George  Cisco

George Cisco lived in the Wapella vicinity most of his lifetime.  He married Lena
Nichols and they had two children:  Orville and Helen.  Helen died of pneumonia
when young.  Following Lena's death he married Alice Ellis and they had two
children:  Dallas and Dorthea.  Dorthea died when small.

Orville married Edith Vinson and they had four choldren:  Twin girls  Manine and
Helena.  (Helena died at the age of three months) and Mavis and George.  Orville,
his father and a half brother were killed in 1956 in Clinton when struck bythe "Green
Diamond" train.

Mavis married Dale Shipley and they had two children: William, who died at birth and Garry.
Garry married Lana Wrage of the Chestnut area and they have a daughter, Jackie Sue.

Maxine married Mark Hoose and they had three children:  Dorothy, Duane, and John.  Both
Mark and Maxine Hoose died in 1972.

Dorothy is married to William Kellems and they have no children.  Duane married Judy
Morgan and they have two boys:  Mark and Matthew.  John married Charlene Grant and they
have three daughters:  Julie, Susie, and Debbie.

George Cisco married Betty Gelsthorpe and they have one son, Orville Eugene.  He married
Chatherine Fox and they have a son, Ryan Eugene.

Saunder Francisco - (Cisco)

Saunder Francisco was born in Europe about 1766.  According to family tradition, he
came to America at the age of 17 as a stowaway on a ship.  He settled in Jackson County,
Tennessee, married, and had a family of seven sons and two daughters.

His son William Cisco was born in 1810.  William Cisco came to Waynesbille, Illinois in
1836.  His children were: Amos, Francis, Ira, Wade, John, Sarah, Rhoda, Mahala, Lucinda,
Amanda, and Mary.

Wade Cisco was born February 24, 1845.  Wade lived in the Waynesville area all his life. 
He had one son, William R., and two daughters.

William R. Cisco was born at Waynesville in 1876.  He married Emma Gelsthorpe.  They had
seven children:  Robert, Merle, John, Carl, Fern, Edith, and Iona.

John L. Cisco was born at Waynesville in 1909.  He married Dorothy Garr in 1835.  They 
have always lived in Waynesville.  John and Dorothy are the parents of six children:
Larry, Atlanta; Jerry and Richard, Waynesville; Kenneth, Normal; Mrs. Say Myers (Bonnie),
Bloomington; and Mrs. Paul Bailey, (Nancy), McLean.

Jerry L. Cisco was born at Waynesville in 1939.  He married Diana Barry in 1959.  They 
have four children:  Beth, Mark, Lara and Jeane.

Richard Cisco was born in Waynesville in 1940.  He married Ellen Mandrell in 1960.  They
have two children: Cynthia and Annette.


David Ellington came here in 1828, from Ohio.  He was the father of Daniel Ellington. 
Daniel enlisted June 16, 1861 and fought in the battle of Danelson, at Shiloh, was
wounded and discharged in 1862.

Daniel Ellington, in 1863, married Catherine Ellington and they were the parents of nine
children; a son named Isaac (Doc), who married Cora Johnson.  They were the parents of
nine children: a daughter Dessie, who married Warren Weaver at Clinton, Illinois, a rural
mail carrier, they were the parents of twelve children.  Dessie is still living in Heyworth,
Illinois and is 88 years old, ten of her children still survive; Charles, a son died in
infancy; a son Samuel married Gladys foster.  They are the parents of two daughters,
Mildred Valentine, of Waynesville, and Mary Huff  of Bloomington.

Ora, a daughter, married Frank Wilson, a farmer.  No children.  both are deceased.

Samuel and Gladys are both deceased.  Mattie, a daughter, married Henry Wilson, a
farmer of Waynesville.  They were the parents of one son, Cater.  Henry and Carter are
both deceased; Wilma a daughter, married Elmer Burley a farmer of Champaign, who
were the parents of two children, Eldon of Toledo, and Joyce Wilson of California. 

Helen, a daughter, married Harold Reinhart a farmer and were the parents of two sons,
Wendel of DeWitt, and Dale of Waynesville; Bell, a daughter, married Joe McFall of
Urbana, a farmer, and were the parents of one daughter Joan.  Bell and Joe are both
deceased; Otis a son, married Nellie Naugle, and they are the parents of three daughters,
Betty Shaffer, of Danvers, Juanita Shaffer, of Waynesville, and Jeaneen Smith, of
Taylorville.  Otis is Road Commissioner of Waynesville Township.


