Walnut Grove with twelve, one at Fullerton with 
fourteen,  and one at Davenport with ten members. there  are two other societies on the circuit;
part of the numbers reside in this county, and  the whole number in the pastoral charge is 166.
The present pastor organized the societies at Swisher's and at Fullerton. Mr. Scott has been 
quite successful in securing  additions to the church at several points. Rev. Wm. Cottingham 
and Rev. Archibald McConkey, of De Witt, have for many years been active and earnest laborers 
in this branch of the Church of Christ. End.
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