Kenny M.E. Church:

Was organized mostly of members formerly composing the Pleasant Valley Society. Under the 
pastorate of Rev. Wm. B. Howard, a comfortable house of worship was erected by the Pleasant 
Valley members in 1861. Rev. Joseph Howard and Wm. Humphrey contributed largely to this 
enterprise; but when the town of Kenny had been established several years, it was thought 
prudent (as the church was three miles distant) to remove it to Kenny, which was done in
1875. Kenny was connected  awhile with Chestnut, Logan, and with Maroa, im Macon county; 
but at present with the Waynesville circuit.  the pastors have been in 1874, Robert Stephens,; 
1875, W.A. Smith; in 1876 F.M. Hays; 1877-----Tombs; 1878 and '79, W.R. Howard; 1880 and'81, 
Henry Adams.

In August 1878, Rev. Joseph Howard, a member of this church, died ar the advanced age of 
eighty-one years. He removed from Ohio to this county in 1834, and took his share of the 
privations, and did his part in the labors of the early settlers. During his entire life he 
was known as possessing sterling worth as a citizen and a Christian gentleman, and as a wise 
counselor on questions of county and ecclesiastical policy in several relations. Hid funeral 
discourse was by Rev. Dr. Buck. Many public men of the county attended the funeral services at 

In the winter of 1881, Rev. Henry Adams had a very profitable series of meetings in Kenny. By 
his fervent ministry the membership of the church was doubled, and a marked moral improvement
has  pervaded the general community since that meeting. Dr. Adams is the son of Rev. H.C. Adams, 
of Clinton, who was one of the most successful evangelists in the county for about forty years. 
Though now near seventy years of age, his mental activity and snap has not abated.  The incidents
connected with his life would make a book of attractive interest.The membership at Kenny numbers
about eighty. There is also a prosperous Sabbath-school.  End
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