Eli and Nancy Scott Halsey were among many of the early settlers of Waynesville, 
having farmed since 1838. They were the parents of 15 children, among them Ira Halsey.

Ira married Ida Hayes and they also farmed.  They were the parents of Marion who married 
Martha Wikle. They had one son Carl Bryan who was married to Anna Mae Ruble (now deceased) 
and they resided near Waynesville.  They were the parents of eight children: Joseph
now deceased.

Carmen married Everett Mearida from Wapella.  There are two children - Sherlyn and Judy,
who married Jerome (Diz) Finger.  They still live in Wapella and their children are married 
and have five children.

Carlyle Bryan was born July 9, 1922 and attended school here.  He entered service in 1942 
and married Mabel Thompson June 4, 1944.  They had four children: Janet, Gary (deceased), 
Phyllis and Marsha.  Carlyle died Sept. 16, 1974 and is buried at Evergreen Cemetery.  His
wife lives in Waynesville at their home place.  Their children are married and there are 
now six grandchildren.  Carlyle was a brick mason by trade.

Glenn married Wilma McRoberts from Atlanta and they had five children - Sandra, Linda Kay, 
Michael, Ricky Jan and Karen.  There are seven grandchildren and Glenn still in Atlanta.
Donald never married and died April 16, 1966.  He was remembered by many as "Oozie."

Mary Halsey married Ernest Charles Rich, better known as "Sonny," from Waynesville.  They 
had seven children: Danny married "Boo" Sampson and is currently in the Navy in Virginia.  
They have three children.  Mary Etta married Walter Craig, lives in Waynesville and has
three children; Steve married Jackie Huth and have two children; Brenda married Randy Baker, 
lives in rural Waynesville and has two children; David is still at home; Duane is deceased; 
Susan married Paul Gordon from McLean and has three children.

Melva Halsey married Donald Neaville   from Mt. Pulaski and resides there with their two sons 
Chris Todd and Brian Dale.

Ira (Tommie) married Virginia Duvall   Dec. 17, 1965 from Clinton.  They reside in Waynesville 
and have one son Brett Michael, at home.  Virginia is the Village Clerk of Waynesville.  Tommie's 
father makes his home with this son, having moved from the farm in 1934.

Mr. Halsey has 20 grandchildren and 27 great grandchildren.  Two grandsons are deceased.  They are 
Gary Carlyle, son of Carlyle and Mabel Halsey and Ernest Duane, sort of Ernest and Mary Rich.

Proctor Knott Taylor

Born and raised in Kentucky, Andrew Jackson Taylor and Georgann Richards were married in Marion
County, Kentucky in 1894.  They moved to Illinois in 1904, and lived in McLean, Midland City,
and Mason City.  They wer parents of five children:  Ezra Lee, 1900-1970; Mary Liza, 1896-1957;
Ella Mae, 1902-1934; Theodore Roosevelt, 1905-1960; Proctor Knott, April 19, 1898 (he was named
after the Governor of Kentucky at this time).

P. K. Taylor was six years old when his parents moved to Illinois.

Ruby Ann Ackerson Taylor

William Silas Ackerson, whose parents were John Ackerson and Martha Halsey Ackerson married Martha
Ann Cisco, a daughter of Amos and Sara Ann Cisco.

Their children were: Daisey Fern Ackerson Rich - 1896-1957; Bessie Ackerson Farnsworth - 1899-1916;
Ruby Ann Ackerson Taylor - 1901; Francis Earl Ackerson - 1904-1957; Wilbur Fredrick Ackerson - 1907-

Proctor K. Taylor and Ruby Ackerson were married Nov 18, 1920.  They are parents of Raymond Eugene,
March 25, 1921, married to Ruth Arlene (Meadows) Taylor Aug 19, 1949.  They have two daughters:
Patricia Ann (Taylor) Travin and Pau;a Sue Taylor.  Howard Paul Taylor, born Aug 6, 1928, married Mauda
Mae Morgan March 15, 1960.  They are parents of four children:  Wendy Kay Morgan, Cathy Morgan, Robert
Paul Taylor, Richard Taylor.  They have one grandchild.

Sharon Marlene (Taylor) Fields, born Nov 20, 1938, married Earl L. Fields June 29, 1958.  They are
parents of one daughter, Robin Shawn Fields, born September 14, 1964.

Carol Jean Taylor, 1937-1940.
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