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DeWitt County Bibles
A - H

Names In Alpha Order


Spring  1980   Page 22

Contributed by Joni Wolfson, 82 Brant St. #2, Amherst NY 14226

Although the title page of the Bible was not provided, the copyright
page shows a copyright date of 1885.

This Certifies That Mr. Curtis Hall of Hallsville Illinois and Miss
Mahulda Jenkins of Hallsville Illinois were united by me in the Bonds of
Holy Matrimony at the home of the bride on the Ninth day of March in the
year of our Lord 1887.   In Presence of Mr. Thos D. Hall.  Mr. Jas. Jenkins
Mrs. T. D. Hall Mrs. J. Jenkins Miss L. Hall Mr. & Mrs. W. Jenkins
Signed Rev.  W. A. Hunter Clinton Illinois

Thomas D. Hall and Lucy A. Thornley were married September 8th 1853.
James Jenkins and Lucina Pollock were married September 12th 1852.
Aquiller P. Hall and Mary Buchanan were married Jan. 2nd 1823.

Curtis Hall, Born Sep. 24th 1862.
Mahuldah Hall Born Nov. 9th 1866
Thomas D. Hall Born Jan. 6th 1833.
Lucy A. Hall Born Nov. 14th 1834
Aquiller P. Hall Born Mar. 30th 1801
Mary Hall Born Nov. 2nd. 1804
Reuben Thornley Born Aug 24th 1798
Annie Thornley Born June 21st 1802
James Jenkins Born May 12th 1825
Lucina Jenkins Born  Jan 28th 1835
Thomas Jenkins Born

James Pollock
Sophrona Pollock
Wilbur R. Hall Born Apr 3rd 1892
Orval L. Hall Born Dec 27th 1893

Aquiller P. Hall departed this life Oct. 7th. 1836.
Mary Bell departed this life May 31st. 1858.
Reuben Thornley departed this life Sep. 1848.
Annie Thornley departed this life Oct. 31st. 1883.
Wilbur R. Hall departed this life Jan. 2nd. 1893.
Curtis Hall departed this life Oct. 15-1923
Mahuldah Hall departed this life July 4. 1936
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