W. W. Curtis
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Copied from the Pittsburg Sun -- Dec 24, 1895

W. W. Curtis Drowned.
Yesterday morning, W. W. Curtis, a well known farmer living about 6 1/2 miles south of this
city with his son Frank, left home to go to another of his farms about 12 miles south of the
city. They made the trip out all right, but upon the return trip home and while crossing Brush
creek, at the regular ford one wheel of the buggy in which they were riding ran onto a rock in
the bottom of the creek, which tipped it, when the swift current caused by the high water
upset it and threw both of the occupants out into the raging stream.  Mr. Curtis was unable to
swim and floated down stream. Immediately after being thrown out his son Frank swam to
the shore only a short distance, but upon seeing his father helplessly struggling in the water
as he was being borne away by the current the young man threw off his coat and shoes and
sprang back into the stream to save his father, but in spite of his efforts Mr. Curtis sank to
rise no more. The young man hurried home and told the sad story.  At last accounts all efforts
to find the remains of the drowned man have been fruitlessly.  One horse has also drowned
while the other freed itself from the buggy and swam to the shore.  Mr. Curtis was about
57 years of age and leaves a wife and ten children.

Copied from the Pittsburg Sun -- Dec 26, 1895

Drowned While Crossing a Creek

Weir City, Kas., Dec 26 - William W. Curtis, a farmer, was drowned late yesterday
afternoon 2 1/2 miles east of Weir City, while trying to ford Brush creek.  A 12 
year old son who was with him in the wagon got out.  One horse was rescued, and
the other drowned. (Note:  Frank would have been 21 not 12 years old.)

Copied from the Pittsburg Sun -- Dec 31, 1895

Mrs. W. W. Curtis, the widow of the Mr. Curtis who was drowned in Brush Creek
about a week ago, was in the city today looking after her late husband's affairs
preparatory to paying up all accounts against the estate.  He was found only about
250 yards below where the buggy upset instead of two miles as stated in Saturday's issue.
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