Long Point M. E. Church

Twenty years ago this society was in a fair prosperity. There seems to be no record when 
preaching began in this part of the county. The writer became aquatinted with  as pastor for 
two years in 1857 and '58. Then, and years after, it formed a part of Randolph grave circuit. 
In 1858 the meeting-house was completed. Among the principal members then were John Wilson, 
Henry Morrison, Myrus Boling, Widow Scott, and their families, and Mrs. John Brown. Myrus Boling
and family left the church; John Wilson died, and his family and Henry Morrison moved away, 
leaving a few only to" hold the fort".  They have most of the time had the same pastors in 
Wapella. A debate occurred years ago in Long Point M.E. church between Rev. John Luccock, 
Methodist, of Peoria, and Rev. Mr. Franklin, of  the Christian church, from Cincinnati, with no 
visible beneficent results. One mile from this place Methodist worship, the Christian church 
has their church rendering it difficult for both to prosper so near each other in a country 
neighborhood.  Under the labors of their present minister, Rev. Mr. Tindale, a good congregation
is in attendance, and hopeful prosperity may be look for by this society. End:
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